I’m a Celebrity – live recap

Akmal SalehAkmal Saleh

Anthony CalleaAnthony Callea

Bonnie LythgoeBonnie Lythgoe

Brendan FevolaBrendan Fevola

Courtney HancockCourtney Hancock

Dean GeyerDean Geyer

Havana BrownHavana Brown

Jo Beth TaylorJo Beth Taylor

Laurina FleureLaurina Fleure

Paul HarroganPaul Harrogan

Shane WarneShane Warne

Val LehmanVal Lehman

LIVE BLOG (SA TIME):  Missed the first minute and tuned in to see Akmal has already arrived. Yay – he’s good value.

They are moving quickly – it’s Bonnie Lythgoe (ex-wife of Nigel Lythgoe, creator of So You Think You Can Dance). Makes sense –  she was a judge on the Aussie version years ago, which was a Channel 10 product. Was there a little bit of her contract left to use up? Yes, I watched it but I wonder if many of the other celebs did. She and Akmal politely pretend to know who the other is.

30 seconds later  – it IS Anthony  Callea, ex-Australian Idol singer. Poor lad must be sweating in that glittery jacket.

Courtney Hancock is next. Sorry, I don’t know you, champion ironwoman, but you seem nice. No-one else knows her either.

Bonnie confesses she has never slept in a sleeping bag. She is going to be the Maureen of the season.

Paul “The Chief” Harrogan is the NRL captain – hadn’t thought of him at all. He knows who Akmal is. Phew.

Here comes the helicopter … darn, it’s only Chris and JMo, who tell them they will be trekking to the camp together. Five angry blokes with pregnant bellies AKA parachute backpacks pop out to give everyone the willies. Our Famous Five realise they will have to jump out of a plane. Geez, who’d have thunk that was a possibility on a show like this. “Just think of it as an instant facelift,” say Callea. Good one, Ant. They will have to change into their khaki shirts and red pants. Luckily Ant has red dacks on already .

12 mins in: I’ll give Ten credit – they are ripping right through it. JMo is wearing a super shiny blue retro swing dress but it is it just me or does she not really look like her? I prefer her usual make-up and do.

17 mins in: Cut to pre-recorded confessionals. Bonnie does not want to share a toilet. Please, someone, make her swim in a vat of elephant poo like last year.

OMG It’s Jo Beth Taylor! Didn’t pick that – she’s ex-Channel Nine. Guess that rules out Toni Pearen then.

Yes, as we already know, it’s Val Lehman: Bea Smith from Prisoner. Jo Beth knows who she is but I don’t think it’s reciprocated.

And, it’s Fev (Brendan Fevola), to be this season’s Barry Hall. Jo Beth introduces herself as JB. Fev is afraid of snakes, spiders and, errr, mozzies.

The international DJ is Havana Brown and she knows Fev. She is kinda famous overseas but I’m tipping not many TTV readers will know her. Will find some links to her songs later.

Dean Geyer – another Idol contestant! His family moved here from South Africa years ago. I last saw him playing a buff marine type in Terra Nova, a US sci-fi series filmed in Queensland. Must be between gigs. He came third on the season of Idol won by Damien Leith (the Irish guy with the beautiful voice), with runner up Jessica Mauboy.

We were right – it is Laurina Fleure from Bachie Blake Dirty Dog season. She will be good TV.

 JMo and Chris are back. Let’s hope Fev offers to carry Val’s bag for her. They have to canoe to camp. Deano puts his tank top on backwards and has to have Fev point it out. D’oh.

32 mins in: More precorded confessionals. All pretty tame so they have to cut to a clip of a scary-looking snake. Chris has placed a wooden statue of a gazelle between him and JMo to keep her mitts off him.

The Famous Five get the speech on how a lion could eat them when they land, although there’s probably  more danger of being shot accidentally by one of the armed guard.

