Seven Year Switch – reunion show tonight

Apparently Channel Seven has been inundated with applications for the second season of this bizarre show.
I’ve watched the first episode and a only few minutes of subsequent shows, during which I formed the opinion at least three of the four couples just needed to break up.
In last week’s show they were all still together but now, six months after filming ended, it’s time for the reunion show.
At least one couple is expecting a baby and all around Australia people will be yelling at their TV “A baby is not going to fix your mutually destructive relationship!”.
If you want to find out who is pregnant, go here
The reunion screens at 8.50pm tonight and goes til 10pm.

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all happening

We have really enjoyed watching this show. It wasn’t in my opinion set up like most RT. I am glad they did tonight’s reunion so we could see how things have been since filming stopped. btw the said this morning on the Morning show that they had more couples counselling after filming stopped.
One negative was the horrid blue suit the psychologist was wearing. I am glad there is another series next year.


Urghh…the psychologists desperately hoping to salvage their professional reputations mutter something about wanting to equip people with relationship skills. What did we learn? Domestic Abuse is okay (it is not him but the scenarios he was placed in) and if you want to fix a relationship have a child.

If anything adverse happens then Ch7 has blood on their hands.


Just caught the end – what was with Brad’s drop crotch pants? Love how his idea of dressing up for TV is wearing a hoodie.


There was an article in my Yahoo newsfeed that said one of the couples had broken up. It was probably the best thing for them. Why didn’t they all just do that?


Tallena – you should have left Brad, not married him!
Jackie – you already have a baby (Tim), you don’t need another one!
Cassie & Ryan – I knew they’d be OK and work it all out
Michele & her partner – Sorry to hear about them as I also thought they’d work it all out.