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I thought she would be good, but this was super fast too. I thought of Callum’s fast pasta and felt she could do it!


Looks as though you were the only one watching, Juz. 🙂 I’m watching, but not very invested. I don’t like pumpkin. I buy it for my dog, but dislike peeling it and hate getting the gunk out of the middle.

Poh’s script could be recorded and replayed every night. She’s cooking her pasta in too small a pot, which is why it took longer to cook..

Why do they run into the pantry and then put gloves on? Gloves go on clean hands. Poh’s, at least, weren’t clean because she opened the pantry door. Don’t they wash their vegetables?

Okay, I’m being picky picky because…pumpkin.


i liked the challenge actually. I thought it was good for the strategic thinkers – would have liked to see Calum in that one as he would have been good I think.
I loved the look of Emelia’s dishes, other than her last dessert, of course. her pumpkin cake with sticky pinenuts looked totally wow.
Not really on board with the Laura haters – I thought she was in a rut but hadn’t cooked pasta for ages so I got off her case. But yikes tonight – Poh’s pasta looked truly cardboard box level awful and Laura’s while looking neat, didn’t apparently taste much better.
Enjoyed her giving it back to Jock, but hey – then she didn’t deliver or they punished her!


I’m actually really happy Jock called Laura out on her “yawn” pasta. It’s about time.
And was really pleased to see Reece win.