1. Too bad there’s no immunity idols in jail, Mike. Your kind find it hard to “survive” there.

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  2. Eeuuww! Yep, that’s a shock. What a creep!
    I was never a particular fan of his, but would never have thought… words are failing me.
    And yes, Dave, let’s hope the other crims give him a particularly rough time.

  3. Yes and he played again a few years ago in a season with a few other medically evacuated returnees. He made final three but was regarded as a goat.

  4. I did hear that others in gaol give child offenders a particularly hard time. Can’t remember where.. probably some documentary. That is pretty shocking.. He sure is a creep.

    That series was my favourite. I just always remember Jerri (Jerry?) trying to crack onto Colby.

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