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Let’s see.

Dez raised a revolt against the Wen/Dom axis so naturally she went home. Kellyn demanded Michael go home so naturally he stayed. Blissfully the third Malolo Dummy was at Ghost Island so she didn’t get to tell us about her mad skillz as a manipulator.

And Kellyn listened to her gut 4 times by my count. That must be the loudest gut in the Southwest Pacific. No-one else paid any attention at all to the gut. They were prolly trying to be polite.

I actually nodded off and had to rewatch about 10 minutes.


It is a fizzer. I only know Michael cos they all talking about him. And Dom. I didn’t know Dez’s name till this ep, but I’ve wanted her gone for a few weeks. Yes, even though I have no clue!!


Once again Michael dodged a bullet. Some of those players are stupid for not seeing who the strong players really are, and I am talking about Dom, Wendell and that blond girl. Are they too scared to go after Dom. At least the dobber girl has been flushed out for the next attempted coup.


I am all for giving the blond girl’s vote to her gut. That organ would give more interesting confessionals than its owner.


I want Kellyn to go. Multiple reasons, not just her gut, but because of her dummy spit after losing immunity challenge – threw the ropes down in a toddler-like tanty – and because of her total snark about Michael. Ï just don’t want him gone tonight – i want him gone right NOW”. Yikes, she is not someone with whom I would want to be marooned on a desert island . . oh. . . .


As predicted, Kellyn is starting to implode on her overwheening sense of loyalty. She is seeing her minions consider other options and she can’t cope. She obviously expected that they would all move in together after Survivor and live happily ever after.

Des caused her own downfall, not by lying and having her plan exposed, but by overreacting to all of that. If she had just kept her mouth shut, and plotted revenge later, Michael would have remained the target. We rewatched Wreck-It Ralph the other day, and the phrase from that movie is “going Turbo”, and that was Des exactly.

I liked Dom’s comments about the Goats starting to form a pack and become dangerous. I’d like to see them get rid of Chelsea, Sebastian (can he talk?) and Jenna – the freeloaders. (Maybe they would want to keep one for the end – my vote on Seb).

Angela continues to be a favourite but it is time for her to disassociate from Kellyn et al. I really wanted her to get an advantage at Ghost Island, but as commented above, GI has turned out to be a dud concept. I notice they don’t even bother showing them come back, or share what happened anymore.