New Bachelor annouced

Channel 10 has announced the new Bachelor and it’s …. drum roll … Richie!

Yep, Richie the rope access technician who didn’t win Sam’s heart – despite being hilarious on the date where they donned old person makeup – and who we all thought was not polished enough to be cast as the next Bachie.

Hopefully having done the show once he’ll calm down a bit and be less nervous.
btw his Insta feed directs enquiries to a modelling agency, which offers this info:
HEIGHT: 6’2″ / 187CM HAIR: BLOND EYE: BLUE CHEST: 41½”/106CM WAIST: 33″ /84CM COLLAR: 16½”/41C
So if any sewing enthusiasts want to whip him up a shirt, you now have his measurements.



  1. Colour of personality~ beige.

    Eyes~squinty and shifty.

    IQ~ see age.

    Likes~ boring viewers, insincere convos, hiding feelings, sharing awkward moments, lying.

    Hobbies~ getting drunk.

    • I remember him, mainly because I was forced to Google “rope technician”

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  2. Not sure I like him as The Bachelor. I rather have someone ‘new’.

    Also the Mansion has a new location. If I bother, one day I will drive over and do my sticky bit.

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  3. He’s a good choice out of the last lot. Glad Michael didn’t get the chance. Richie was definitely fun when he dressed up as an old guy!

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    • Michael was so gross, wasn’t he! So relieved!

      Richie was my fave. He won me over as soon as he said “cool sticks”. I love that he is weird and says weird stuff and isn’t as “smooth” as Blake the Flake. Or as “perfect” as Tim or Sam (he and Snez are such fame whores, yuk).

      If only I had know, I could have stopped eating and moved to Bondi so I could apply! Hahaha

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  4. I just wish they’d do an Aussie version of King of the Nerds. It’s a reality show where male and female geeks compete for the honour to sit on the Throne of Games. Contestants range for mathematicians to NASA scientists to video game experts.

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