MKR Wed – everyone cooks

The blurb says: Group 1 and 2 face off for the first time in a challenge celebrating the most memorable dishes in program history. One team’s failure brings their whole group crashing down.

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Gp 1 meeting Gp 2 is fake. They filmed the 2 instant restaurants at the same time. So they have met because they travelled together.

big h

Why didn’t both groups chose their strongest teams?


Because they have cooked kangaroo before and none of the other teams can cook venison


You know, I’m drawing a line in the sand. I refuse to hate Josh and Austin, because that’s just what channel 7 wants me to do, and I refuse to be manipulated. What I want is for group 1 to wind the kid up, point him at group 2, and let him do what he does best. Watching Bianca try and deal with Josh would be hilarious.

And tonight, Josh absolutely had a point. Why the hell did they pick Mr and Mrs Pink to do their cooking? Totally-not-dating Ibby and Romel, or the flight attendants, scored amazingly well and were the best cooks on their round, the group should’ve picked them. Mr and Mrs Pink, while lovely, are hopeless in the kitchen.


Totally-not-dating Ibby and Romel didn’t put their hands up but then was quick to criticise Mick and Jodie Anne cooking


And so naturally, Mrs Pink puts the oven at the wrong temperature, and the veal doesn’t cook properly.

Good plan, guys.


Was funny watching the surprise on Austin’s face when the judges said they were safe.😂


I’m totally confused – or a Meh girl would say – totes confused. How did Mick and Jody lose that challenge? The judges didn’t say anything terribly negative about their venison, while the cricket boys made the exact same mistake they were supposed to be rectifying.


Wait. The flight attendants were the weakest team?



Sometimes it just come down to one dish. Not sure how they picked the dish to cook. Very surprise there is no Indian, Indonesian or Vietnamese dish.


I felt a bit cheated, though. All it did was remind me about better and more likeable teams from past seasons.

And where were the home-made Maltese egg rolls? Huh, current teams?


Did Colin put that huge chunk of venison in his mouth as one bite? Urk. Presumably someone on set knows the Heimlich manoeuvre.


Mum really wanted to let the other team know about 6, 10s… took all of 1 second of banter for that one to come out….. Born Again’s were right… “Pride comes before the fall”…

I guess two oldies aren’t channel 7’s demographic… it’s a shame, I liked them… they had grace and taste… I guess not enough drama.


If C7 wants to know how its done ✅ they should watch The Big Family Cooking Showdown.
Nice people, good normal cooking, very little drama, a little bit of tension, and judges that blend into the background. The family relationships are front and centre, rather than manufactured hostility.
British. Do I need to say, “Of course”?