House Rules – semi final – Mon, Jun 26

It’s semi finals time as the remaining three teams take on three separate apartments for charity, but there’s a twist. Of course there bloody is. Let’s hope it’s not that Troy and Bec and those horrible women come back to “help”.
Seven, 7.30-8.40pm

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brain dead dave

Someone has to “twist” your arm to get you to watch it.


Copied this over from the previous thread – didn’t realise we had a new one for last night:

Oh dear, Mr and Mrs Entitlement had someone say no to them, and they don’t like it.
Good on you boys for sticking to your guns. Everything Andrew said was spot on about the lack of space to do two tables.
Funny to think back to Dee’s gloating that the boys were such pushovers to deal with. Now it is all tears because she thinks it is personal, and she doesn’t like anybody else “doing whatever it takes”.
Such a pity that that Wendy didn’t score properly on Sunday and give them a zero for the horrendous front yard. More Sean and Ella would have been lovely.


Agree Fijane, Andrew was spot on re the kitchen v dining area, the kitchen isn’t big enough to be cooking for that many people to be sitting down at any one time anyways and the whole area far to squished with all the stuff they want to put in.
Other notes:
Taxidermy is not my idea of relaxing after a day at hospital thats for sure.
I hope Kate gets her way with the columns while i understand it is part of the style, the apartment is too small to be putting columns, best stick with the wall panelling.
Can’t believe Dee and Aaron are still around after the front yard either! Maybe thats why Andrew and Jono have arked up – payback for a hideous fornt yard!