Survivor GameChangers episode 3

Can’t wait to see what happens tonight. This is the episode where 2 teams will go to tribal. Will they follow the lead of Survivor Australia and let them eavesdrop on each other’s tribals?

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Omg!! Crazy tribal


Wow, that was crazy, i liked the twist, but not happy with who went.


I was saying Nooooooooo! And JT is so screwed!


Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo not Malcolm, I was hoping he’d finally win. Damn Tai using his idol to save Sierra. Dalton won’t be happy, he was his pick to win.
Why the fuck is Sandra still there? When she smugly said she wasn’t going anywhere I really hoped they’d vote her off & wipe that smug look off her face. That tribal was crazy.
That preview for next week, Debbie is losing it. Wonder what sets her off.

Sioux Denim

Yup, why not Sandra…just to wipe that smugness off her damn face!
Bloody JT up shit creek now…
Not sure i like all that talking and scrambling at tribal…wouldnt it have been great if they all had to sit in an isolated area and not get the opportunity to scramble and just choose whoever they wanted….
Deb is so two faced to Tai, wanting him gone then loving him when he produces that idol…very honourable of him to do that actually…bet ya Troyzan wouldnt have! God, did you see him Troyzan with the hair down and tight bike shorts….ew, something i would have rather not seen!


Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Sandra would have been good.
Agree, it would have gone VERY differently had they not been allowed to cross talk.


Bet Scott Pollard at home was spewing seeing Tai play an idol for someone else, given Tai refused to do it for him. Choke on it, Scott! Culpepper is playing HARD! Love how threats like Aubry aren’t even making the edit because everyone is focused on the bigger personalities.


When Jeff said you are going together and one 1 person is going, i was actually expecting him to say, they were going to tribal right there and then (right after the challenge) with no time to scramble. And did anyone catch the look Michaela gave to the other tribe as they were leaving the challenge? i couldn’t catch who she was trying to “talk too” or what she was trying to say.
I liked Sandra until this season, she is a bit too smug now! Thou i would kinda like to see her win again just to see everyones reactions!! However she was pretty stupid to assume they didn’t have an idol.
I wasn’t a fan of the scrambling at tribal either and agree, it would have been a very different result if they weren’t allowed to cross talk.
I really wanna know what Debbies issue next week is too!


oh man, my man JT screwed it up – loose lips sink ships ol’boy.
that’s the second time he’s disclosed something he shouldn’t have to someone from the other side. He did that in his second season of Survivor when he gave his idol to Russell from the other team.

Stupid stupid! but I still want him to win.

Poor Malcolm.


They shouldn’t have been allowed to communicate at that tribal – it looked really dumb. And Jeff just sat there!

I much preferred the Aus version where they each eliminated someone but the other tribe could hear everything.

Why Malcolm? It seems like a totally illogical choice, when they had the likes of Sandra there ripe for the picking.


Maybe because Malcom has never won, or got to final 3. As Sandra pointed out, she is a good one to sit beside at the final 3 because no one will vote for her to win a third time. At least that is probably their theory.


Malcolm is a triple threat: physical, social and strategic. And he’s a student of the game. I think it was a smart move but it still wouldn’t surprise me if Sandra wins again. And if she makes it to final three, she deserves the win.
I know Fishbach keeps saying JT is very smart but his buddy has not shown it thus far.


JT is very smart. In Tocantins it was JT who guided Stephen and it was JT who delivered the perfect game. JT’s effort last night makes sense if he recognised that Sandra is wildly untrustworthy and Malcolm was no protection against Sandra. He probably expected Brad’s team to do the sensible thing and vote out Sandra.

I’ve got a horrible feeling this will be another Gabon. In that season tribes were swapped and changed so often that no alliance could survive and the final winner was pretty much a random walk.


I know not everyone’s strategy makes the edit but I think JT genuinely thought Brad was on board with the meat shield alliance and got a rude shock. I listened to Malcolm’s exit interview with Rob and, interestingily, he said Aubry was his closest confidante in the game


Look someone, not necessarily Probst himself, decided it would be a bright idea to give Tai a free idol. Because after all the majority tribe would just vote out someone from the minority tribe. Well here is a hint, production people, think your twists out before you discover they need a free idol to make them interesting.

I agree that’s probably what JT was thinking. Sadly he’s now next on the list when his tribe votes someone off.


Why is it that the previous clue was for an idol hidden at a challenge and suddenly Tai finds a clue that says everything except ‘Meet Probst and he will hand you an idol’? I hate the obvious rigging and I hate Malcolm going because of this cheap trick by production.


I feel your pain Alan. I would have loved to see Malcom win. Or Malcom, Oz and Aubrey in final 3.