Val is cacking herself because Fev can’t steer a canoe and they go backwards. Laurina is the first one to say shit as she and Jo Beth capsize. Jo Beth then clocks herself in the face with her own oar. Let’s hope she didn’t smash a tooth. Havana benefits from the fact Dean looks like he’s rafted before, plus she’s not a 72-year-old woman.

We’re still waiting on the 12th celeb – is this Warnie?

 To recap, we have:






Jo Beth

Courtney Ironwoman


Paul Harrogan



43 mins in: Heather (ex-Bachelorette) and Joel Creasey, who host the after-show, say g’day. We know they are cool because Joel is wearing art curator glasses and Heather is in a playsuit.

Cut to the sky and they have to push Harrogan out of the chopper. He’s a big unit so that skydiver must have some guns. He’s packing death and fair enough – I wouldn’t do it. The River Tribe is waiting to welcome the Sky People. So we have khaki shirts versus navy shirts – is this a two tribes scenario, a la Survivor?

Poor Courtney lands a bit hard and looks shaken. Bonnie jumps and there are no creases on her forehead – it can’t be just the effect of the wind. She’s a bit teary. Akmal pretty much takes it in his stride and lands standing up, leaving Ant to sweat it out on his own.

54 minutes in: Not a lot of ads tonight – I’m  surprised. Is KFC not on board this year? Ant jumps: “I’m never, ever doing this again.” So, Ant to win?

JMo is getting more texts. HAS to be Warnie. Ok, I was wrong – it’s another ad! Ten is using I’m A Celeb to lure people into staying to watch the X Files. I’ve seen part of the first ep and, honestly, it ain’t worth it. Duchovny is just dialling it in for the moolah. Can you believe they initially fought against giving Gillian the same money as DD? Makes me even less inclined to watch.

One hour in: The core 11 celebs arrive at the first Tucker Trial, which is how they win extra food. They are dangling above vats of fish guts and offal. Celebs must use their mouths to pick up stars from boxes crawling with the usual gross insects. Akmal and Val try not to swallow any mealworms and are giving it a good crack. Box 2 is cockroaches and Bonnie does surprisingly well, beating Fev. Havana and Ant try not to drown putting their heads in a tank of eels. Box 4 is 14kg of maggots. Deano laps it up and Court does well. Laurina and Harrigan have scorpions – they’ve saved them for her, expecting her to freak.

72 mins in: Laurina smashes it and seals the win for her team. So, Sky People are going to get dunked. Akmal jumps out but is made to hop back in. It’s not that bad – their heads didn’t even get slimed. The worst bit is they know a hot shower is a long way off. The others have to tell Dean and Fev what a long drop and a short drop are. Jo Beth gives delivers the horrifying news that if they poo in the wrong one they have to scoop it out with their hands. This could lead to trouble.

They get a teeny dinner of biltong and salad. Why not give them the ingredients and make them cook it? More interesting than watching them get handed food.

85 mins in: It’s dark and the Sky Peeps finally make it to camp, looking knackered. After trying to start the fire for ages the celebs finally twig they have a flame in their lantern and can use that. Some of the dunkees burn their rank undies. Val kindly tries to teach Ant how to cook rice – he buys the pre-cooked packs at home. Tim must be the chef of the couple, or perhaps Mama Callea cooks and drops off care packages for them.

Fev thinks the jungle noises are fake. JoBeth needs a Panadeine Forte desperately. Harrogan is snoring – everyone wants to kill him. Fev snores, too.

The plane with Celeb No. 12 lands and, shock, horror, it’s Mr Yeah Yeah. But – cliffhanger – they are saving his entrance for tomorrow night.

Phew – that was a jam-packed 90 minutes. So, who do we think will be out first? Court?

I leave you with this classic from Jo Beth:



  1. Sara on other thread said Val Lehman confirmed. I don’t even know who that is. I really doubt Anhony Calea would do it. I think Akmal is quite a possibility. I still think Matt Preston as he seems a fun dude

    • She played Bea Smith ( top dog ) on Prisoner. I think she would be interesting to watch, and I like Anthony Callea too. People get annoyed with Bindi Irwin but if she was there she’d be okay with all the creepy crawlies and snakes.

