I’m a Celebrity Ep 5 Recap

Many thanks to Erin, who sent this terrific recap in while I was at the Nick Offerman show. Ten gold stars for you, Erin.

Chris and Julia open the show walking across the wobbly bridge – seriously thought Julia was going to stack it, that would have made good live TV! Ha! They cross live to the camp very quick to check out the celebs, with comments about Anthony and Fev being clean shaven for some reason …

Boredom must really be setting in. While Paul is away from camp for a few moments they set Akmal up to tell a joke that isn’t really funny but they will all laugh hysterically at, so they can gee up Paul. I feel like these mini prank moments are “you had to be there” moments.

More Chris and Julia and then we get a clip about all the Celebs missing home –the novelty of the situation starting to wear off.

Much hype about Warnie deep and meaningful with the celebs to be shown later in the episode – better be worth it!

Anthony and Bonnie chat about their respective marriages. Anthony talks about his relationship with Tim, his husband, and how they got married in NZ, and they discuss gay marriage in general.

Chris and Julia comment after this about how they are getting good, real conversations so early in the series.

Laurina’s reaction to being selected for Tucker Trial ain’t pretty! The others all give her positive thoughts. She is teary, apparently not upset but emotional. Warnie gives her a good pep talk, telling her to remain calm and to at least give it a go.

Right before they show the Tucker Trial Chris and Julia reveal they are going to show some behind the scenes footage during it, because it is vital to telling the full story.

Laurina arrives for the trial and talks about how emotionally exhausted she is. She must take getting voting in very personally. They explain she must lie in the “viper room” – basically a coffin – for 12 minutes, while 45 snakes join her. She must last 12 minutes; one star for each minute. She says she will think of her boyfriend.

Behind the scenes, they show the producers talking her through the rules. Laurina has a long-sleeved shirt on she plans to button up tight so nothing can get in. The producer is really keen for her to just wear a singlet, however, she is adamant about wearing the shirt. Not being able to convince her, they bring over Dr Chris to talk to her and, for her own safety, he basically tells her she must lose the shirt.

Back “on camera”, she gets in, lies down, they drop in some corn then “open the viper room”. She actually manages to remain incredibly calm throughout the whole thing. Seven minutes in the lights go out. After another minute or two Chris even has to tell her to her to be quiet as there is a head of the snake RIGHT near her head – she keeps talking, until Chris basically shouts at her to shut up, or something will bite! Even in the last minute two of the snakes (which both look like they would be as long as Laurina is tall) seem to be mating on her, she manages to lie completely still.

Finally time’s up. Chris and Julia are in awe. Laurina comes out just about delirious, having almost enjoyed the whole thing!

She tells Chris and Julia she meditated chanting to herself the phrase “I am peaceful, I am powerful, I am pure!”. Very proud of herself she heads back to camp. Back at camp they are all very excited to hear about the trial and look forward to a full dinner later that night!

A snippet containing much laughter about Bonnie having worn Val’s knickers! And this group seem very happy to “flaunt it” – even if they don’t “have it”!

Laurina invents a clay mask for her face – the boys think it’s hilarious. Thou Fev is seen giving his skin a quick rub, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him with a face mask on by the end of the series, ha!

Anthony and Bonnie have a chat about Versace wine glasses and whether they can go in the dishwasher. Paul stops by, with a look of agog on his face. He has no idea what they are on about; clearly there are no “Fursace” glasses in his house. They talk in depth about what kind of glass certain drinks should be served in. They tell Paul a drink tastes much better when presented in Versace or Waterford. I hope Anthony never comes to mine; his drink will taste disgusting in my Ikea crystal!

Apparently Chris and Julia have been copping flak for “canned laughter” on the show, so they show all the crew; there are lots of people in their tree house, putting the show together.

The food bag arrives. Tonight it’s angel fish and ricotta for the vegos. They seem pretty happy with the food, and give the chefs a big hurrah for their cooking efforts when it’s plated up.

Finally we get to the hyped Shane chat with some of the girls about his relationships. He and Simone still get on really well he says, despite what you read in the gossip pages. Apparently Liz and Hugh Grant are really good friends. When Shane would come back to Aust, Hugh would go for the weekend but was never around when Shane was there… The girls suggest that probably means there was more to it than just friends! He talks about not wanting more kids unless he was to fall head over heels in love with someone new.

To boost the celebs’ ego a bit they play Beat the Tweet – they must read out some tweets and have to guess who it could be about … they do pretty well with their guesses.

Time for Chris and Julia to pop in and deliver the news about the next Tucker Trial. Akmal and surprise, surprise, Laurina, will be doing Croc Bait, something about being stuck in a clear box in croc-infested waters. Annnnddd that’s all until Sunday night!

PS from Juz: Check out this tweet from Dr Chris just before the show aired:



    • I hope to catch up on this episode at the weekend but will only be able to watch the snake challenge with half an eye open. So, who do we think will be the first celebrity to go home? Dean or Courtney? Havana?

      • The dead wood have been Dean, Val and Courtney. Then Akmal. Maybe they just aren’t getting the airtime but they would if they were interesting.
        I am starting to see a bitchy diva side to Anthony. He needs another tucker trial to see if he or Laurina is the bigger diva.

        • The voting this year has changed and its sms voting to save only, no facebook or twitter, so that might effect who goes…
          i reckon it will be Courtney or Dean or Havana, they’ve had next to no airtime this week.

