I’m A Celeb – Sunday, Feb 14

Legend Erin has crossed a crocodile-infested river and warded off a lonely Warnie to bring you this recap. Thanks, Erin.

Sunday night 2nd elimination

Hi everyone, feel like tonight ep was a little dry, lots of little things happening but nothing particularly dramatic.

Julia and Chris are in their valentines best, walking across the wobbly bridge to open the show.

There is much talk about talk about changing the chores and camp leader… Shane doesn’t want to give up camp leader and all the others say what they would change or do if they got the job.  Tomorrow night, Shane is going to be de-throned and a new camp leader will be in place.

Havana talks about meeting Justin Bieber.  Apparently he tried to chat her up – she said he was like a little boy that didn’t know what to do, she suggests that he probably doesn’t usually need to do any chatting up.

Paul carries his footy around camp, like a child would carry a comfort toy or blanket.  Later on Fev and Paul were kicking it around, one of them kicks it in a bush and it got punctured, Paul is pretty devastated, he feels like he has lost a limb.

Brendan and Shane are off to a challenge, Fev is very excited – I think just to get out of camp, excitement disappears when they arrive at the challenge and realise what they have to do. They are greeted with a pool of guts and all sorts of stinky stuff, I missed how long they had to collect coins to use at the bush kiosk, stock at the kiosk includes, biscuits, Vegemite, tea bags, cheese, a new footy amongst other things.  They cover their noses and mouths with their singlets and in they get.  They manage 24 coins, deciding to get a new ball for chief, a bag of chips and some tea bags.  Back at camp, the others are all happy but lots think they should have got the Vegemite because of all the things they could have done with it.  I love me some Vegemite, but only on dry biscuits or bread for me!

Laurina, Akmal and Havana are eating fruit that falls off the trees, the others remind them the animals pee on the fruit… I’m with the others, don’t think I would be eating them either!

Tucker trial time – Creepy Callies for Jo Beth, Val and Bonnie. The trial newbies Val and Bonnie are nervous.  They have 3 telephone boxes, when the phone rings they have to get in, answer some questions for stars, of course they will be joined in the box by from creepy crawlies.  Jo Beth is first, she joined by maggots, she answers all her 3 questions correctly – 3 stars.  Bonnie next, she gets 10000 flies, she manages, 2 out of 4 questions correct – 2 stars.  Lastly Val, straight away her box starts filling up with water, she remains pretty calm as 10 crocs join her, then 10 cat fish, her feet now off the ground, and 20 snakes get in, 100 frogs – finishes with 3 stars. 

They finish with a total of 8 stars for the weekend.  Back at camp they are all pretty excited about that.

Everyone gets a card from home for Valentines Day, each has to read out a card for another camp mate, its all very sweet and they all get very emotional.

Social issues seem to be the topic of the day, they talk about choosing the sex of future children, Donald Trump becoming president (shudder) and gun controls.

Shane shares a story about gambling with Kerry Packer in Vegas (I think it was).

There’s a party at the waterfall for Havana’s birthday.  She gets birthday cards from her family and partner, a butter cake, and there are some pool toys for all the celebs play with in the water.  A waterfight ensues, Brendan says he enjoyed mucking around like his mental age!  Akmal suggested some were letting out some aggression.

Their last supper dinner for the week arrives its, wildebeast and vegie sausages.  The sausages don’t looks very good uncooked, but Fevorina’s manages to cook up a great feast.  Fev saved his koala choc from The Irwins chest challenge the other night to give to Havana, for her birthday.

Chris and Julia run into camp to tell the celebs who will be heading a back to the real world.  Its time to go… Akmal.

Akmal joins Julia and Dr in tree house.  He seems actually pretty happy to going home.  He says it was hard to get a word in some times, and he obviously missed talking, he practically talks over Chris and Julia the whole time – it was hard to keep up with what he was babbling on about.  They show a couple of highlights packages… he talks about as a comedian it was actually quite hard because, he was used to performing to a captive audience and the celebs all thought everything he said was a joke.  

