I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here Now

Joel Creasey and Heather Maltman on the after show.
Joel Creasey and Heather Maltman on the after show.

The I’m A Celeb after show screens on Channel 11 at 9.30pm and is hosted by actress/Bachelorette contestant Heather Maltman and comedian/former I’m a Celeb contestant Joel Creasey who are now BFFs (so long, Chrissie Swan).

They start with a montage of the celebs politely pretending to know who each other is. More BFF banter then cut to camp and boring shots of the girls chatting about moisturiser. Yep, it’s all happening here. You can vote on Twitter or Facebook for who you want to do a Tucker Trial – if you’re a 13-year-old girl, that is.

It’s hard to do a behind-the-scenes show when nothing much has happened yet. They’re padding out the show by rerunning footage of the celebs walking down the red carpet, most of the girls baby giraffes in their in high heels. Joel makes some nicely snarky comments about Dean wearing Tarocash and the Chief looking like a tax agent.

Joel reveals Laurina is his early pick to win because she cooks and does the dishes. At camp, the celebs are struggling to play Charades because some of them aren’t into reading and kultcha.

BFFs do an awkward video chat with Merv Hughes – I’d forgotten he was in it last year. Joel says a couple of celebs are already thinking of skedaddling, 48 hours in. That must be when the clause for their appearance fee runs out.

Cut to  animal experts giving a talk about how puff adders are going to kill them all stone dead, then more filler. While Heather is finding her feet on camera I do prefer their schtick to JMo’s super ham and Chris’s straight man act. And Heather looks fab, but playsuits belong on four-year-olds, not grown women.

What do we think Warnie’s luxury item will be? I say ciggies. Apparently he’s a 40 a day man, so if it’s not smokes expect a very angsty Warney. Will he be carrying around a rock and pretending it’s a mobile phone?  Or carving a cricket bat out of a branch? A game of French cricket would  liven up the camp footage.

And that’s pretty much it. Ten minutes of footage stretched out to an hour that was really an ad for Channel 10’s new show: I’m Too Cool to Play Charades … Get Me Out of Here.


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