Bachie week 4

Tonight: A single date card arrives and one lucky girl is whisked away blindfolded. During an intense cocktail party, two girls go head-to-head in a war of words, and another is reduced to tears.

Hmm, that date sounds more like a case of kidnapping. Or perhaps just how they do romance on a show where calling someone a “C U next Tuesday” is a mating call.

On Thursday: One lucky girl gets a playful date with Matt where there’s chemistry galore and massages. Matt’s best mate arrives to meet some of the girls, and at the cocktail party Matt has a romantic pash.

Again? Honestly this sounds like the recap for his date with chemistry girl Chelsea and his wotserface pash.

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Abbie certainly is a piece of work, this reminds me of Alex Nation – the Bachelor is irrelevant it’s just about winning. Having said that there is no way Abbie gets the final rose, she’d be getting a much kinder edit if she was going to.


Maybe I’m just not paying enough attention, but it seemed like Abbie was portrayed sympathetically during the whole Monique situation, and since then, everyone’s turned on her and she’s shuffled into the Alex Nation role of “desperate winner”.

Gotta be honest, it makes Matt seem awfully dull when the show has to contrive drama between the girls, to this degree.


This guy deserves his own fan club.
And money, more money.


Yeah, Bachie hasn’t held my attention this year at all. I shudder to think of Angie as the Bachelorette, later on in the year. I imagine that’ll be painfully cringe-inducing.


Yep, I’ve had it on in the background but certainly not paying attention.
Agree JB Abbie isn’t getting the winner edit.
If you go on Daily Fail they have spoiled the final 5.


Well, at least the coffee massage was marginally less gross than Richie and Alex’s chocolate bath.


brain dead dave

I’ve heard of coffee enemas. I guess Ch 10 didn’t want to go there.


Nobody ever wants to go *there*.

You’re right, I heard about that when I was chemo-ing, last year. A coffee enema is one of those things spruiked by alternative-medicine experts, as a way to get caffeine into your blood-stream, to help purify and cleanse your liver and kidneys and all that crap. What those ‘experts’ don’t tell you is that there’s no evidence that these things actually work, there’s plenty of research saying that you get more caffeine into your blood stream if you just drink the stuff like a normal person … and coffee enemas are actually dangerous (and in a couple of studies, the side effects and complications might’ve killed a couple of people). Those health ‘experts’ always seem to forget about that.

brain dead dave

Matt~ “Will you accept this coffee enema?”


Me~ “No.”


This show is badly edited and manufactured.

Sogang has different outfit when speaking to the camera. Thus some of the things she said must be scripted and filmed later.


Okay, but seriously, the Persian girl’s gay best friend was *totally* into Matt, moreso than some of the girls this year.

Can he be an intruder, this year? That’d liven things up a bit.


A story drifted into my newsfeed this morning, showing photos of Vakoo (the quirky model) and Rachael (the girl with the gigantic lips) on a date, apparently, kissing and getting quite cuddly.

Apparently, they hooked up in the mansion after one of the first cocktail parties and Matt didn’t know. That was before Rachael gave her phone number to one of the crew members.