Survivor BBB – ep 3, Feb 3

Let’s start with a pic of what are now two of my fave players this season, after they both made a poor first impression:

Jungle chic.
Jungle chic.

Debbie and Aubry deserve an award for their jungle fashion sense. Aubry, that leaf head thingie is the bomb.

And now it’s over to guest recapper Rosie – many thanks for your terrific effort. I’ve now added some screengrabs and captions to the recap and a note on the preview, which implies there is a medivac.

As ever, we start after last week’s TC. Scot tells Alecia he only wrote her name down because he had promised Jenny he wouldn’t write down hers. What the …? First of all, this is Survivor, where promises are allowed to be broken, and secondly, why is he even discussing this with Alecia? I think he’s nuts.

Scot's worried face.
Scot’s worried face.

Later on, Cydney tells Alecia that Scot is a millionaire, so he should be next on the chopping block. Yeah, strong in challenges, nice bloke, works hard around camp – let’s get rid of him early! So she’s nuts, too.

Over on Beauty, Tai is bound and determined to find the idol. He finds a suitable stick to attach the tool… uh oh, he has lost the tool.

Tai's Tool Time.
Tai’s Tool Time.

Never mind, Mr Resourceful simply makes another one. And gets down the key. This is so much more complicated than the days when Russell used to find idols simply lying about on the ground.

Part of the new 50-step process to obtain an idol.
Part of the new 50-step process to obtain an idol.

Anyway, Tai eventually finds a map and then EVENTUALLY finds the idol. Then he learns about the Super-Idol. With two idols, they can be used after the vote to save someone from eviction. Hmmph! You mean like the original idols were able to be used? Do. Not. Roll, eyes. Too late…

Meanwhile on Brains, Peter is getting pissed off with Joe because he is working on his muscles instead of his … I dunno, scheming?

Don't underestimate a former FBI agent.
Don’t underestimate a former FBI agent.

How dare he try to stay fit in a game where fitness is an advantage? Liz thinks Neal is a huge risk to keep around and Aubry doesn’t like to talk game. Peter and Liz agree they’re like bosses.

Neal the ice-cream entrepreneur and Aubry the makedo milliner.
Neal the ice-cream entrepreneur and Aubry the makedo milliner.

Meanwhile Debbie says her role is to gather intel.

The camera loves Debbie.
The camera loves Debbie.

She thinks Peter feels superior, true, and Liz is scheming with him. That’s not “intel”, love, that’s plain as the nose on your face. Jeeze, you’re sending Rosie’s eyeballs riding around the room again, and her ophthalmologist has issued serious strictures against that! Stop talking about yourself in the third person, Rosie! Um, okay, me.
If we stay in the water people will think we're aqua dumping together, not scheming.
If we stay in the water people will think we’re aqua dumping together, not scheming.

Debbie wants to target Liz. Ooh! She goes to Joe to talk about working with Aubry and Neal. Sounds like fun!

Back at Beauty, there is murder afoot. Of a chicken, that is. Caleb wants them to kill a chook so they can eat it, but Tai is objecting.
10 chicken loose
This guy is getting a little bit silly with his vegetarian principles, isn’t he? Unless he can provide sufficient vegies for them to eat, he can hardly complain. Anyway, he bleats something about the circle of life and even holds it while Caleb chops off its head.

Circle of life.
Circle of life.

Then he cries. Oh for fuck’s sake. It’s a chook! Nick thinks Tai is too emotional for this game – honey, we ALL think Tai is too emotional for this game. But he makes the mistake of letting his lack of emotion show, thus making him the next potential target should they lose an Immunity Challenge.

Over on Brawn, Alecia continues her search for a clue to the HII and she finds it! But she makes the fatal error of sharing the info with Cydney, who suggests she runs back to camp for a hoe to help them dig for the box or whatever it is.

Alecia is no longer clueless - for all of five minutes.
Alecia is no longer clueless – for all of five minutes.

Cydney then digs like crazy with her hands, finds it (the map, I think) and covers it over as Alecia is returning. Bitch Cydney tells the tattooed wonders where the lockbox is buried while Alecia is in the water. Maybe doing a wee or a poo, who knows in that place? *shudder*

Jason finds the map clue and takes off.