      • We never had Prisoner here, so don’t really know her. I can’t imagine Bindi munging on live animals in a food challenge, it would go against her values I think

        • Your Mum probably sent you to bed before Prisoner came on Sandii. It was fairly risque for the time.
          I can see Val being a bully to Anthony. I don’t like her. I have been looking at FB and Laurina seems the most likely to do the tucker trial.

          • There’s a news report that Val has previously said she doesn’t like him. They performed in Grease together.

          • If Val’s a bully, I will hate her, AH. I thought Chrissie and Joel were bullies by attempting to create a them and us. I don’t care if people want to have a bitch, if it’s well warranted, not based on something like their looks. That’s just jealousy and a sense of inadequacy turning nasty.

  2. Looking at the celeb already confirmed, I am not sure I will bother with the show this series. I hope Val lehman sorted out her pay packet with centrelink this time around. It would be a hard gig for a 73 year old I would think even if she is out first.

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  3. Val Lehman was a definite this morning in the paper, Warne definite and the others Juz mentioned seemed to be the ones from what is being said on media. I would hate Bindi Irwin in it, Pandy. Spoilt brat imo. I will watch tonight and see from that if I bother. At least last years show I knew all of them. Akermanis is one of those people I have a total dislike of.

    • Might not be Aker – just trying to think of a player who fit the profile. Capper would be good TV but surely he would have spilled the beans. Hope it’s no-one with previous drug issues – over it.

        • He was on Celebrity Apprentice too a few years ago. He was such a slacker & was hilarious. Needless to say was fired pretty early on. I watched him on Celebrity Big Brother, he was funny on that too. He mooned one of the girls & got kicked out.

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          • Yeah, I recall now him being on CA. He should marry Gabi (Egglehead’s wife). Imagine their kids. Yikes.

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  4. I am guessing their idea of Hollywood heart throb might not be something we would agree with. I am guessing not so much. Maybe David Hasselhoff.
    Or that guy from the show with the Olsen twins. It will be someone looking for work. Or maybe someone from the original Beverly Hils 91206 (or whatever numbers).

  5. Ooh Daisy I’d like someone from 90210, I loved that show as a teenager. Ian Zeiring from 90210 went on US Celeb Apprentice recently. He was a good guy.

    • Or they could consider David Cassidy a heart throb. Or that guy from the 80s teen movies; Corey someone.It won’t Liam Helmsworth.

      BTW who DO we consider a heart throb? I have to really think about that. The young surfers who won TAR Aus a few years ago were cute.

  6. Enjoy, everyone in NSW and Vic. Another 30 mins to go here but start posting away. Those afraid of spoilers know not to look… I’ll try and do a live blog with time stamps but it will be in SA time.

    • Three cheers for Juz. Hip hip hooray. Hip hip hooray. Hip hip hooray.
      Champagne corks popping.
      Juz, this is the real lauch. Glad I was here for it. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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  7. Fev has shagged Lara Bingle. I guess that makes him a celebrity.

    His record of off field behaviour is pretty bad. Not a good choice imo. He’s gotten very fat.

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  8. Just as well they didn’t get Laurina to jump otherwise we’d have had the repeat of her doing her hair mid jump, and the vision of her cheeks flapping!!

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  9. Jo Beth – someone at Ch10 hoping she’ll spill the beans on her marriage to Thomas Muster (ex-hus).

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  10. I tuned in briefly and saw Akmal and Anthony Callea and thought “This could be good.” Switched back later and it’s just “Who are all these people?” Calling them celebrities is really pushing it but as previously mentioned lets just hope they’re entertaining.They’ll have to be good to overcome my dislike of Julia Morris.

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    • I wish Amanda Keller was the hostess. Less hammy. More natural. Julia Morris was good on Celeb Apprentice but she is hammy in this.

