Australian Survivor episode 3

How’s everyone enjoying Australian Survivor and JLap’s sinewy forearms thus far?
From now we get three episodes a week – Sunday, Monday, Tuesday – that’s three tribal councils in three days! That’s a killer pace.
There’s a peek at tomorrow night’s ep on TenPlay
How many lingering shots of Lee’s abs will we get during the challenge? And how many confessionals from the I’m-So-Not-A-Drama-Teacher guys explaining how he’s fooling people with his acting.
Survivor Know-It-Alls Rob Cesternino (Survivor Amazon and All Stars – and the king of US reality TV podcasting) and Stephen Fishbach (Tocantins and Second Chances) are doing an Australian Survivor podcast and it’s fascinating to hear what these students of the game think. If you don’t have a podcasting program on your phone or iPad you can just listen to it straight off Rob’s website here.
If you are a fan of US Survivor you should be listening to their usual podcast – they have heaps of special former Survivors as guests, who provide insight into strategy and behind-the-scenes goings on.

I just watched Sunday’s episode so some quick thoughts.
1. Rohan dropped the clue!! What the hell? Smart of drama teacher dude to go searching for evidence but sadly he comes across so shady to others it’s not going to help him. It’s a pity drama teacher has been stuck on the Beauty Tribe.
2. Who the heck is Tegan? Poor Nick getting stuck with her for the honesty or deceit test. Has she never seen the show?
3. That honesty or deceit test always causes trouble no matter what they choose. Traditionally people choose deceit, but those who are honest always have the finger pointed at them anyway.
4. Hidden immunity idols are often a whole lot of trouble anyway. I’d choose deceit and then show everyone the real clue. And they’d probably still think I was lying about something!
5. Why did the tribe who voted out Bianca last week let Sickly Pete and Firey Kylie go off on their own – the only two people who have reason to be angry about the outcome of tribal.
6. JLap needs a challenge catchphrase that’s not “come on in, guys”.
7. A few people sustained injuries from toppling blocks in the last season of US Survivor (Beauty, Brains, Brawn II). Interesting no-one tried the strategy of stacking the last three blocks together and THEN putting them atop the tower first up, although at least blue twigged to it at the end, seco
8. Boy, red sucked at the boat part of that challenge.
9. Good job, yellow Nick. Who’d have thought the tribe that built a shelter that immediately collapsed under their weight would do so well in challenges.
10. G’day Chester the chicken. Sadly, you’ll never be as famous as Mark the Chicken.
11. I hope there is a gross food challenge in the future involving sea cucumber because blues will be hurling.
12. What is in Evan’s hair?
13. Did you see the panic stricken look on Kat’s face when Cricketer Lee told her she could do the puzzle section of the challenge.
14. At least Barry with the Dreads got to speak.
15. Do they deliberately ask Lee to oil up before shooting his confessionals? I presume those abs are glistening with sunscreen.
16. I’m glad for Evan’s sake that Lee actually voted for Kat.

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Sioux Denim

I understand keeping the girls alliance on the red team but think it was a mistake to get rid of Evan so early in the game…Kat really not up to the challenges…


I agree, although Evan is more of a threat, Kate is kind of blobby in personality. She seems like she would be a bit whiny. The blond girl playing both sides and getting rid of Evan is sneaky.


I think it is Phoebe.


I don’t know why a drama teacher automatically thinks he’s a good actor. I doubt if many would be. I wonder if Brian Dennehy, Helen Mirren or Anthony Hopkins are drama teachers.
I’m teaching drama tomorrow, so watch out Cate Blanchett.


How come we didn’t see anything of Peter and Kylie’s deception? Their strategy seemed the weakest.

If you intend to try to deceive the tribe, you really should check if your partner can carry off a lie. Guilty faces all around.

The lovey-dovey style of play in this series is interesting. I suspect there is going to be huge hurt when people start the betrayals. The contestants in the US version go in expecting everyone to be evil, but Aussies seem to be more focussed on honesty and loyalty.


I was at a friend’s birthday party last night, and I missed the episode completely.

Did I miss anything interesting? Any more shots of Lee’s abs and clingy trunks? Conner didn’t hurt himself again did he? And are the episodes available for rewatch online? Not that I’ll have the chance to, I’m at work all day today.


I enjoyed it but it wasn’t exciting. Mostly some pretty poor moves from everyone except some blond chick called Phoebe. Most of them just seem to want to be on telly.


