The Block: Kitchen week begins

This is usually my favourite week of The Block: the kitchens. Perhaps I should tune in. Or I could just ask Maz to let me know who is shaping up for the win?
I’m hoping there is room for some awesome butler’s pantries and that this year no one stuffs up measuring their fridge space and has to put a teeny fridge in, like Clint and Hannah last season.

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brain dead dave

“Engineeringly” ~ I’m learning so much watching The $chlock.

Jess and Desert Island hubby just can’t hide that they’re bogans.


My favorite new word…. 😉


As I work with an Engineeringler, I can use this word every day!


🤣🤣😅😅😅😅😏 Wouldn’t know how the kitchens are shaping up as 90% of the episode was taken up with poolgate.

Editors had fun showing how duplicitous Courtney is.

Keith pushed CH’s builder a little too much for drama which backfired spectacularly.

Bryce made his first cameo for the season.


Davegate and Poolgate. Turns out that both were just a waste of time. Dave and Keith kiss and make up and Jess and Norm had decided they didn’t want a pool any way because they couldn’t afford it. Just get back to the reno and stop all this faux drama and filler.

brain dead dave

Jess and Normy win the McCafe Big Shot or whatevs. Dan crawls up his arse….which is hanging out of Normy’s shorts along with his other equipment , so easy to get at. The table leg and captions obscure the worst of Norm’s careless display of nuts.

Normy says it’s “the best day of his life”. Even better than the day he met Jess.


That is a ridiculous solution to CH’s flooring issue. Lay the parquetry floor across the hallway into the kitchen then rip up the hallway section. It would be far easier to cop a time penalty in hallway week than a pointless redo.

Are Virgin flight attendants encouraged to be on reality programs? They seem to be over-represented in the genre.


Saw this on Whirlpool as to what CH should have done:


That is so perfect! And would most likely sell much better. 4 bedrooms, an extra study. It would leave one bedroom maybe as a library or media room. Really do not know, why they did not think about adjusting at all. Kerrie and Spence so far were much smarter, especially when they decreased the ensuite and added a second WIR. That was a superbe idea. People with the kind of money who can either buy or rent an apartment like that, have a shit ton of clothes and shoes. Even though it might not be the penthouse, I think so far they are actually with a chance of winning. Reminds me of the one with the twins, they were awful, but the apartment was great and that’s why they won despite being the first floor apartment.


Preview showing the apts flooding. An example of the great quality control and superb construction. 😉
Shelly and Alice not impressed by the huge butler’s pantries although they liked the way KS set theirs up.
Do not like the layout of HC’s. Could have used the space better as per Maz’s post. Architect did not do a good job with the layout of apt 2.