      • I could have sworn I heard Amanda Keller’s voice at the start before they showed their faces & got really excited, but it wasn’t her.

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  11. I’m happy with Anthony Callea, Val Lehman, Jo Beth, Laurina, Bonny Lithgow, Dean, don’t care for any of the sports people or the comedian, don’t know who Havana is. But if we hang in there intruders will come in and replace them, just like Freddie who went on to win!
    Anthony Callea and Val Lehman worked together on the stage show “Grease”, she played the school principal.

  12. I loved ‘Bea’ going down the rapids with BF. I loved that she laughed all the way.
    I will make up my mind who I like after I see them in action.
    And….not bloody Joel Greasy again.

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  13. Thanks Juz. I’d only heard of Akmal, Jo Beth, Anthony, Val, Fevola & of course Warnie. Dean was in Neighbours but I don’t really remember him. There’s no way I would have jumped out of that plane. I’m scared of heights. Poor Jo beth, whacking herself in the face. How funny was the medic asking the other girl if she did it. So I wonder if they’re in 2 teams for the whole time or just for the start.

    I never watched the X Files back then so won’t be bothering with the re make or whatever it is.

  14. So which one is the Hollywood heart throb? Did Dean Geyer do something in Hollywood.
    I think it is too early to be voting to save. I think people need a few days to warm up and begin to show their true colours
    Laurina was impressive with the scorpions.

  15. I will like the ones who are gutsy. Not like Chrissie Swan who came second by piking on almost every challenge. Havana is beautiful. She might be nice too because she said she won’t like it if people are nasty.

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  16. ‘Jo Beth delivers the horrifying news that if they poo in the wrong one they have to scoop it out with their hands. This could lead to trouble.’- Sometimes one excretion leads to another so, ya know….could be fun times ahead (throw in a bit of gastro from eating Madagascan hissing roaches, fish guts, Rhino balls, etc.).

    Where are the beans people? Are they afraid of inappropriate butt explosions first night, or shitting up the short drop in the dark?

    I don’t mind this group so far. Recognized everyone except Val and JB. Definitely leads to lots of surprises when task time arrives. Didn’t expect Laurina to dig into the roaches so well, and thought Courtney would eat up the sky dive, etc. I love watching the iron women/men’s races. They have to be tough as to do what they do endurance wise and in the rough ocean conditions. Thought big ol’ Brendan wouldn’t have a problem with a few mozzies but it’s great to see people being real and raw. Speaking of..better bring some stuffing to go in the ham’s mouth Daisy.

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  17. If they have really paid Shane Warne $3M, he had better be worth it!

    Felt for the team that had to skydive then lost the tucker trial so had the long walk back to camp also!

    Decided at the moment i like everyone except Akmal and Laurina. Poor sportsman ship from Akmal to jump from the tank full of offal-whatever it was. And Laurina, i have no time for princesses on this show. I agree with you Daisy, i’ll like the people who are gutsy, If u are going to sign up for it, u have to be prepared to at least give everything a go.

    I noticed the voting has changed this season. Twitter and facebook only for tucker trials and sms only for eliminations… that probably means a different boot order than what the viewers really want which sucks!

    p.s. is there a way on here to see which replies i have seen and which i haven’t?

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    • I was wondering about Akmal jumping from the tank – I kind of thought it might be because it was a fairly boring bit of the show and either prompted or unprompted he was trying to liven it up. I guess we’ll see when he has to do individual challenges.

        • He was funny last night when he was talking about meeting Shane Warne, his line about being in the nursing home when hes 90, and talking about eating Offal with Shane Warne and the nurses will be like “sure Akmal… now take your pills” but he will know it was real, was good!

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      • This is why i’d never be very good at recaps, i’d have the watch the episode 5 times to get it all, I’d imagine the show loses its appeal after the 4th rewatch!