Pity the poor camera man trying to catch Tatts.
Pity the poor camera man trying to catch Tatts.

The others chase after him but poor wee Alecia can’t keep up. She’s pretty cranky since she found the clue in the first place and says she can’t trust anyone. Well of course you can’t. This is Survivor, sweetums.

Scot and Dickface, er, TattyBountyman read the stuff about the Super!Idol! Scot is sure he can trust Dickface and I’m equally sure he can’t.


Come on in, guys. Wanna know what you're playing for? It's not my spiffy new blue cap.
Come on in, guys. Wanna know what you’re playing for? It’s not my spiffy new blue cap.

For once it’s an interesting-looking challenge. Even Mr R agreed. Our Survivors will have to jump off a platform in the ocean, swim to a boat, whence they will grab 3 bags of rice. They will then have to feed the bags of rice (that have been swooshed about through the ocean) through very narrow holes and then carried along a balance beam. Eventually they must be cut open to find 3 balls in each. The balls must then be carefully balanced onto a wall of holes thingy. Not a lot of “balls” being called out by Jeff, but it’s still fun.

The winning team, apart from not having to send someone home, will get their choice of comfort items or emotional items they brought from home.
Beauty wins and take the comfort items as their reward. Brawn comes second and Brains lose. Ha ha.


Peter thinks losing a challenge is no problem for them. They’ll just work their way down the hit list – this time it will be Neal. Liz also thinks Neal should be the one to go, but says they should split the vote with Aubry in case Neal has an idol. Debbie runs to tell Neal what Liz is saying. Oh my. Peter talks to Aubry who thinks he is being controlling and has no emotional intelligence. So of course she wants him gone. All highly entertaining. Aubry now wants to target Peter instead of Liz. Um, why? Debbie says Peter is narcissistic and overexuberant – ah. Debbie has been talking to her, that’s why.


Peter tells Jeff that they are working in 3 pairs. Aubry says it’s murky water. Peter makes me literally laugh out loud when he says he’s a pro at social interaction because he works in ER.

Aubry reacts to Pete's doucheiness.
Aubry reacts to Pete’s doucheiness.

Probst is delighted the doc is being such a tool.
Probst is delighted the doc is being such a tool.

I’m here to tell you I’ve worked with some utterly clueless Emergency doctors. What a maroon!

On with the show…

They vote: Aubry, Aubry, Peter, Peter, Liz, Liz. Yep, a tie. So they must revote, but only Debbie, Joe and Neal can vote.

Liz and McDouchey finally twig they are in trouble.
Liz and McDouchey finally twig they are in trouble.

The votes this time: Liz, Liz. Bye bye, Liz. She is pretty shocked. Peter gives her a half hug before she goes. She takes it well – wishing them all well.

She tells us she was confident she was safe and doesn’t know why she was voted out. She then says she doesn’t think the numbers lied to her – she thinks the people lied to her. Say what!? Just where does she think those mysterious numbers came from?

I’ll say it again: bye bye, Liz.

Next week’s medical story looks shocking, so if you haven’t seen or read anything about it, don’t. It may well not be accurate. My fingers are crossed.

NOTE FROM JUZ: A few more screengrabs that made me laugh:

Chicken hair Nick.
Chicken hair Nick.

Caleb's inner monologue: "Don't look at her boobs, don't look at her boobs."
Caleb’s inner monologue: “Don’t look at her boobs, don’t look at her boobs.”

Looking at the preview, I’m wondering if the man down is Caleb. We see Tai and Nick standing in the background nearby so it seems likely it’s a Beauty. I will be sorry if Caleb gets medivacced – he’s been a challenge beast and fun to watch at camp. Anyway, it’s someone with blue trunks with green crocodiles on them – will have to rewatch the last few episodes to see. And no tatts on the hand we saw, so not a Brawn.
The idol chase at Brawn reminded of the Cagayan idol dash, where Woo pinched the clue from Spencer and they all ended up at the creek scrambling for it. And then Spencer found it, put his hand on it and kept casually talking to Kass til she went away.

