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brain dead dave

The meat headed “alpha” chauvinist has missed the boat of life. He’s not really sure what “alpha” means, the fool.

The app addict looks a sandwich short of a picnic , too.

Dregs of humanity and lonely, desperate hearts. Recipes for bad life.

The show could be better than fighting bogans who can’t cook and fake celebrities/ dumbarse sporting identities, however.


if you don’t like i’m a celeb, you’ll be out of luck at my place but i will probably tape this to watch and mock later!

brain dead dave

I’m a Celeb is alright but last year the producers interfered too much. Have they learned?

I wouldn’t bet on it.


i would almost say the same for MAFS last year too.


There are some things I’ll never do in my life.

Watching “Married At First Sight” is right there at the top of the list. Funnily enough, watching “I’m a Celebrity!” is also pretty high.


MAFS is like a M&B novel without the sappy ending. Last year they didn’t even try…

The contestants they are advertising hard are:
*the 39yo with the stand-over merchant brothers
*Tinder dude – there is something about him that we just can’t put our finger on
*Alpha dude (last girlfriend must have been earning more than him)
* Mr Rich Dude

According to Daily Mail the following are in the mix
* Mr Not a Polynesia is back. SAD. Guess he will be paired with the granny who has never experienced love.

The bogan with trust issues tattooed all over her.

Contestant who doesn’t under the concept of RTV:

brain dead dave

Mr. Not From Polynesia’s capable of love only for beer and mates. A pitiful casting.


Just seen an extended ad for Tinder dude. Vain and wants Pamela Anderson.
Oh dear…will he be matched with a dental health professional?


I will probably get into MAFS. I have everyother year. MK jumped the shark a few years back for me. I got tired of their on-a-loop remarks.


I’m getting excited…. trashy tv is coming back. Something to look forward too every day! After the tennis….


The producers are devastated that they haven’t had a higher success rate🤣🤣.


Haha! I’m pretty sure most of not all couples last season were ‘long distance’ if they want to improve their success rate they need to at least give them a chance by hooking up people from the same city / state!

brain dead dave

Can’t make champagne from sh.. , producers. That “experiment” has been tried before.


Oh, I remember her. She was touted as the “Cougar” because her partner was quite younger than her (and other Racers on that season initially called her team the “mother and son” team). And she was also memorable because she tried to run the race in high heel runners.