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I know I know hands came before spoons, but I found nics hand mixing the batter a little bit reviting🤮


Manu forking Emma some liver was pretty nausea-inducing, at that.

This was not a good episode.


Not sure why I just dont like the Italian brothers. They food is ok but not wow for me


I think they are kind of slimy… I know this sounds weird and mean (and kind of racist, I am sorry), but it is with a lot of Italian men here. One of my best friends in school back then was Italian and her dad owned a restaurant where I lived. He was always sleezy and ott with everything. I guess it is an Italian thing, they way sons are brought up, I don’t know. I loved her, her Italian mum was also great, but her father was just… no. Pseudo-macho and just always posing with money and wealth. Same with his brothers and his friends. My dad joked once that my friend’s father has ties to the mafia…
Later, when I was a teen, my aunt’s new partner was an Italian as well and he was a slimeball and poser. When I grew up I realized they are kind of like mini-Berlusconis…
And yeah, their food isn’t WOW. We have great Italian restaurants in Germany and especially gelaterias (most of the time, the gelato is to die for!) and we often spent vacation in Italy. The food is just wow. Seriously. It is simple, but the flavour…. <3 I guess, that's the perk of being European. 😀


I don’t have Zhee’s personal experience, and y’know, maybe sometimes it is a cultural thing.

But I don’t really care much for Josh and Nic either. I don’t find them slimy, as it was, I just don’t think there’s much about them that’s very likeable (or even memorable beyond, “another duo cooking Italian food”).

But running a food stall? They both give the impression that they’d be more at home selling used cars or something.


Also don’t want to nitpick but ch 7 editing. The family restaurant is in Leichhardt, then they drive over the Gladesville Bridge to end up back at Leichhardt marketplace to the butchers. It would have only taken 5 minutes to walk there.
Got you ch 7


I was busy being violently ill, but not because of the episode. They were firmly in the middle of the scores. Not enough to knock off the top stop, but they’ve made the finals. Apparently the food was decent, but dessert let them down.


The Italian brothers bounced up to the butcher, told him they wanted some beautiful game…and then ordered calf’s liver and spatchcock. Beef offal and young chickens are not game. The liver dish looked good, but I lost interest in the spatchcock after all the birds got a name. Yes, I know they used to be live birds, but why would anyone name a piece of meat that is about to be slapped onto a hot barbecue? That was weird.

Henry and Anna were a little catty last night, first about the Italians and then about Jess and Emma. Then Manu made such a big deal of getting Emma to try the liver. If he’d stood over me with that forkful of liver, I’d have pushed his hand away and told him to fuck off. People on a cooking show should be willing to try new things, but no one should be compelled to.

Last nights episode was strange and not very enjoyable.

I wish Manu would take Pete aside and instruct him on the pronunciation of gnocchi.