The Voice auditions recap

The Voice beat allcomers at its premiere on Sunday, drawing 1.4 million metro viewers (MasterChef had 1.012 million and House Rules 830,000). More details SMH article
Meep has kindly done recaps for the first two Blind Auditions – thanks, Meep! And thanks to Daisy for her excellent screengrab recaps on the previous Voice post.

Blind Auditions 01
Yes, The Voice Australia is BACK! WHO IS READYYYYYYYYYYYY?!!!!!!!
OK, it wasn’t that bad. There was clapping, I think. 😉
The opening coaches’ song was great this time around. Probably because the women mostly sang it. Maddens lip-synched. And Ronan sounded good, with the small bit-part the ladies allowed him.
Weird, no introduction for the newbie, Ronan. Oh well, they’ll expound upon his background over and over again between contestants. Boy, they jumped right into it quickly.
Alfie Arcuri – Great performance, very emotional. As soon as he mentioned that his sister had the same disease as Delta, I knew exactly who he would choose. Love the fake friendliness between Delta and Jesse J afterwards. Major 360 there from last season. Setting aside differences? More like the they had a talking to after the in-fighting backfired with the viewer audience.
“I’m so excited to be back in that red chair that I dressed up like it. Anyone want to sit on my lap and swing around?”
Is it just me, or is there a lot of cleavage going on already?
Blake Morgan – Nathan Hawes 2.0, in both looks and mumble-singing. I was so busy puzzling over his scarecrow hair, that’s all I got from it.
Plumber’s butt-crack? *sigh* I think it’s going to be a loooong season.
Claire Fabri – Interesting arrangement. A bit surprised no one turned around, but maybe it’s because she really didn’t have that strong a voice.
“I want it more than anyone” number 732. Or is it 733 times we’ve heard that now?
Jack Pellow – Er, uh. OK, not a fan. The coaches are pitching hard now. Um, why? Are the neck tattoos hypnotising you? We already had that with Matthew Garwood in Season 3, and he had a much better voice. Look away from the tattoos, look away.
Why do they always break for commercial, just as someone is about to make a decision. It’s not a cliffhanger; it’s annoying. Hope everyone was able to take a potty-break as fast as they could, so they didn’t miss this gripping choice.
Ace Avenue back story… Oh, dear. Didn’t shirts unbuttoned mid-chest with cop glasses hanging on them die in the ’80s? You know, the time when people didn’t laugh when Don Johnson wore pink shirts with white jackets? Please, don’t bring it back. I’m begging you! If it comes back, the leg-warmers are going to be lurking in the closet, ready to jump out and strangle your legs! Nooooooooooooo!
Huh, the Avenue brothers remind me of the Hardy Boys TV show from the late 70s. I’m sure some of you remember that. Shaun Cassidy and Parker Stevenson? Yes? No? Well, I do. I remember my sisters and I fighting over who gets Shaun Cassidy, only to be extremely embarrassed 20 years later, and insisting that we REALLY preferred Parker Stevenson on the INSIDE. And making all sorts of excuses to disassociate ourselves from our poor choice in goober-crushes.
In other words, the brother who is not competing is cuter. And, no, 20 years from now, I will not be denying that. Wonder if he sings better, too?
Madison McNamara back story… Hair hanging while power-sanding. Can we just say “accident waiting to happen”?
Wow! I’m getting flashbacks to the 70s again. Deep-cleavage jump-suits. Did I fall into a time machine somewhere? Or, are the worst things from the 70s and 80s making a comeback? If so, can I put myself in cryostasis until it’s over?
Madison McNamara – Beautiful voice. Not surprised on the four-chair turn. She knows how to use the various shades of her voice.
The Madden Bros? Really? Even she looked surprised that she made that decision. lol
Ace Avenue – Oh, lord. He even SINGS like Shaun Cassidy. I’m getting flashbacks again. “Well, I met her on a Monday and my heart stood still, Da Doo Ron Ron Ron, Da Doo Ron Ron…” Sorry, dear. When you sing one of the coaches’ songs, you really need to punch it. A ballad doesn’t give you much room to make the song your own.
Not that it makes everything better in not getting a chair turn, but nice of Ronan to duet with him.
Lexi Clark – I kinda like. I still have my tonsils, but I don’t sound like that. *pout*
Name-dropping time.
Another gripping cliffhanger. Zzzzzzzz. Oh, it’s back. OK, come on, chooooooooooooooose! Yes, yes, we know you should follow your heart, your gut, your mom. Why doesn’t anyone follow their ass? Their left elbow? Come ON!
What? Maddens again? Is there a fix going on here? Does someone up the ladder really want them to win this year because they’ve stuck around the whole time?
Poor Ronan. No one chose Mr. Grump-pants. Awwwwww.
Blind Auditions 02
OK, enough with the back-patting each other! Get on with it!
Back-story, back-story. Blah, blah, blah. Huh, cute dress. Wish I could wear it without it being mumu-sized. Game of Thrones mind-flash with the really long wavy hair. Off we go.
Elle Murphy – Awesome! My favourite so far. Very haunting at the beginning. Boy, the audience went crazy!

