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Will post tomorrow but seriously 7 need to edit their ad better! The word used was “transvestite”


For some unknown reason I was watching MKR with the subtitles on. Noticed ‘dessert’ was spelt ‘desert’ each time but my husband and I both cracked up when one of the boys said “It was a long cook” and the subtitles read “It was a long cock”, not once but twice!


Now I will have to go through my recording to see that!

brain dead dave

If you find it, you could note the time, don’t make me watch the whole encore. Of course, it’s not urgent so don’t bother too much.Hell knows , Ch 7 don’t


I think I must be a contestant on this year MKR… because I really thought last nights cooking was a bit “Meh”!

Big lesson learnt… don’t over fancy name your dishes because apparently if by reading the title you don’t get what you expect (even if it tastes great), you’ll be marked down and shamed.

Albeit even though I thought their menu was “meh” I still think they did better than most teams in Group 1… and only finished with a score around 70.

Karolina must be a definite paid actress/intruder to rough things up… psych profiled the best person to bring in to annoy as many contestants as possible… on Sunday she must push the Hairdresser’s friend over the edge to be called a transvestite.


I’ve just been so bored with the show, this year. Tuesday night with the mother and son? I lost interest halfway through the episode, and went and had a nice bath. Last night, I didn’t even bother. “Look, more personality clashes! That’s what you want, right?!” No, that’s not what I want, but 7 is starting to sound faintly unhinged about all this. It’s just so dull.


Wow! To be called a Transvestite, when you are straight.


I already don’t buy that Carol-Lina’s feelings are hurt by “the Word”, mainly because to get hurt feelings first you must have feelings. She’s shown zero evidence of feelings or sensitivity so far in the short amount of time we’ve seen her. She’ll milk this for all the drama, attention and screen time she can get.

Also read that John and his wife are having trouble trying to start a family. Psychic Anne, though, has predicted that John’s wife will soon fall pregnant. That strikes me as a little irresponsible.


Oh my… she must of had a bit of alco to let something like that slip.. luck Karolina didn’t get up and thump her one!

Menu was meh… and chocolate bowls using compound chocolate (not chocolate) to me would of taken that dessert down to a 1.

The only thing I officially gleaned from last night is that the beauty queens are the real back stabbing, snakes of the comp.