  18. I knew of all the contestants except Dean and Bonnie. Great to see ironwoman champ Courtney, but I thought she was on the Ironman contest shown last Sunday? Thought Havana was a singer – turns out she’s one of these DJs who take the credit for a song they didn’t sing (like Guetta).
    Had trouble identifying the “theatrical lady” they were advertising. Was that meant to be Bonnie? I was hoping for Marina Pryor.
    Total bummer to see Warnie turn up – he’s close to the top of my all-time dislike list. Can’t stand the way that reasonable sporting talent is meant to make up for being a total git.
    I’m now torn. I was enjoying the show up to that point, and I’ve been sucked in to wanting to watch all the others. But is the penalty of Shane Warne really worth it – I don’t know. I can hope he will be chucked soon, but unfortunately people like to vote for gits because they think they are entertaining.

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    • With you on that Fijane. Cheating bastard imo. But I will still hold back a bit on picking favs until after a week or so. I hope they don’t boot anyone tonight because noone has had a chance to shine yet. Leisel got knocked out too early last year.
      I hope they don’t rig it to keep Warnie in. I think 4 people from “sport” is too many. I counted iron girl. 2 footy, 1 cricket, 1 iron woman. But then, they were probably available.
      I think the So You Think You Can Dance lady, Bonnie might get bumped first because she will be least known.
      I suppose, and hope, they will bring some more celebs next week, like they brought in Tim, Anna, Freddie and Julie.

  19. Well I was disappointed in the line-up. I recognised, Val, Jo-B, Brendan, Anthony and I thought I I knew the little comedian’s face from somewhere but as for the others I didn’t have a clue, sorry also big Paul Harrigan, who seems like a gentle giant.
    Early days to start picking out which way their character’s are going to roll. It will be great watching them unfold.
    Miss Bachelor girl is very concerned with her face, which I suppose is fare enough.
    I’m liking what Courtney has to say so far on her offside bits.
    I hope Val can hold up for her age and does a good job representing the golden oldies.
    I wasn’t too impressed with the after show, to me it was just Joel and his offsider running off at the mouth but perhaps they have to find their way so I won’t write it off yet.
    I’m looking forward to the series and hoping these mostly unknowns turn out to be good viewing.

  20. If they really did pay $2 or $3 million to Shane Warne it makes a total mockery of ‘they’re competing for $100 00 for charity’. He can walk away (without winning) with his millions and his charity gets buggerall.
    Plus it already seems he’s getting special treatment by avoiding the first challenges.
    And my final concern: Letting him loose around attractive young women – let’s hope they are sensible.

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    • Hi Carole, I didn’t have time to do a recap as I was watching MKR. I wish they’d space the show launches out! Would you like to do one?

        • I’ll make sure any recaps I do from now on I actually put the screening date on them, so you can tell what night they are for. Really they should just do Celeb on a Sunday night. It has that old It’s A Knockout vibe about it and that’s what we would watch when I was a kid (weeknights were strictly ABC).

  21. I’m a “Celebrity” virgin – didn’t watch last year… but was Julia Morris that irritating last year?
    Also feel like the hype from Ch10 in the lead up to Sunday about the celeb’s- bit of a let down.

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    • Ooooh, Mich, yes. I think she has toned it down a bit this year. Expect lots of crossing eyes, posturing, and cougar claws. And, “Aaaawww (nasal) Doctor”.

      • She certainly toned it down for the premiere. Her name came up a lot in the fallout kerfuffle over that odious cricketer cracking on the reporter. I wonder if Ch 10 told JMo to back off a bit.

        • Yes, I noticed that she has toned it down too. And I think that Ch 10 altered which promos they showed after the Chris Gayle storm-in-a-teacup.
          But watching JM, I’m super aware that she is deliberately hamming it up, probably told to do so by the producers. It is so over the top, that you can see behind her eyes that she is laughing at the whole charade.
          Having said that, their best segment so far was immediately after Fev was talking about depression/rehab. CB and JM then spoke normally and with some intelligence, and it was refreshing.
          I do find JM funny, but I know she is a smart person and a good actress as well.

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