Delta, stop dancing. Don’t you realize that your pants-gripping swaying looked like you were doing a reverse wedgie, pulling the fabric up hard against your crotch, as if you were trying to keep yourself from peeing your pants?
Jay Parrino – Frank Lakoudis! You cut your hair!! Very interesting. Sorry that no one turned, as it would have been different from all the Adele/Rihanna/Beyonce wannabes.
Do they have a special section for young, high-pitched-screaming girls? They’d all be together, so the crew can just point at them and say, “Scream bitches, scream!”.
Tash Lockhart – Any relation to Gilderoy? Never mind. Beautiful voice. Is it just me, or does her smile remind anyone else of Meg Ryan? Given that I prefer full-bodied voices, glad she got through.
Poor Ronan. No one is picking you.
More back-patting. Ergh!
Claire Howell – So many runs. Running, running. Knew Jesse J would turn. You know she’s picking Jesse J. Yup. I’m psychotic. Oops, I mean psychic. That one had “Made for Jesse J” stamped all over her forehead.

Truman Mullins – Nice voice, boring song. Can we turn the coach mics off when contestants are singing? Do NOT want to hear the coaches sing. Wow, constructive criticism. Never thought I’d hear that on The Voice again. Last time was Jesse J on Season 1 of The Voice UK. Good to have it back. Nothing more fake than all the You sang great *cough*loser*cough*. Keep singing *cough*pleasedon’t*cough*. Thanks for singing for us *cough*getoffthestage*cough*.
Maryanne Wright – Can your bestie be any more excited than when you went to WALK onto the stage? Glad to see a couple of the coaches have an appreciation for Theater music. Lovely voice. Which coach will mess her up?
Ronan is cursed. CURSED I say!
Did the Producers tell the talent-search team that this is the year of nose-rings? If they have a nose-ring, they automatically make it to the blinds?
Oops, almost had a crotch-shot there, Ms Sinclair.
Lane Sinclair – Very Joni Mitchell. I love acoustic. Really shows the voice off when it’s not being drowned out by multiple instruments. Pick Ronan! Pick Ronan!!

Booooooooo! Something actually funny. Hell no, we won’t Ro.
Georgia Carey – Lovely. Very delicate. I like the song she chose this time. Another favorite. Come on! Be Ronan’s first contestant!
Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot! The curse has broken!
Yes, these recaps were all over the place. Sorry about that, but I kinda forgot the show had started, and was already two eps behind. I know Ep 3 has already shown for you guys, but it’s not available to me for download yet. I’ll try to get that out soon.

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Thanks, Meep. 👍👍👍👍👍👍 Funny read. I really enjoyed it, although I have already forgotten who everyone is. I will hve to go back to my screen grabs to refresh my memory.

Now we just need the The Voice gang; Samsara, Deano, and Eliza etc back.


Meep, have you been watching any other Voice such as Britain’s TV?


I watched last night, but haven’t done any screen grabs yet. I don’t know why they didn’t put Alexandra through. She sounded like shades of Aretha at times.

I reckon the producers make sure they take the pretty young things. The older lady was good, especially when she sang her rock song.


I enjoyed Ashleigh tonight. Nice tone.