MKR promo: The Russians

Here’s a promo straight out of 1984: The Ruskis are the baddies again. If they are being promoted as villains no doubt we will end up actually liking them because they can cook well

MKR starts on Seven at the end of January

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Isn’t that cute, they’re all making Russia jokes and mocking the women for their accents.

Good start, MKR, you’ve already pissed me off.

brain dead dave

I got a “This media could not be played” message.

I’m sure Putin’s behind it.

Expect these girls to be considerably smarter than the Aussie bogans we’ll be assaulted with.


Hmm, works for me but I am on a phone. Maybe this?

brain dead dave

Thanks Juz. I got it now.

brain dead dave

Ch 7 proudly presents for 2018 MKR~ My Kitchen Racist.


Looks like another great season of MKR…NOT.


And this year, on Australia’s Most Offensive Bogans… None Of Whom Can Actually Cook …



Cool, and where are the German villains? We have a bad accent too apparently. We gave the world Scooter with Hyper Hyper. We always were the baddies in the Indiana Jones movies. Come on, that counts for something, doesn’t it? We love Sauerkraut, apparently. And Saumagen. We created the Diesel scandal! We are more or less responsible for Trump! We did SO MUCH bad stuff!


Maybe in 2019…?


Good question. Hmmmm. Russians though are also only bad guys in movies set before the fall of the Soviet Union. Or in really stupid action movies like the 5th Die Hard. Avengers movies. Those Hydra guys or whatever their name is, are German.^^ The villain in the last Captain Uh-Merica was German. I think he was played by Daniel Bruehl.
Seems like by todays standard we are not much of villains anymore. Unlike the Russians. At least their accent makes them sound angry all the time. I feel the same way, my manager was born in Ukraine and even when she jokes around, she sounds like she wants to kill you.^^


I read this interesting article on FB the other day. “Star Wars” has taken that to heart. The villains aren’t Nazis anymore, because it’s been done to death and nobody takes them seriously anymore. The new breed of villain is the neo-Nazi, the guys who are actually inspired by older monsters and want to out-do them (contrasting Kylo Ren and his admiration for his psychotic homicidal grandfather Darth Vader).

I thought that was clever.