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I could go some old school survivor!
i hope the $10 fee is only for all this old content and not for catching up with last nights tv shows…

brain dead dave

It’s a relief not to see Blind Date in there. It’s appalling.


Blind Date; so bad, it’s a 1. I’d still like to see Julia Morris in the jungle as a contestant. I think she is palatable, even nice when she relaxes and stops TRYING to be funny.


FYI all – now that I am back at work and not lounging around on holidays, I cancelled my ten all access subscription. Which I had just used for survivor catch ups, lol.
I was immediately offered another month free.
Have made a diary note to cancel again in one month, but I accepted the free extension!


I am watching Tyrant on netflix. My neighbour said it was great. It’s not really. It’s more like Dallas and the Ewings set in the Middle East. It’s far fetched, and the central characters are JR and Bobby Ewing, but if you want a “page turner” that’s about a 3 for credibility, with all the hallmarks of a 70s best seller, then you might like this.


I was going to avoid it like the plague (Joel Creasy and Rove), but Mark Humphries is on Show Me the Movie tonight so I hope to watch and do a nightcap on it. I’m expecting to hate it so let’s see if I can get through it.