He gets to choose the next person for a tucker trial.  After seeing the preview for the trial he chooses Dean.  Then its time for Akmal to get out of there.  I think he must have been keen for food because he really wasn’t listening to the directives he was getting with walking over the bridge with the fireworks or posing for pictures etc. haha!

So that’s it, until tomorrow night where we find out who the new camp leader it – who do you all think it will be? I think they’ll choose Paul.


I’m A Celeb Sun Night Recap – Eviction

Another great instalment from guest recapper Erin. Thank you, Erin!
After Chris and Julia open the show… We first see Anth tell Laurina off about some ricotta, she was looking for a spoon in their crate of cooking stuff, moved the ricotta around, Anth told her to be careful or it would leak, so she moved it on to a hot pan, so he said don’t put that there, it will melt. (As Anth described it later in the episode, he said it exactly how his mother would tell him if he was at home.)

Cut to the next day and Shane asks when the niceties might go and Havana says it has started, she tells Anth he was rude to Laurina last night, Anth takes offences so she tries to backtrack a little by saying maybe he was just too abrupt, but the damage is already done. Bonnie and Jo Beth try to defuse the situation by just reminding Havana that not everyone will get along etc. Havana just says she (and Laurina) thought how Anth has been behaving towards Laurina hasn’t been favourable. The discussion ends with Anth eventually walking off.

Courtney finally getting some airtime working out with Fev.

Back to the aftermath of Anth v Havana (and Laurina) Jo Beth tells Anth that Havana has been rude to others. Anth and JB think Havana was very out of line with what she said. Fev, Courtney and Chief come back from having been at the waterfall and get court up on the goss. Anth says he only told her off “like his mother would tell him off”. Fev tells Ant hot burn her rice tonight!

Akmal and Laurina, must go “fishing” for crocs in the tucker trial. In a croc cage, with 12 chickens attached to fishing lines and 120 crocs in the water. They have 12 mins get the cage across the water with no chickens left at the end, they’ll get 1 star for each chicken gone.

They get going, Chris and Julia help them a little… by pointing out where the crocs are. They get one chicken gone very quickly. Then 1 croc gets close but won’t take! They start tapping on the cage but it scares the crocs away. Unfortunately they end up with only 1 star. Not happy, they head back to camp.

Akmal and Laurina arrive back at camp with 1 star. Everyone tries to be positive, but they ain’t happy! Dinner arrives, its croc! They said when it was all cooked up it tasted pretty good.

Jo Beth talks to Paul about her Hey Hey and Funniest Video days and why she quit. Other than being exhausted from just being too busy, rumours came out that she had done a porno, and athough she had done nothing wrong, she didn’t like all the people talking about her, the impact it was having on her family so she just quit.

Dean and Havana secret mission – they must use Shanes dictaphone and secretly record a sound clip from each of the celebs and create a song. They get Val to burp, Akmal slaps his stomach, Bonnie to scream and apparently sounds from all the other celebs and go off to make their music.
A little later on the track is played for everyone, and they love it, they get a prize waiting for them at the waterful. Fruit juice and meat cook on a grill. All are very excited!

Last supper arrives it’s springbok shank.
There is a little chat about being the first out. Dean asks if they will upset being the first one out. Courtney (I forgot she was still there) she tells them all they should be very pound of their time there.
Time to boot someone out.

Julia has very appropriate footwear on again!
Bottom three are Courtney, Dean and Jo Beth.
Surely its not a shock, Courtney is booted.

Courtney joins Chris and Julia at the tree house. She is a little sad. Hardest was the baboons, and being stuck in camp.
They show some highlights – more footage than we’ve seen all week from her! She also mentions she struggled with not having enough food.
She gets to choose the next tucker trial, something about Ostriches, she picks Paul.

And that it until the Irwins drop by tomorrow night!