MKR – Pool party and another barbecue challenge

“Group 2 gets wet and wild at a pool party challenge. Who will make a splash on the barbie and which team will slip ‘n’ slide into Elimination House? The fight for survival is fiercer than ever.”

Another barbecue challenge? Seriously.

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Olga has a lovely obvious stripe of bronzer on her cheeks. Don’t they have makeup artists on this show? I’ve heard they have a wardrobe department so why is the makeup so terrible

brain dead dave

Maybe it’s an homage to the colour of the Olgas on her part.

big h

Not hitting the brief again boys …


I’m watching yesterday’s episode now and all dan Colin’s banter about Tatar reminds me of the way my make friends would talk about some ladies “bodacious Ta tas “


I kinda love it how Valeria’s general contempt for the setting of children and water-slides is manifesting itself as barely-concealed homicidal rage. I really think that, on a better show, the Russian girls would make for compelling viewing, but those skewers don’t look nice at all.

The Man-Eaters are irritating in a way I still can’t define, but you know, their food always looks amazing, and those pitas look fabulous.

But honestly, even with my crush notwithstanding, Henry and Anna’s hamburgers look delicious and I want one, or three.


Such boring episode. They only need to cook one dish each.

The promo again is promoting the next sudden death cook off and not about the food but the conflict. We are coming close to the team that got kicked off. We will be bombarded again with the promo for weeks to come.

Serve Ch 7 if the rating go down further. They deserve the bashing


I’m sick of this group one group two business, especially how people are still so obviously scoring the groups down


I don’t like the group versus group argy bargy. But both group did score quite fairly. Gp 2 have 6 votes versus 5 against Gp 1 and Dan and Emma still have 20 points less than Hat Man


Everything else that was in my mind about this boring episode went out of my head as soon as Pete said “Is everyone in agreeance?” Pete, you paleo-addled moron, do not use that so-called word. Agreement, or, so help me, I will slap you.


Didn’t know that the origin of this word dates from the 16th century – who knew. Apparently pops in and out of popularity. Maybe Pete thinks it is back in. Still needs a slap.


Oh Von, thank you! I’m sick of the word agreeance – does it even exist. It’s AGREEMENT.


Budget issues?? Only having half the teams cook at any one time means 1/2 the amount of producers, cameramen and half setup and ingredients. The renting of elimination house is also probably cheaper than the upkeep of kitchen HQ too.. although they’re advertising enrolments for next season, could this be the end???

Unless CH7 takes heed, not one positive facebook post generally and listen to public outrage over the demise of this show… they may in fact kill the cash cow (not the sunrise one).


It’s been a horrible season.

It’s almost like Henry and Anna are on the wrong show. We have a cast of awful, ghastly assholes, and then you’ve got Henry and Anna over to the side. Imagine if casting hadn’t recruited Henry and his awesome sister, how unwatchable the show would be this year?