1. Hi Bold and Beautiful. Did some pics from today.
    Nicole sacrifices her body and puts her life and boyfriend on hold to bring forth a little baby Rick.

  2. What is so special about Bill Spencer, Funny haircut, weird way of speaking, not handsome …and what’s happened to Ridge?

  3. Don Diamont has the exact same speech impediment that Christian Bale has – that floppy upper lip that can’t connect with the upper teeth.

    Yes. Yes I have studied this.

  4. Oh, we were sucked in. Brooke and her silly cape were not really kissing the Horny Bill…..yet. Katie is still thrilled to have her sister close by. Ha ha.

    And was anyone else thinking, “Do some bloody work!”, when Brooke was wasting company time rehashing and rehashing, “Can we work together or will your feelings for me get in the way?” It depends how close Brooke stands to Horny Bill.

    And how long before Zende and Sasha are getting it on? They already held the camera lens together. Sorry no zoom in of them both holding the shaft of the lens. ????????????

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  5. How is it that Dollar Bill’s actor played the gardener/pool boy in Young and the Wretched (and worked his way up the economic/social ladder) when that is a crossover programme with B & B?

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    • Yeah well old Grandad who sleeps with everyone Forrester was Lance in Another World or something. As for HornyBill being a pool boy….well I hope he didn’t wear speedos because he has a hard time ………let’s just say he has a hard time.

  6. Did anyone of us guess that Sacha would come along to the door and hear what was said between Rick and Nicole?
    So many secrets have been heard through that door being left ajar.
    Now for Sacha to tell Zendae what Nicole did…
    Brooke has made sure she has Bill fit to burst, exactly where she wants him.
    Katie deserves all she gets the foolish girl. She is away with it if she believes nothing will happen between Brooke and D*+k for brains.

  7. Not on here yet, but the pot plants are another good place for hiding in to eaves drop. It’s why you should never get indoor plants.

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  8. I can’t wait until the writers have you and me get it on in a steam room, Nicole.

    (That reminds me. Where did the steam room go?)

  9. Oooo, look. A rare moment of motherhood before little Will is sent off to disappear into the boarding school vortex where all Forrester children go………even though family is very important to the Forresters.

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    • Sorry, Sara. I don’t have fb. I wouldn’t mind having a job writing this show. It’s not rocket science. For starters Caroline’s baby would turn out to be Eric’s kid, making his grandson his son and his nephew by marriage??? He sleep walked and slept with her without his knowledge. Not that it matters who the father is as it will spend its life in boarding school.

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    • I’m on to it Sara, but thanks. I love to know what’s coming up.
      Actually I have found a new site where I am able to watch full episodes for free but I prefer to watch it every day.
      You won’t believe the ridiculous storyline coming up soon, OMG!

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