Amazing Race

The current Amazing Race series is showing on the new 7Flix channel, while episodes from about four years ago are screening on various Seven channels.
Chat here if you’re watching – guest recappers welcome.



  1. This Amazing Race started differently. They are all social media stars so they all got messages from Phil while still at home & had to fly to Mexico to meet him there. Some teams seemed to know each other & were quite friendly & helped each other out. Wonder how long that will last. We’re 3 episodes behind the US. The 4th episode aired this morning our time. Hopefully if 7flix are going to be airing it from now on, they will do like GO do air air it here the night it airs in the US.

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  2. I generally don’t wait for channel 7’s shenanigans in terms of airing TAR, so I download the episodes immediately after they air in America. So I’d like to join the conversation about TAR because I love the show, but I’m about 4 episodes in, and I’d be spoiling everybody.

    I will point out, though, that no Racer named Tyler has ever lost the show. Not a one. Every single Tyler who’s entered the Race has gone on to win the darn thing. I don’t know how this one ends, but my money’s on Tyler and Korey. Tyler’s don’t lose.

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      • Season 9, BJ and Tyler.
        Season 10, James and Tyler.
        Season blind date, Tyler and Laura.
        And the first Australian season was Nate and Tyler.

        Tyler’s don’t lose. I’m standing by it.

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