Reno Rumble – how it stacks up against other flops

Check out this fascinating SMH article to see just how floppy last night’s launch was compared with our floppiest flops.

And a promo for tonight’s show:

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It’s a shame. Nothing can win against MKR though. I guess they can’t take the renovated houses off of the deserving recipients though! Channel Nine can’t run State of Origin every week. Need some new/original content.

I’ve watched a couple of the UK (ITV) version of “and we’re back in the room” on youtube. It’s very funny, however two episodes were enough. I can see Aussie version is an exact copy too, challenges recycled and Dazza is hosting.


Yeah, that Daryl Somers thing looks *awful* and I’d rather punch myself in the face than watch it.

Twenty bucks says that the viewing public of Australia ends up agreeing with me.


Did people say the same about gogglebox? Still can’t understand the popularity of that.


For me, Gogglebox is a group experience. I can’t watch it on my own but I love watching it with family. There is something incredibly fun about someone on telly just saying something you said moments before about the same show. And then, as with Fijane, it’s also interesting listening to a totally unexpected, opposing view.
It’s like listening to someone incredibly articulate explain why they support Donald Trump. You go ‘Oh, yeah. Barely, but I can see that’.

brain dead dave

After years of shoving $cotty and Shelly down the throats of viewers, the ratings chickens have come home to roost.

You would have to hypnotise me to watch more of this white trash bickering on a building site bilge.

Will $cotty, like a true Aussie legend, come back from adversity and win another Gold Logie? Hey true blue? Nah.


I’m watching more and more shows on the so-called secondary networks (side rant – if everyone in Australia has these channels, why are they considered ‘secondary’? When you sit down to watch something, you just run through all the channels)

While there is a lot of rubbish filling up the time, there are some great options which I am sure take viewers away from shows that they are tired of. Personally I would much rather watch FixerUpper than Reno rumble. Add in some decent food shows on the SBS network, and revivals of classic shows such as As Time Goes By and there is plenty of other choice. Even MKR gets recorded on Tuesday night because that is Last Man Standing night.

I agree with a lot of the comments on the ratings article. The overdramatic, ad-laden formats are now well overdone, and the actual content has to be compelling to persuade viewers to stick through the ads and the pregnant pauses.


We love FixerUpper though the aesthetic is bit repetitive.

Flip or Flop is just trashy and contrived. Reno Barbie puts zero effort in the design each week and the result is always cheap and dated.

5 Day Flip…meh…seen her schtick on Living Room and you get the picture.


I quite liked 5 day flip but I’ve only watched two epsiodes, and I could see that it could become boringly repetitive pretty soon. It is a bit weird hearing Aussie Cherie using american building terms like crown moulding, baseboards and drywall.

My favourite things about FixerUpper are 1. Chip – he has an aussie-style self-deprecating humour, 2. Jo’s styling is much more to my taste, nowhere near Block fads, and appropriate for real clients, 3. They actually show the reno work, 4. Jo doesn’t overdress for the purpose(unlike some of the other american reno shows).


Did anybody else watch ‘Hunted’ last night?

We really enjoyed it, and are now hanging out to watch the next episode. It is definitely a bit of a new concept – sort-of reality competition, and sort-of documentary, where contestants have to ‘hide’ for 28 days from authorities. They have to survive for that time without the top intelligence agents (real ones) finding them. We found ourselves cheering for the contestants, while at the same time fascinated by the methods being used to find them.

Definitely worth a try if you get a chance next week.


No reason for Reno Rumble. It made more sense when it was House Rules vs The Block. I tried watching the first episode but couldn’t focus on most of it. I don’t think I will watch anymore. At least the two couples whose homes they are renovating seem to be deserving.

brain dead dave

Well, the Reno Rumble reveals are tonight….but this is one show that won’t rise from the dead anytime soon.