Site Maintenance Completed

Site maintenance is now completed – we have migrated to a new host that can handle the increasing load. The cutover took a little longer than expected as we had a bit of a hitch with the uploaded photos transitioning across.

We’ll keep the site theme blue for a couple of days, just to differentiate between the old and the new site, as it could take up to 24 hours for everyone’s internet providers to update and direct you to the new site.

We’re still looking at improving some of the site features, such as email notification for comment replies. If you have any other  ideas to improve the site, please comment on this post and we’ll add them to the wish list. Like a comment if you support someone’s idea – it’ll help us identify the most popular ideas.







  1. Thankyou so much Juz and Sidecar. Let me know if the pics are too much and I will cut back. Now how to make this pay for you. I will tell other tv fans who may want to join and maybe we might also know someone who wants to put some ads on.
    Anyone who has fb could let the tv networks know about your good work because afterall, you are supporting and advertising their shows.

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