Survivor BBB2 – Apr 14 – The One with the Sooky Lah Lahs

Here we go – will Jason and Scot go ballistic after tribal? Naw, Scot’s looking glum in the night vision as he and Tai talk about the girls now having an alliance. Tai is regretting his tribal council revelation about the super idol and panics when Jason quizzes him about the vote.

It was you Jason the Bounty Hunter, but he's not telling you that.
It was you Jason the Bounty Hunter, but he’s not telling you that.

Tai panics and blurts out “Debbie” and cut to confessional where he says he’s a terrible liar. Will Jason’s Bounty Hunter super senses start tingling at this lie? It seems not. They hatch a plan to use join their idols for a super idol at the next tribal. Surely the problem with this plan is that the “enemy” will split the vote and the super idol can only save one of them?
And Scot has another vote: “What do you guys this about taking away their food?” Yeah, Scot, you just lost any respect from the viewers you’d clawed back when you were separated from Jason and buddied up with Tai instead. Douche move.
Not cool, Scot.
Not cool, Scot.
Jason wants to “weaken their soul” – a tactic from his military days he uses in his bounty hunting: “I love psychological warfare.” Urgh. At least when J’Tia threw the rice in the fire on Cagayan she was off her nut with anger – it wasn’t a calmly planned thing to drag down morale. And now she’s forever known as the chick that threw rice in the fire rather than a brilliant nuclear engineer. And these guys will be the sooky lah lah Russell Hantzes who wouldn’t let the other kids play with their toys.
Tai is wisely keeping his mouth shut (he needs to forge a new alliance – stat!) but the vengeful talk is freaking the Buddhist out morally.
The next morning Scot and Jason are up early to carry out their plan.
Nice hashtag, Survivor editors.
Nice hashtag, Survivor editors.
The hide the machete and the axe in the jungle and gloat about how miserable everyone will be.
Where's the machete, asks Debbie (looking so scrawny even in layers of clothes)
Where’s the machete, asks Debbie (looking so scrawny even in layers of clothes)
It’s obvious to everyone who the saboteurs are. Michelle is pissed but determined to show the Sooky Lah Lahs they don’t even need those tools (that’s the actual tools, not the walking giant babies). They roast coconuts in the fire and Cydney cracks one open with a saw.
Scot does not look happy the girls worked out how to open a coconut.
Scot does not look happy the girls worked out how to open a coconut.
And then Scot does something super douchey. “Why don’t we just end the speculation?” he says. And he puts out the fire with their precious drinking water.
What the hell, Scot.
What the hell, Scot.

Oh my god!! He’s on the verge of going Brandon Hantz. I’d be a bit worried about my safety if I was one of the girls. The girls are dumbfounded and Joe calls him on it, but Scot doesn’t give a rats. Michelle must feel like she’s dealing with one of her drunk customers at the bar, but there’s nowhere to run on the island. She gets the fire going again – good on you, Michelle.
Watching from the shelter Scot vows to put it out again (I half expect him to reach into his baggy shorts and piss all over the flames) and Tai is getting rather uncomfortable.
Maybe Debbie's strange approach about an alliance isn't looking so weird now, Tai.
Maybe Debbie’s blunt approach about an alliance isn’t looking so weird now, Tai.

Come on in, guys. It’s time for a reward challenge, so will the Sookies man up and be team players? Blue cap Jeff probes them about the sabotage and the Giant Walking Wgo proclaims the tribe only has water and mangoes because of him. Cydney shoots back: “I can climb a damn tree!” Go girl!

We found the missing tool: it's Scot!
We found the missing tool: it’s Scot!
Seriously, is he playing a villain role because he wants to get invited back for another season, or is he actually this childish?
Reward is Chinese takeaway and Joe offers to sit out. Usually the non-player would forfeit the reward, but Jeff says Joe can bet on a horse and if his horse wins, he gets Chinese, too. However, it means once of the girls is going to have to saddle up with the Sookies and Julia puts her hand up, much to Cydney’s disgust. Julia wants to make a big move (the quickest way to get in Jeff’s good books) but this could all go horribly wrong for her. Joe punts on the girls and they should be quicker at untangling the ropes around their feet as they don’t wear size 20 shoes.
Dammit – the Sookies plus Julia get through the ropes quickly and move on to throwing sandbags to knock down stacked logs.
Check out her muscle! Debbie's imagining she's pegging the sandbag at Scot's head.
Check out her muscle! Debbie’s imagining she’s pegging the sandbag at Scot’s head.
Debbie’s doing really well, catching up fast, and earns Jeff’s respect: “Debbie’s got an arm on her!” But the Sookies have too big a lead and more brute strength and win. Grrr.

Back at camp the Sookies (and the chicken, who we learn is named Mark – and Google says, yes, Tai’s partner is named Mark) tuck into their Chinese while Julia explains she is at the bottom of her existing alliance.

Did the poor camera man have to climb a ladder to get this shot?
Did the poor camera man have to climb a ladder to get this shot?
And she tells confessional she’s keen to keep the Sookies around because she knows the jury won’t vote for them to win the mill.
At this point Julia has burned her existing alliance and doesn’t even know it.
Joe sums it up.
Joe sums it up.
But Debbie (who I just want to see put on an IV drip to rehydrate her) sticks up for Julia and says she’s just playing them. We’ll see.
Did you know Gollum was playing in this season?
Did you know Gollum was playing in this season?
Julia tells the girls she was just playing along with the Sookies, but Cydney knows better because her “BS radar” is goigg off.:
Remember the first half of the season, where Cydney hardly got airtime? Me neither.
Remember the first half of the season, where Cydney hardly got airtime? Me neither.
Cyd grabs Aubry for a beach pow-wow and straight away this is my new favourite Survivor pairing.
See, Neal, I didn't need you anyway now I have new BFF Cyd.
See, Neal, I didn’t need you anyway now I have new BFF Cyd.

They agree Jules has to go next.
Tai and his BFF, Mark the chicken.
Tai and his BFF, Mark the chicken.
Tai is having trouble sleeping and is uneasy about the sabotage, but tells himself it must be done. And then HE puts out the fire. Sweet little Tai!
Noooo! What would Mark the chicken think?
Noooo! What would Mark the chicken think?
“The evil side of me rarely comes out, but it does,” he says to the camera the next day with a grin.
The fire dousing pisses everyone off but Aubry (who thinks Scot and Jason did it) reckons it was a deliberate act to attract votes which they could then negate with an idol. She wants to vote for Jules to flush the idols out, but Debbie is super cranky at Scot and wants the guys gone. Up until now Debbie has been a very strategic player, so the deprivation must be getting to her.

Immunity challenge time … Green cap Jeff explains the domino challenge and this seems made for a smaller, nimble contestant to win. And indeed Michelle, Julia and Debbie do very well, with Michelle in the lead until her domino topple fails at the last second. A lot of people look like contenders but don’t get their spacing right and Julia wins immunity. Uh oh. Well, at least Aubry and Debbie now don’t have to fight.

Back at camp Debbie gets her girl posse and wants to split the vote between Tai and Scot as she thinks Jason will play an idol. To Aubry’s horror, Deb lays it all out in front of Jules. She wants Brains to vote Scot, the others Tai. Julia trots off to the Sookies to tell them the plan. Geez, I really hope she’s a double agent but I don’t think so. Sookies want to vote Cydney.
Cyd and BFF Aubry discuss the option of cutting Debbie loose and think they will have the support of Joe and Michelle. But Joe is adamant he won’t vote Debbie. So now the BFFs have to tell Suss Julia their plan and see if she will go with them. Uh oh – I’m worried Cyd is going home as she’s got so much air time this ep.

At tribal council Jeff gets the lowdown on the missing tools (as if he didn’t already know) and learns Debbie still trusts Jules. Talk turns to idol play and Jason and Scot are busting a gut to make some idol threats.

Are Julia and Aubry whispering to each other here while Scot is talking?
Are Julia and Aubry whispering to each other here while Scot is talking?
Scot says: “Tai’s got an idol. Tai’s not going anywhere tonight.”
Boo yah.
Boo yah.
And Jason continues: “Wait a minute – the idol’s got a brother.”
Jason's making his devilish speech from the fiery pit of hell.
Jason’s making his devilish speech from the fiery pit of hell.

Over on the jury bench Neal and Nick are whispering that the Sookies should combine them for the super idol. But then Jason says Tai will keep his idol and he and Scot will be rocking off for the idol honour and then play it before the votes are read, which I think is false – he’d do super idol for sure. But the other players, of course, have only heard whispers of the super idol, so there’s much whispering of “original plan”.




Jules is stoked she has the immunity necklace and Jeff is stoked this will make great TV. Who’d have thought whispering could be so compelling?
Jason and Scot go through their Rock, Paper, Scissor charade (Scot’s paper covers Jason’s rock) and then they hand the idol to Tai, who doesn’t budge. 30rockscissor
No one – other than the jury members – knows what’s going on and Aubry looks like she’s going to be sick.
The votes are read and Cydney calls out whoever spelt her name incorrectly – she is awesome. It’s Cydney and Scot votes and then the Debbie votes come out and she is shocked. debshock
And it’s … Debbie. So Julia didn’t vote with the Sookies, who are stoked that they are safe and they didn’t even have to super idol it up.

Next week: We see the Sookies basking in their super idolness but Aubry tries to lure Tai back to the Rebel Alliance.

And if you haven’t already, check out Nick’s Ponderosa video.

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What Jason and Scott call psychology, I call being a dickhead, throwing a tantrum and being a bully in the fullest, most literal sense of the word. And no matter how Tai talks himself up as a goodie goodie, no one made him put the fire out. Good is, as good does Tai.
My thought tonight was that they should have voted one of the evil 3 to force them to use up their super power. Otherwise they will ride it all the way. I don’t think Tai will flip tp Aubrey’s side.


I can’t decide whether the sookies are smart, or the dumbest contestants ever. Isn’t the idea for winning survivor to play the ‘social game’? Making everyone hate you with juvenile sulking (all the people who will be on the jury) is so short-sighted. Nobody is going to admire your game-playing when you behave like a three-year-old.

It was clear at TC that they were never going to use the idols individually, but I thought that Aubry’s whisper of ‘original plan’ meant that they would go back to splitting the vote between Scot and Tai. That is what the sookies were counting on, so after they have had time to reflect, they should be regretting outing the idols so unnecessarily.

So, how now can the power of the superidol be broken? Is luring Tai away the only option?


I vote for dumbest ever.

1. They are unreconstructed Hantzists who ignore the social game in favour of self-indulgence. 2. All their strategy can achieve is ensuring an undeserved win for Tai. 3. They are doing this out in the open.

At least Russell and most Russell fanboiz tried to conceal their idiocy from the other players.

At some stage I confidently expect either or both the sookies to start demanding they be taken on wewards. We have to hope the medics have something soothing and calming ready to administer if the sookies become uncontrollable.


Good comment, Alan.


Russell did steal a machete. He kept it secret. The aim was to keep the other players divided and confused. The sookies steal a machete, then say they have stolen the machete. Unlike Russell’s plan, this is a brilliant strategy to keep the other players united and angry with the sookies. I doubt this pair has one functioning brain cell between them.


I wonder if Neal ever told Aubry about the super powers. It’s possible none of the “good guys” knew the details. After last night’s disaster they’ll have a better idea. It’s in Tai’s interest to stick with the baddies, but they did show footage of Jason kind of kicking the chicken, so hopefully Tai sees that.


Kind of glad that Debbie was voted out given what a big risk she was to her alliance. Beware of people who think they know everything and tell everyone everything they know – there was no subtlety in her game.

Plus can you believe she is only 49?

I’m with you Juz, I like this power duo of Cydney (should be with an S) and Aubry.


The big boys are just idiots who seem to have gone through life intimidating people. Tai is annoying me. Like Woo, he talks up his zen integrity too much. I prefer to see integrity in action, like that fireman who won years back, than hear someone bang on about their own integrity, especially when their actions tell a different story. I think quiet old Tony has shown more integrity than Tai.

Yes, Bolders. Debbie got too big for her cowboy boots, or is that fireman’s boots, or astronaut’s boots, or dairy worker’s boots or a model’s kitten heels. I am liking the obvious ones; Cyd, pretty girl with the dark hair, and Aubrey. Aubrey is a smart thinker, even if she did misjudge Scott for having enough grey matter to have a strategy behind his tantrum. It was just that he was smarting from being kicked in the coconuts by girls. And that’s about as smart as he gets.


Well, I have mentioned before that I didn’t think much of Tai, and last night clinched it. What a weasel. Not only does he pour water on the fire, he is worse than Scot, because he does it in the wee small hours so that others might, and do, think it will be Scot. But wait, I’m being unfair.
Sorry, weasels. I’ve never actually met one of you, and you are probably perfectly charming peo… animals.

The less said about the taller creeps the better. Not you, Joe. Not that there’s much to say about him, but he’s nowhere near being in the creep class of the other three.

Julia, Julia, Julia. I kept hoping she was going to sabotage those fellers in the Reward challenge, but no, she isn’t grown-up enough to think of that. And she was VERY, VERY lucky with that immunity challenge.

Thanks for the wonderful recap, Juz.


Good comment Rosie. Yep, you nailed it with Tai.
I prefer a bad person, who acknowledges their badness 😈(Quinn) over the bad person who plays sugar and innocence and says, “I was just trying to help you, Katie”😇 (Brooke).


I quite liked Debbie but her innocence over Julia was really a deal breaker. The cooment (no sure whos) about those who stand in the middle of the road get run over, was very apt for Julia. If you are going to walk with both groups it needs to be more subtle.

I’m liking Cydney less as a person, as she is starting to look like she will use anyone to get to the end. But I admire her game play, and at this point I think she is a real contender to win if she can survive the boy’s revenge.

Michelle is still flying under the radar, as is Joe to some extent.


It was Aubry’s comment. I am hoping that after the show Joe will say he did heaps of strategising but they didn’t show it. But I doubt that will happen. Michelle could go far as the Sookies will have Cyd and Aubrey in their sights.


I didn’t like boys’ club Cydney, but I like this strong Cydney. Debbie, I liked until last night, when she was just foolish. She over-estimated her ability to read people and that’s not a good idea.

Flying under the radar can be a good strategy to get you to the final 3, but can it win you
$1 000 000?

Bolders (I should be working)

Yep flying under the radar can get you the million. To wit, bloody Tina in the second season (Australia) winning over Colby Donaldson who was all over that shit all season long, winning stuff and looking good doing it. But Tina gets the votes because the jury thought that Colby had already won the car (remember when there was a car half way through the season to win?).

Having said that, I am not sure if you could still win by staying under the radar 20 seasons in. Now the jury want to know what you did to deserve the win but it cannot be making moves that put them in the jury. :0


interesting season so far, I’m keen to see what happens next. I hope it won’t be the case that the superidol scares everyone and the three ‘sookies’ ride it to the end (although their final tribal council would be a sight to see). There have been hints from interviews etc that bullying plays a part this season, but so far it’s not as bad as what we saw in world’s apart.


That drives me nuts too Juz. I didn’t watch for 2 years after that lying, conniving user, Cops r Us, won.


I kinda liked Tony Vlachos *runs and hides*


The Doctor Evil of Survivor. So annoyed he won Connivor.


Weird thing is that I hated Russell. He made my skin crawl.

Toni was a good player on the outwit/outlast side. He also had two great advantages, a super-idol and a super-goat named Woo.

Maybe a super-idol would have made Russell a winner. I hate super-idols even more than I hate Russell.


There comes a week when idols can no longer be used. I think anyone who gets to final tribal because they got a free ride holding a super power idol over everyone’s head, won’t have the jury’s vote. But if the final three are Tai, Scott and Jason who are all riding the super power, weasley Tai will probably get the money.


Thanks for the great recap Juz.
Wow, talk about big babies. How childish can you be? They can try & say they were being strategic, but they were just having a temper tantrum because they didn’t get their way. And I was very disappointed in Tai joining in. If he makes it to the end & wins, I wonder how they’ll feel if they voted for him when they see it was him who put the fire out & not Scott like they thought.
Was so pissed off when they won that reward challenge. Was really rooting for the girls.
Every time Scott & Jason’s brick fell I cheered. Julie was very lucky to win that or she would have been a goner.
Was sorry to see Debbie go, was looking forward to seeing more careers listed. I noticed last night she was a chemist.
Tribal Council was crazy with everyone whispering amongst themselves.


I really enjoyed this episode. It was different in that we had an obvious division in the tribe and the decision from the guys to just draw a line in the sand was intriguing.

I am excited to see how this plays out next week.


Hey Ryan, feel free to post a link to your site. Do you think Aubry can sway Tai?


Tai has better chances staying with the Bully Boys at this stage. No one will choose Jason or Scott to win, and they are holding the super power. Why would Tai want to go up against a nice person?