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The opening sequence about how happy Ross was, enjoying his time on “Survivor”, was really the biggest clue that he was the guy who was going to need medical evacuation later on the episode, wasn’t it?


Unfortunately you picked it Windsong. I really enjoy watching Ross because he really does seem to be a wildcard.




Yeah, I thought they’d telegraphed that pretty solidly.


I thought it was an elimination foreshadow at the start, but after the event it was obvious.


I missed the scene with Ross and Jonathon, but my dad said that Ross had broken his ankle. He came off that swing hard, the poor bastard. It sucks to see somebody go home via injury, that’s just rotten luck.

At any rate, they’re merging tomorrow, which we all predicted. I think Janine’s decision to work with Harry was partially motivated by the sense that Simon is a challenge beast (which we’ve all seen, the last few weeks) and the desperate need to get rid of those types before the immunities become individual-based. I imagine Dave and Shaun will also quickly find themselves in the firing line. But Janine also doesn’t like David, very much (because he screwed her out of an idol), so I wonder if that will affect things very much.

Harry’s playing a really great game, right now, and I’m loving him, and I hope he goes far. I think that he’s right, in terms of Janine being the godmother, but Janine’s surrounded herself with people who think they’re all equal partners. The best people to control, are the people who don’t think they are being controlled.

It took Ross’s injury for the contenders to go into merge on equal footing, but 6 against 6 is still terrible odds.

I can see Baden making it to the end because everyone underestimates him. But I also can see Shaun going on an immunity rampage and making it to the end that way.

And I feel like this is inappropriate, given Ross’s injury, but that obstacle course looked amazing.

brain dead dave

Hard to imagine Janine needing anyone or anything~ except money.

I hope she keeps going.


It’s so weird – I really enjoy Harry’s game play but I don’t like Dave at all, and yet they are both playing hard. What is it with me? Is it just “I do not like thee, Doctor Fell, The reason why – I cannot tell”?


Yeah. For me, the key difference is that Dave is just so smug about it. Harry’s scrambling, more because he’s desperate and he knows how screwed he is, whereas David was just being a dick. Harry actually had to work, to survive the last two tribals, but David was lucky enough to just sit back while the ex-contenders all turned on each other, requiring naught from him other than his non-interference.

And you know, I honestly thought that I wouldn’t enjoy Janine’s game, but she’s very shrewd. She’s impressing me with her people skills, because Harry’s right, Janine is totally the godmother, and she’s doing so much better than I expected when the series started.

I’m still not a fan of Boost Juice, though.

brain dead dave

He’ll be restricted to having to couch surf.


Did anyone else hear Ross say that the rope broke? I might go back and check but I am sure he said that. Not good for the producers if true.

The editors are doing much better in keeping the suspense going this year. Throughout the challenge, we kept flipping – it’s Pia, no it’s Abbey, no it must be Pia, oh it is not the logs because everyone is through so where will it happen? Only at the last moment did it occur to us that it might be a man, as the promos seemed to make it a girl.

Each episode I learn to dislike Harry more. It is becoming apparent that he has no limit on what he will do against the others. Much as I hated Ross’ injury and leaving, at least it kept Simon safe. I didn’t understand Janine and Pia’s reasoning for suddenly buddying up to Harry, not at all smart in my opinion, as they know that no matter what he says he will gun for them at every step. And in the process, Janine and Pia have put doubt in Abbey’s head about their motives, and I think she will be ripe for flipping away from them. I hope so.

Luke continues to play very smart, sitting quietly behind Dave’s ego until the merge.

Contrasting with the US version, it is interesting to see only four girls left out of twelve remaining. Usually there are more girls (often nameless blondes) as the guys have been ruthlessly cut as threats. I like that our version doesn’t cast women from a cookie-cutter mold.


Damn. That doesn’t seem fair for Ross – a broken rope is poor setup.

I can actually see the attraction for Janine & Pia re:Harry. He may be an odd marriage of strategy, but mainly it screams SHIELD at me. You know he will do you down, but you KNOW that and that might help you plan better. (mind you, you ARE in bed with the devil, so beware!)

Luke is being dead smart – cultivating Baden but keeping David in front of him. David would always be a more attractive boot than Luke.

Abbey will struggle later in the game if she can’t write down her idol’s name! You will have to cut lose most people to keep going. Still, she managed to write down ET’s name (through the tears) so maybe she can manage it.

Im so dumb – i should have remembered my survivor 101 – the editing will mislead. I started thinking it was Pia. . . well, right up until they had all the misty-eyed tribute to Ross!


Yes, confirmed on my recording. Just after JLP says “stop the challenge” we see an aerial shot of Ross in the hole, and he says “oh, *****, the rope…it just broke.” This was in the “live” section, before the ad break.

Calorie Loader

Such a shame about the rope. I have never seen someone get injured on Survivor before due to faulty equipment. Does anyone that is a long time watcher know if this has happened before? I feel as he wasn’t at fault and was playing well and entertaining to watch that he should be asked back again. Hope his ankle heals up soon.

Looking forward to seeing how things play out at merge. Funny how they were willing to throw a challenge to keep champion strong but i have a feeling they will all be willing to cut David at the first chance they get. We’ll see..