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I’ve just this minute sent you the recap. I am glad you’ve posted a pic, because to my shame, I have yet to figger out how to do such a thing. Dear Daisy has tried, but success has not yet been hers. Or should I say mine.


Rosie, I will do it again on my tab to see what I did. But back to tonight’s ep. I was happy with that result.


Thanks, Rosie.
To reduce pics size, you reduce on camera before you shoot. Tap camera, tap the little cog wheel, tap picture size and choose. That is on a samsung but they are all probably similar.
Now to read your post. Glad to see that smug princess get blindsighted.


Thanks again Rosie. Yup tattoo bounty hunter is a bastard. No social game there. Just all wanker.
And Liz, well she was asking for it as was Peter, just for being so smug. Good choice, brains. I was glad brawn didn’t lose the challenge because I wouldn’t mind Alecia having a chance to make a come back because Tatts is worse than her.


I haven’t deleted Survivor if you want me to do a few screen grabs Juz and Rosie.


Call me crazy….here’s my favourite. She is so loony, it’s funny.


Plotting Prince and Princess.


Suckers, got to cocky.


How dare he.


More plotting. I love this woman’s crazy face.


This guy eats little blond girls for breakfast, trips them over in the hallway and steals their lunch money. He doesn’t even bother with their names. He’s a wanker.


Wanker’s assistant.




Please, Sir. I know the answer.
This kid is a little lamb amongst wolves. At least the arm pits are neat.


This death stare deserves a post. I don’t know who she is yet.


More plotting.


I wouldn’t twust widdle Tai. 😂😂😂😂


I found the map to the immunity idol. It’s right here.

Sioux Denim

Thanks for the great recap and screenshots..I just cant get enough of this show! Each season brings out the best! Loving Deb and Alicia…hoping they cause havoc right til the end…
Would have liked to see ER Dick go tonight but the condescending Liz was hopefully just a warm up….how can they possible think they can get on in this game if they dont play the social element? Dickheads!
Speaking of which, sorry Bounty Hunter is dead to me now, he sealed his fate knicking the Idol from Alicia…wanker indeed! I am prepared to give the basketball player a second chance, cos I sorta feel sorry for those dudes who come in and threaten everyone…just take him to the merge then set him loose…but set that insensitive Nick first!


Totally agree, SD. Although it was nice to see Liz go too, knowing Obama is now sweating.


Thanks for the great recap Rosie.
Wow, that was a convoluted way to find the idol. And apparently they wouldn’t be allowed to take the box with the idol in it. That guy was a complete dick the way he ran off like that, really annoyed he has it. But I’m glad Tai has the other one. The other tribe haven’t even bothered to look for it, or not that we’ve seen.
Those rice bags would have been really heavy once they filled with water.
I wanted to know who owned the penguin stuffed toy, couldn’t see who took it. I love penguins they are my favourite animal.
A lot of people on the EW site seem to think it’s Caleb too.


Not sure if any Amazing Race fans are aware the new season started on the new 7flix channel on Thursday night. But if you missed it there is an encore on Monday night. Will anyone be doing a recap of it?


Thanks Juz.


Cheers, guys, and thanks so much for the pics, Daisy and Juz. My prose is livened up somewhat by the inclusion of pics of such charming, intelligent people (where?). 😆

Yes, I had also heard it was likely Caleb who gets medevaced but was trying to avoid spoilers. But I guess when everyone seems to know…


I should also add that I have seen that some people vow and declare that either or both Debbie and or Peter are the one/s to go. So I guess we really do need to wait and see.
And it could be Tai, but they are trying too hard to make us think that.
Either it IS Caleb, or Tai is hurt. I suspect Tai could he hurt, and as someone who is used to letting his feelings run free on the surface, he wouldn’t hother with a stiff upper lip. If a chook dies: you cry. If you are in pain: you cry.


Hmmmm, verrry interrrresting. Now I can’t wait for next week.


I will be really sad if Debbie goes. She reminds me of someone who has already been living wild in the jungle or 5 years and has gone mad.


Finally watched it. Wow. The quote of the of the day was from Liz ” we just tell the oldies to vote for Neal. Just vote for Neal. Then they won’t get too confused”. Seriously underestimating everyone else.

Nick with a bottle of bleach: