No Block tonight – Sun, Oct 2

No Block tonight, again due to the NRL grand final. The master suite reveals start tomorrow at 7.30pm-8.45pm on Nine.
If you are not watching footy tonight I suggest Galaxay Quest (6.30pm on 7Mate) or 9 Life has a few episodes of Tiny House Hunters.

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Team Smug:

The judges once again show their incredible vocabulary upon entering the room with “wow”. They are impressed by the custom double doors and of course the 100hr feature wall.

The feature wall exhibits an extraordinary level or workmanship. It is stunning and references art deco.

The leather chair(splattered with paint) is a great choice as the colour of the leather compliments the wall. It is a very cool, contemporary bedroom.

The WIR has plenty of storage but no creativity.


Smug Score: 8.5 ,8.5,9=26

brain dead dave

Old Baby Boomer Dan is an ar$ehole.


With regard to the paint splatter? Will kind of deserved it by not covering the chair.

brain dead dave

Yes, it was Will’s fault but but I didn’t plan on Dan employing techniques used in domestic violence to sort the matter out. Not for the first time.


It’s a construction zone: paint, dust, debris, etc. Agree that Will should have covered that chair and probably also placed it elsewhere.


The judges once again are impressed by the double doors. The room is calming, tranquil and deco,

The pendents (from the vault are genuine and therefore expensive) are absolutely stunning and make the room.

The balance between the pattern on the bedhead and wallpaper is just right. It feels contemporary with reference to deco.

The WIR are white and pretty however the hanging space is not deep enough for shirts and jackets. This is Melbourne and therefore this is a problem.

Carleen concedes they choose aesthetics over practicality.



Not that I recall but the Boomers don’t provide enough drama during the week to get the airtime.


The Boys:
Darren doesn’t feel the space was compromised by changing the architect’s plans. It has a nice, fresh feel. However, Shaynna feels underwhelmed as it feels like a bachelor pad.

The styling looks pretty mean and it holds the room back. It is “undercooked.”

Shaynna loved the drapery and the big mirror.

The judges love the lazy susan shoe rack. Genius.

The boys’ WIR is better than the bedroom.

Score: 8,8,8=24


Sasha and plus one:
“Yo, I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want, So tell me what you want, what you really”…yep, to demonstrate the Telstra Home Smart Technology Sasha+1 choose a Spice Girls song.

According to Darren it is ‘oooh la la glamorous and luxurious’.

The artwork made from Tiffany Glass is very clever and very art deco.

Shaynna loves the WIR. According to Neale it feels like a very high end boutique. They have done a superb job styling.

Score: 9.5,9.5,9.5= 28.5


As much as it delighted Carleen with the prospect that Nova and Sasha+1 would need to share the Stayz reward if they tied, Nova take out the win (Score: 9.5,9.5,10=29).

The judges seemed dumbfounded by the size of the Master. 39 square metres apparently. “That is ridiculous”. “That is magnificent. It goes on for days!”

It embodies penthouse living at a level of luxury, Neale didn’t think they were capable of making,

It lifts the calibre of the apartment (and could have potentially changed the outcome of the buyers advocate walk-through prize).

They need to put a door on the bathroom.

Neale also likes the WIR as they are the only team to put doors on the wardrobe. Doors on wardrobe are a sign of luxury. Hell, we don’t live in Melbourne but we always though doors were standard.

The most glamorous bedroom in the history of the Block??


Thanks Maz.
Carleen was not at all happy that they didn’t get more than 8s/8.5 and that they did not take out the win. She and Dan always act as if they are very entitled.
Have had enough of the boys and their pranks. It’s gotten extremely old.
I liked KC’s master suite the best although I thought that the WIR cabinets looked like cheap laminate. They need to add a bathroom door.


I liked KCs with the little sitting area as well. At first look i thought they had skimped on their actual cabinetry but the room must be pretty big, i reckon my little two bedroom unit wouldn’t be much bigger!
I did laugh when Carleen suggested if they tied KC would have to share the stayz accom with JS!!


Agree with BDD, BB Dan is an ar$ehole. His & wifey’s attitude to the boys & W&K has been dismissive at best from the start. Dan is showing exactly how he intimidates & bullies his sons. It appears he treats Karlie the same this week. Vile. Agree with Smyhe they both act so entitled.
K&C are whingey whiners.


Anyone watching Arranged?

Right, got to talk about the Block.

1. The boys have only $44k left. They have exhausted their Reece voucher to the point they owe them $1254
2. Desperate to for cash, the Boys wager $500 to play Table Tennis against Dan and Keith. Dan and Keith win.
3.Sasha plus one don’t clean the common area properly. Fabian the tiler threatens to storm off. Julia really is pathetic in her attempt to vacuum ( while on the phone),
4.Will and Dan still at war. Dan has not lagged the pipes (really? This is where Keith should step and ensure it is done). Will threatens Dan that they will need to redesign their kitchen. We had this storyline last season with Tinder and Cougarlife. Again, Keith needs to step in.
5.Sasha +1 have problem with their ceiling height. Ceiling heights should not be an issue! Where is the architect?!!!!
6, Gratuitous plug for Skydrop Irrigation
7.The action moves to Tasmania tomorrow.


Sticking to Arranged can we just say an unenthusiastic 18yo still wearing braces should not be forced to get married. The poor girl.

With regard to the Southern couple…think the divorce will cost far more than the wedding. The bride is high maintenance.


As Julie took a timeout perhaps her mother presented the boys with the artwork she was slated to produce as it sure looks similar to her taste. Especially “having the blues” and the like. Or its a nod to the fact that the producers are hell bent in everyone “having a blue” and the larikin lads just went subliminal.

Meanwhile back on “The Blueck” it looks like Cath and Kim’s chippy has got a whiff of the MacDonald’s espresso and woken to realize he is not on a reno show and working 20 hours a day at $60 an hour isn’t going to get him product placement as a builder.


And while we’re on other TV shows, I particularly liked the comment “Channel 4 have bought the most expensive tent in history” WRT GBBO … another great show (actually a show that was great to begin with unlike this tripe) bites the dust.


Oh great, fucking typical. They’ll ‘fix’ something that isn’t broke. Love that show 😠


And fans surely do not watch GBBO for Paul Hollywood. 😛


Dan says …’they were striving to provide for their three adult sons.’ WTF is that? Don’t ‘adult’ sons or daughters provide for themselves? I don’t have kids, is that why I don’t understand that statement? Bizarre.


This episode one long advertorial featuring:
1. Suzuki destroying Tasmania
2. Hydrowood (design a table for terrace week) and depending where you fall the table will be made out of Blackwood (value $18k), Golden Sassafras ($20k), Celery Top Pine ($22k), Western Beech ($25K), Blackheart Sassafras ($30k). Will & Karlie win this challenge.
3. Wynwood Sawmill
4. Suzuki (again) who provide $5k cash for the radio quiz. Won by Ben.
5. Spirit of Tasmania
6. McCafe (Fabian the tiler is won by the boys)

Back on the block:
1. Nova & Sasha+1 each confront a bodgey waterproofing job (or a mini ACA ep)
2. Nova’s builder Andy has quit over money. On hourly rate would earn $2450 compared to the $5k per room Nova were paying. On to their third builder.
3.Boys pay Dan the wager in 10c pieces.


A mere $1600 a week. Kitchen still looks good.


Julia once again demonstrates how useless she is. Sasha elects to go shopping and tells Julia to do two things: 1. Cover the floors once they are laid 2. Start painting. Julia does ZILCH, NADA, NOTHING.

BB & Smug are told their RL is 15mm out. Told to grind the floor.

The Boys are behind…Fabian the tiler has his own segment. Don’t upset the tiler!


Dee and Darren sell the controversial East Kew property. We do wonder if they will be doing a Masters of Flip-seque show in the future.


Julia really is a complete and utter waste of space.

Wow-she is sitting on the floor complaining again!!!

Leon (the builder) after spending two nights at the apartment trying to finished the areas designated for reveal is subjected to Sasha’s anger for not finishing everything and the dirty floors. Think that anger should have been directed towards her partner.

Leon retorts, saying it would be nice if she was there for the part of the day.

She yells at Leon, that she had a job to do and go and buy furniture today.(Um, should that been the responsibility of the alleged stylist???)
Continuing on, “If I pay for something to done, I expect it to be fucking done.”

Leon then leaves. The floor guy then stays to clean the floor (bet you not out of kindness but this been a sponsored feature).

Julia and Sasha then decide the hallways are bowed so are not going to paint the walls.

Second team out.

brain dead dave

Well done, Leon. You don’t have to cop that from $asha.


Tonight is all about Air NZ. Best line is when the goose asks to eat something Australian like a Pav.


Sasha and what’s-her-face throw a tantrum and look like losing the room reveal. I can’t express my disappointment strongly enough. Or at all. *smirk*.


Does this really look like a concrete bunker??? FFS.


Okay let’s start with Nova as tonight’s comments revealed what a bitch Shaynna is.

Darren upon entering the apartment utters ‘ Yes! Finished” It then goes downhill from there.

The only good thing about the space is the lighting (as it was not done by Nova) and the area needs to restyled observes Shaynna.

Spying the blue spherical paperweight, picks it from the table turns to the other two the judges, “Doesn’t it look 50% better?”

WTF???? People don’t buy a property based on a tiny paperweight!

They then proceed to the laundry, “This is Melbourne,” exclaims Shaynna (which we all know is code for, what do expect from a pair of Newcastle bogans), It is a concrete bunker!!!

The WC is next for review. The judges offer snark rather than constructive criticism. It is a concrete bunker again proffers Shaynna, adding that she
would never use it. ” It’s a goal cell,” chips in Darren. ” It’s a public toilet” observes Neale. Okay, a public toilet, where??????

It is the most inconsistent apartment in the history of the Block states Neale. He is also over the artwork.

Chris has had enough of the comments bites back. If you don’t like the toilet, use another one. There is three in the apartment.



Haha-Nova forgot the hand dryer in their public toilet.


Upon entering the Boys’ apartment, the judges are glad to see the timber flooring and that it is at the right height.

Then the judges look around, it feels very bland, feels really undercooked. It actually feels horrible interjects Neale. Cheap and nasty.

Defending the boys, they feel that the styling is the result of inexperience. Shaynna also likes the paintwork.

The judges like the colour of the storage cupboards in the laundry (as it was a popular colour in the art deco period) and perhaps should they should have referenced it in the entrance.

With the timber strap paneling on the wall and ceiling in the WC, the space feels narrow and the walls closing in.

Overall, the area has ‘good bones’.



Tragedy, When you lose control and you got no soul, It’s tragedy, When the morning cries and you don’t know why, It’s hard to hear..

The producers must have fun with their song picks. Yes, it is tragedy that Sasha+1 didn’t finish as they could have won proclaims Darren,

Shaynna loves the paneling and the way the light shadows scallop on the hallway floor.

Darren whips out a laser leveller (because most people just happen to carry those in their pocket) to test whether the walls are bowed. After the tantrum thrown, the walls are only 1mm out (they have a master builder in Leon who they abused).

They should have painted the walls and ceilings.

The judges love the laundry and the WC (as no expense was spared, marble in the laundry and penny coin tiles in WC). Shaynna believes these rooms are flawless. How is their budget!!!

Noticed how the judges treated them with kid gloves??????



What can we say? The rich are very different to us that they need marble in the laundry.


I always have my laser leveler with me. Never know when it’s going to be needed. 😉


I don’t like Nova’s apartment except for the main bedroom. It’s such a mish mash and doesn’t gel, which makes that much worse as it is a penthouse. I’m sick of seeing that style of artwork too. Blue splodges every week, blah.
Julia, my god Sasha should get as far away from her as soon as possible. What a Debbie Downer Miss Manipulator. She gets tired and doesn’t want to do anything so suddenly there is an issue with walls. 1mm difference FFS. She has been self-sabotaging since the start with her laziness disguised as self doubt. She’s so lazy she’s not even using the self doubt card now, she’s just straight up talking crap.


Agree that Sasha should split from Julia. She has proven time and time again, she won’t be there for Sasha if it gets tough.

Nova’s apartment doesn’t appear to be great for a penthouse but most of the problems could have been arrested in week one if the judges were more constructive in their criticism rather than trying to be tweetable and greater direction was given on ‘art deco’. It seems they can’t give a rats about the art deco now so why insist upon it in the earlier weeks. Hence, the mish mash.


Whatever hyperbole Darren engaged in about Sasha+1’s space. Smug were going to win with the mere fact they had the Christian Cole custom piece.

Neale hates the plants on the wall but loves the doors. He believes ‘these doors could sell this apartment on their own’.

Overall, the apartment is sophisticated beyond Smug’s years.



The Baby Boomers, rather than waste money finishing the flooring only to be ripped up the next day to rectify the floor height decide that going to bed @10.45pm might be the best option. Afterall, as Carleen notes, if you are not going to win, you might as well go to bed.

Upon entering the apartment, Shaynna states that it has “a very contemporary generic hotel type look and it doesn’t feel like this works with their apartment.”

The splashback tile in the laundry was not laid properly (tiles popping off) and not grouted.

The WC is still in their Reece packaging.

Score:5,3,3=11 (one of the lowest score ever on the Block).

Oh, and if anyone is entering this competition, tonight’s codeword is MELBOURNE


I dont normally comment, but do read and devour all Maz’s recps and everyones comments. I think the block this year is the worst and the producers are grasping at straws trying to create drama to keep the few veiwers they have interested so they keep watching. Tonights judging was an example of that. Their comments were provocative and dramatic and directed at the couple that veiwers either love or hate with a passion. I also think that they are now going easy on Julia because of real concerns about her mental health. Julia shows some signs of being on some pretty strong meds i think. She seems very distant from the built and very lethargic..


Thanks for the recap Maz. This season of The Block just continues to get worse and the judges really do need to be replaced. Removing a blue paperweight makes things 50% better…Shayna has to be kidding. I think if the areas are unfinished the teams should just be scored 0. The whiners could have finished. I was surprised that Darren gave them a 6.5 when he only gave Nova a 7.5. These judges really don’t like the Novas. I’m not a fan of theirs either but I think the judges are over the top harsh with them.


Spot on Smythe @ 31.


I wonder whether Shaynna was being sarcastic? Difficult to tell. She has been known to have a sense of humour.
On previous seasons they used to do an episode where the judges sat and explained their comments in more detail. I think it may have been the same episode where other contestants used to wander through after the fact. I used to enjoy those episodes, but they seem to be lost this season (or am I gently tuning out?).
I think the problem with scoring 0 for an unfinished room may depend upon the definition of ‘unfinished’. I have seen unfinished where they just didn’t have time for the architrave.


We miss the Block Unlocked. Unfortunately, it would appear that they have put a significant amount of ‘extras’ online with scant regard that some of us simply do not have the data plan/internet access to stream content. Annoying.

Shaynna may have a sense of humour but last night’s performance didn’t reflect that. We get that there is a lot of hatred from Nova on social media so Shaynna’s meditation on the paperweight is acceptable.

What was annoying about the judges’s performance was how much they do know about the contestants and what has happened during the week. Just prior to the commencement of this season’s Block, Shaynna was on Postcards denying that they know the contestants and what goes on during the week. BS. Darren would not have his laser leveller if that was the case and they would not continually refer to WC’s ages or the fact that Nova is from Newcastle. They need a builder as a judge.


Tonight’s code word is SCOTTY, if anyone is interested.


McCafe Award goes to Nova. The reward is a tradesman of their choice.

Dave from Franklin & Chris go BBQ shopping. Done in 34.07 seconds.


I can’t even look at Dan any more after tonights performance. No wonder they live apart. But frankly Carlene is no better, whingeing & whining about K&C. The way Dan accuses Will of being selfish, barging into W&C’s property dictating when & what. A vile jealous little person with no respect because they’re kids. Kids doing a great job. He and Carlene must’ve assumed they would be winners hands down. They make me sick.


Will is equally antagonistic (and ageist). Unfortunately, this is a standing conflict/storyline of the Block as the producers love the aggro it creates when one team negotiates access to another teams’ apartment.

We do feel that W&K get away with a lot as they are this season’s pretty young things burning bright.


1. Sasha continues to lay into his builder who is now thinking of jumping next door to work with Chris (what are they not showing up about Sasha+1)?

2.Will organises an extension of tool time by two hours to allow the polishing of his concrete i.e. 8pm. Stretches the friendship by continuing after 12am. Dan dobbs them into Keith in the most passive aggressive means possible (casually mention it in conversation @McCafe pop up so that Keith overhears it).
3. Will cops $4k fine. As revenge won’t let Dan lag his pipes. Dan rants…won’t be getting a Christmas card…explains Scotty trying to keep the G rating.

4.All the girls are to go to the spa but from tomorrow’s preview it looks like Kim is excluded. Bitches.

5.BB don’t know how to keep a budget (or have been keeping track of what they are spending). Over people been proud of their financial illiteracy and the producers encouraging the overspend.

Did we mention it was Kitchen Week??? (Dani works for Freedom?)


If anyone who didn’t watch tonight’s episode and wants to really and truly experience what it was like then Maz’s opening five letter summary not only encapsulates the story lines, the contestants interactions, the Trumpesque displays of respect but also captures the new low this show has stooped to and the feeling one is left with having wasted 80 minutes of one’s life watching it.


Tonight’s codeword is KEITH.


Tonight is challenge night. The teams need to construct their table from the timber won in Tasmania last week and dress it per the assigned theme:
Nova: Christmas Lunch
S+1=Engagement Bruch
Boys= High Tea
BB=1st birthday
Smug: Italian Antipasto

What do we learn? Carleen wants a granddaughter (interesting song pick Lady Gaga Bad Romance) and Julia can’t read a social situation. Perhaps we need to explain the latter. Dan and Dani are judging and are still not engaged and have no interest in being so. So what does Julia do? Order an engagement cake congratulating DD on their engagement. And she wonders why Dani is not impressed.

