Bachelor Australia starts Wed

The Bachelor starts Wednesday on Ten, so we don’t even get a breather after the MasterChef finale.

It screens from 7.30pm to 9.10pm on Wednesday and 7.30pm to 9pm Thursday.

So sparkly and cleavagey.
So sparkly and cleavagey.

The first episode is the meet and greet for returnee Richie and the 22 contestants, all vying to don the sparkliest dress, while the blurb for episode 2 states: One lucky Bachelorette is whisked away to a secluded beach by private chopper for the first single date of the season. The group date sees the Bachelorettes embrace the ’50s for a magazine photoshoot.

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… two Richies, eh? Hmm. I don’t disagree with that.

brain dead dave

A nice redhead wouldn’t go astray in that lodge of eager beavers. Richie better like his soul mates with long hair.


A bit off-topic, but I can’t find the Bachelorette US thread, and my tv guides all say different things. Does anyone know when the Men Tell All is screening? is it on next Monday night, or have I missed it somehow?


It hasn’t been on as yet. Jo Jo was quite cruel to Chase tonight, I don’t think that girl knows what she wants!
She deserves what she gets.


Oh, thank you! I hated tonight’s ep. Have really gone off JoJo. I agree. She deserves whichever prat she’s going to pick. Probably the one who likes her least!


She seems to like men who love themselves – a lot, the last 6 (other than James) where all pretty much clones of each other. I’m betting it doesn’t matter which one she picks it’s not going to last.


It’s okay. There’s only a couple of eps left. But thanks anyway, Juz.