  1. And oh my gawd (thanks Sandii). Versace glasses. C’mon young Anthony. OK Bonnie is an aristocrat and an over 50. What’s Anthony’s excuse.
    So a tucker challenge for Anthony and Bonnie can be drinking rats wee and monkey poo mixed with lioned vomit from Versace glasses. La dee da.

    And their filthy habits left this fella fascinated.

    • Saw this on the news, thanks Juz. I get the baby spinach all the time. We had it tonight but luckily ours wasn’t the same expiry date they mentioned. Also.. I have never seen expiry dates so far into the future at Woolies?! The 14th Feb is 10 days away! We usually get 5 days or so “expiry”.

      • I dig through to the back of the shelf to get the long-dated ones, but definitely not 10 days. That’s when I’m done shaking my head at the Easter egg display.

    • Pfffft. I only buy fruit and veg at my Farmers mart. In fact I hardly shop at Coles or Woolies at all any more.
      But good way to put out the warning.

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      • I live in the land of Woolies and Coles.. Go to the one 2km away.. have Woolies, Coles and Aldi to choose from. To top it off, when the railway comes, they want to build ANOTHER Woolies 2km away in the opposite direction.. making that one only a few kms from ANOTHER Woolies.. plus a McDonalds on the corner of my street!! ARRGHH. It wasn’t that long ago there were cows on the road with all the farm land. Now it’s all houses and shops.. and we moved here to get away from the apartments of the eastern subs.. : /

  2. My favourites atm are Laurina because she is entertaining and authentic, even if she is highly strung, … and because she hasn’t picked on anyone, Bonnie because she seems good natured and is always laughing, and Oh no, how could I Warnie, because when he had an issue with Laurina, he told it to her face, but nicely, instead of being two faced. He has been pretty down to earth.

  3. I am one ep behind. My worst nightmare would be stuck in an enclosed pit of snakes in the dark. Looks horrific. Doesn’t matter that they’re not venomous, it’s just the thought.

    I too didn’t think I would- but Warnie is endearing. Like Bonnie too, Akmal, even Fev and straight answering Laurinda.

  4. Thanks for another great recap Erin. What a trooper Laurina has turned out to be. Just goes to show, don’t judge someone for not eating maggots or whatever it was.
    Same here, I hope Anthony never comes to my place, he won’t like his drink in my cheap glasses.
    They went through that canned laughter issue last year too & explained it was the crew.

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  5. Laurina did a great job, hats off to her. I think the viewers are getting back at her after the first night of refusing everything but I think she has more than paid her dues now.
    Warnie is doing a great job as camp leader and all round good bloke, no wonder he is so well liked by all those who know him. We only know what we read and most of that is his negative stuff.
    I’m enjoying Fev as well, and big Paul, the other guys are all a bit wishy washy as most of the girls are. I like Bonnie and thought it hilarious that she wore Val’s knickers.
    I think most of them are spewing that they are not getting picked for the tucker trial, as it means less screen time. Some of their faces actually looked disappointed when it wasn’t them. Personally I think Laurina is loving it.

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    • I agree Gabby, I think Laurina has redeemed herself & the public should stop picking her & choose someone else. It gets a bit boring seeing the same person doing the challenges over & over again.

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      • I have always liked Laurina because she isn’t scared to be real. Of course she has ‘special requirements’ but she doesn’t bullsh*t. Also she can laugh at herself. I have seen her many times poke fun at herself.

  6. I can’t read the comments yet as I’m only up to Ep 4 , but just wanted to say that last night I watched Warnie do that Penguin Game thing and I haven’t laughed so much in AGES! I actually had tears in my eyes. Obviously that’s my sort of humour. So thanks IACGMOOH, that was fun.
    And Daisy I even tried to put a jpeg of Warnie acting like a penguin but the file was too big!
    Looking forward to your recap Erin, thanks in advance.

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    • Oh sorry Izobel. I took a photo of it but I didn’t post it. Had I known….

      Anyhow. You can just photograph the telly with your tab, if that’s what you use.

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    • The penguin game thing was very funny!!
      I have enough trouble writing the recap while the show is going, i’ll leave the photos to others!

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      • Thanks again, Erin. I tried emailing you a proper thank you but it bounced several times. Wish I could have posted it sooner but there was no intermission at the show I went to.

        • No worries, Juz, if you still want to send something try adding .au weirdly my email address took off the .au when it sent to you. I think i’ve fixed it now…
          i actually thought i was going to be too late to make the intermission by the time i emailed it to you!

  7. I knew it was the crew laughing, the problem for me is that they are laughing at things that just aren’t funny.

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      • Hi Erin, some are still a couple of eps behind and since the vet announcement it’s pretty much a no brainer who’s going. I don’t know if the announcement was on tenplay etc.In short, I’m not sure if a spoiler should be posted.

        • ahh, yes, fair enough BDD, i am watching an encore of sorts at the moment, maybe they’ll say something when that finishes. i haven’t been able to see anything on tenplay.

  8. Apparently from the chat I had this morning with someone from Melbourne Jo Beth isn’t all sweetness and smiles little miss girl next door that I had her pinned for. She has a bit of a name for herself in Melbourne going way back to Hey, Hey days.
    I wouldn’t normally say anything but after reading that article maybe there is more to the girl.
    Will have to look out for any body language between JB and Fev.

  9. It’d be interesting to go back to the first ep and see how they greeted each other when they met.

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