Nova win for the table and BB win for the dressing of the table.

Okay back to the Block.

The drama once again focuses on S+1. They did not order the splashback for the butlers pantry. Julia sobs and whines for an hour and stressed out that it will jeopardise their trip to the spa. (Right, this week is one massive ad for Freedom Kitchens. They are not going to let a contestant F**k Up their product placement.) Worse case scenario, tile it or going to Bunnings and buy a splashback!!!!

Resolution comes in the form of Will from Jenmat who will organise their smoked glass mirror splashback. Spa Trip back on (after ignoring the fact they were assigned 5 hours toil on the rooftop.

Courtesy of XOXO Gossip Girl Will, Kim learns that S+1 have absconded. Will then has to ring them (with Dave Franklin adding his two cents) and they finally abandon the spa adventure.

Don’t understand the initial spa invite if there was no intention for the other girls to actually join them. Weird.

brain dead dave

It’s a challenge to watch it. Thanks again, Maz.


What a sad season. I don’t like any of the teams this season and could care less who wins. They need to find people who aren’t drama queens/kings, whiners, arrogant a**es, liars, etc, but then the show would have to focus on the renovation rather than the faux drama.
Thanks for the recap Maz. I give you credit for being able to watch the entire program.


What can we say? My very low expectations make the Block palpable. 🙂

My only words of advice would be don’t watch Grand Designs: House of the Year with Kevin McCloud waxing lyrically about Vitruvius’s architectural tenants of firmness, commodity and delight and then flip to the Block.

The seeds for this season’s destruction were sown a couple seasons a go starting with The Block: All Stars. JJ & DD ganged up on Phil and Amity . That behaviour was rewarded .

It happened again in Sky High with the nastiness of the twins and a lesser extent M &K. Again that behaviour was rewarded so it can be no surprise to the producers that contestants will now actively undermine each other.

The overspending come to the fore with the Block: Triple Threat where there were no consequence for Tim and Anastasia overspending so none of the teams seem to keep track of their budget now with the exception of Caro and Kingi from Block:Octagon and in the end they gained no advantage sticking to the budget. So why bother??

Thanks to Tinders and again Tim and Anastasia’s performance, the contestants know if they thrown a tantrum or continually cry, the producers will look kindly upon them and carry them over the line.

As to art deco, Ebony tried last season to implement it with bright bold colours but was repeatedly criticised until she embraced blue splonge artwork and scandi neutrals, so again none of the contestants are willing to try anything new to the point that the only colour contestants are using on the wall is white.

What can be said? You reap what you sown,


Maz, I’m assuming that Grand Designs is a class act as compared to The Schlock. Very well said about prior seasons setting up the show to become less of a reno and more of a drama fest (snooze fest, too).


It is quite a stark contrast to the Block and highlights that the judges really don’t know the meaning of bespoke or luxury.

The finishes on the Block in comparison are pedestrian and cheap.


Tonight’s code word is ART DECO. Hahahahahha. What is that? 😉


“Never mess with a chick from Newcastle,” growls Kim as she makes the bed in the Master bedroom. The boys latest ‘prank’ is to spend a night in another apartments’ bed.

Kitchen Week equals Bryce trying to find the will to live as he deals with the contestants. Hogging most of this story line is Kim who realised that the breakfast bench extends into the hallway and the height of the kitchen bench makes the proposed gas stove installation illegal. Shelly suggests they extend the island using a piece of wood (cue plug for Footprint Furniture).

Julia thinks she is ‘all that’ as she flirts with the various trades to help move her Gaggenau appliances. It fails miserably.

BB have dramas with their kitchen floor. #awkward hug with Scotty.

Smug & Boys have run out money. Expecting a handout.


Thanks for your updates Maz.
I found the Real Estate listings, shows Auction date for 12 November… I can’t work out the timing… after this week there is only the terrace, and perhaps a week for re-do room, that still leaves at least another two weeks to fill in….
Oh and a couple of the listings show rooms which haven’t been revealed yet, FYI incase you don’t want to be spoiled.
Kim and Chris
Dan and Carlene
Will and Karli


Yes, thats true Juz,
And i just remembered about the foyers and rooftop as well.


Thanks for the links. The approval was for seven apartments:
One on the ground floor and a one bedroom unit split between the second and third floors.