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  1. Hi all. I’ve managed to register – yeah! But I’m not sure that my attempts to create an avatar worked. I got the picture onto Gravatar, but how do you get it from there to TalkingTV?

    BTW, thanks for everyone’s efforts. It’s not easy to do anything like this on the computer.

    • I think you are the first person to swear on the new site, Sandi – round of applause. Lol. You did it – that should be the end of logon faffing.

  2. Good job Sandii and Fijane. I had Woolif pretty much spoon feed me through it.

    I have’nt worked out how to successfully post a photo yet, but I like that we can do this: ☺????????????????????????????????????????

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  3. Well howdy doody!!
    Happy Oz Day! I think I’m in!!
    I’m home from Goolwa, the bags are all in the hallway and I’m logging on to my emails to get my 37 attempts to register out of the spam folder!!
    Now to sort out a butterfly or similar like All Happening!….. So excited to be here!

  4. Hi Bella. I look fd to see what you choose for your avatar. Make sure you make a big splash like all happening.
    You might get a bit mad at gavatar. I suggest complying with their password, or part password. ????????????????

  5. Good luck Juz and Bella with the little baby boys starting ‘school’ this morning. I hope it wasn’t too painful I suppose you took some adorable photos.

    Juz, can I be a pest and say that I am having trouble reading “recent comments” to find where I am up to because the names and posts are all mooshed together. If the names were highlighted, or there was one line each it would be clearer, and easier to check for new comments. Other than that, it’s brilliant.

    • I agree, Daisy – it IS hard to read. Will see what Sidekick can do but may take a coupla days. He has man flu ;). Kindy isn’t til Monday – I’ll be posting a photo if he will stand still long enough!

      • Thanks Juz. I have been out gallivanting all day and just came in and saw. Much appreciated by the old lady eyeballs. ????????????????

        Hubby was naughty so I bought new shoes. ????

    • It’s something I’m working on, Fijane. I know it would be great to have. Mr Juz has a man cold so hoping for progress at the weekend.

  6. Hooray, I can log in again. Cooeee. Thanks for your help, Juz.

    3 grandkids here for the day. A quiet tv moment for them now. I wish I could put a photo ofvhow adorable they are.

    • Awesome. I know their parents would be delighted you had them for the day – my Mum just left after a two week visit and we are missing her already:)

      • Often Juz. There are three lots of grandkids so no sooner one lot have gone, the next are here. And sometimes in unison. 8.30-4.30 today; the 3yr, 5 yr and 7yr olds.

      • Zirconia looks bigger than the rock Mariah Carey is packing.

        Daisy hasn’t seen today’s B&B ep yet? You’ll love it. Surely no one can survive electrocution like that?

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        • I wonder if celebrities like Mariah actually consider that spending millions on a ring is very pretentious or are the so out of touch with reality?

          • Sandii, I have read some over the top behaviour by Mariah. Just over the top diva behaviour like she won’t get out of the limousine at the hotel until they roll out the red carpet and have candles along the sides. Good luck to Jamie! She will surely know how to waste his $$$$

          • If Mariah loses the ring in her cleavage, it will take a team of miners to find it all over again.

            She didn’t choose Jamie for his looks. Just sayin’

            He could have gone on Millionaire Matchmaker. (on 9 Life).

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      • