The Farmer Wants a Wife

Also this Monday, Farmer kicks off on Nine (8.45-9.55pm – straight after AGT). And if you hang around after, Dirty Dancing is on – well worth watching to see the dearly departed Jerry Orbach as Baby’s father.



  1. I loved Jerry Orbach on Law and Order. I also love Olivia and Munch and that new skinny one who always says the wrong thing.
    I will definitely be watching Farmer.

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    • Don’t particularly care for Lachlan’s Farmer ad depicting him as the heartbroken “husband”. I’m sure that Daily Mail will have Clare’s take on it. Is anyone doing the snarky recap?
      Jerry Orbach will always be Lumiere. :)

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      • Yes.. this is his third time on a reality dating show….! Something ain’t right. Also, ch9 must think he is really popular or something to have him on so many times?!

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        • That’s interesting Eliza. What else has he been on apart from Married at First Sight? Did I fall asleep on When Love Comes to Town?

          • He was on FWAW another time.. second time on the same show I have heard! He isn’t like-able to me?

            Oh I wish they did another round of WLCTT.. it was great! Seemed as though it was only the few of us, plus my mum, watching it out of the whole country though :(

          • No way!! I must’ve missed that season or not been paying attention to him. He seems like a nice, easygoing, caring bloke but wouldn’t be my pick either.

            Yes WLCTT was probably the most entertaining dating show I’ve seen. Remember that 36yo? girl (can’t remember her name-maybe Ainsle?) who went from town to town, got picked for dates, and no one was ever good enough for her. She said she was used to dating 18yos.

          • I wonder too, Daisy!

            Yes, CL, I remember her.. pretty sure it was Ainslie, too. She was a bit of a joke. Love the “women” on RTV dating shows who want to “settle down” but then still want to date boys. I am not even as old as her and would never want to date an 18yo!

    • Thanks for the link, Maz! You are very right about him, he is DODGY! I liked that the article had a little bit of Claire’s POV in there about him. Can’t believe he was was MasterChef in 2010 as well..!

      I don’t see why these shows keep casting him.. as Claire said, he must be good at switching on the charm when needed. I didn’t find him interesting to watch, at all, and very unlikable.

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