I still have to catch up before tonight’s episode airs. Small boy refused to go to bed last night and we both ended up nodding off at the same time, so no TV for me.

[…] Australian Survivor episode 3 […]


Ooh, I found where channel 10 keeps this online. Right, so, watching this on Monday night ’cause I missed it on Sunday night (and I’ll watch Monday’s episode tomorrow, and then watch Tuesday’s episode on Wednesday. That works) …

I like that we get a little debrief session about ousting Bianca. I figured something was up when Kylie was voting for Peter and nobody else did. It seems short-sighted, though, that the core five wouldn’t want Kylie in their main alliance. I mean, she seems like a capable, smart badass … but maybe that’s exactly the reason they’re keeping her at arm’s length?

Kylie — “Lying, deceving and manipulating are actions I have a hard time embracing, in life.” Well, great choice of reality TV show to come on, then, right?

I loved how everybody figured out Phoebe and Rohan’s story was a pile of crap within 30 seconds. To be honest, maybe this would make me a bad player, but I would’ve been tempted to say, “screw the idol, let’s just get the food” because there’s no way I could’ve kept a straight face about it. It’s not that I didn’t want to lie, but there’s no way I would’ve gotten away with it.

Yeah, I quite liked Rohan … until he lost track of the clue to the Immunity Idol. You’d think that maybe, just maybe, you’d keep a tighter hold on that. Idiot.

“People definitely don’t trust me.” Well that’s probably because you told a really transparent lie, right to their faces.

My gosh, the stupid is strong with the castaways tonight. If you’re gonna lie, then at least lie convincingly, you know?

“I was always gonna tell El.” Well, Phoebe, it’s great to say that now that she *already* knows. So there’s really no reason to take your word for it, other than your own appeals of honesty … and you just lied through your teeth to half a dozen people, five minutes ago. Evan, meanwhile, was drunk on power, but he should’ve bloody well kept it to himself.

I gotta say, I’m siding with Evan on the Rohan/Evan/idol thing. Absolutely, Rohan committed the bigger crime, but Rohan is somehow managing to convince everybody except for Evan that he didn’t. But when you’re caught, throw it back on your accuser. Why not?

“Take a look at the new tribe, Bianca voted out at the last tribal council.” Um, they probably neither know or care who Bianca even is.

The blue tribe is starting to develop this habit of starting strong, but absolutely crashing right at the end. I gotta say, though, this cube-stacking challenge is inventive. I doubt it’s an easy thing to do.

Is it me, or is Kat just kind of useless? I mean, honestly. But that whole team just doesn’t work well in tense situations.

I like the manipulating from the girls to oust Evan and leave the girls in power, but I don’t think the girls-alliance is as tightly-knit as they’d like us to believe (ie, the second it’s advantageous for somebody, they’ll split, and fast). I actually do think Kat *is* the weaker team-mate, but Evan made some bad moves earlier this episode, and the girls are taking control of the tribe. I’ll give them props for that.

Okay, as useless as Kat is, I love how she called out the four leading tribe-mates without a second of hesitation. Not that it actually matters, because those aren’t the actual four people in control, right?

And then of course Kat screws it up by immediately pointing out that the girls are all quite close, a fact that Rohan and Lee hadn’t seemed to have realised. Honestly, Kat.

Okay, can I get this off my chest? I *hate* that you have to play the immunity idol *before* the votes get read out. What’s the point of even including the idol if there’s a huge chance that it won’t even get used? I mean, I know it makes it more stressful for the contestants (do they play it without knowing whether they’ll need to use it?), but for me the viewer, it feels like a cheat. I don’t like it. Let them see the votes, then throw out the idol. I want it that way.

Heh. He’s pissed about it, too.

He’s not wrong, though. The boys should be aware of the giant target on their backs, right now. And Rohan actually voted to knock-out Evan … I suppose he just didn’t realise that he was handing power to the all-girls alliance. Well, that won’t come back to bite him in the arse at all.


On the two seasons where the idol could be used after the votes were read (Fiji and Worlds Apart) the season was won by a first finder who made a point of wearing the idol to each tribal council. A Tyler Perry idol is not an advantage, it is a superpower that guarantees a spot in the finale.

We have heard the line of the series: ‘How did the clue get from Rohan’s pants to Evan’s hand?’ I could speculate but you’d all be shocked.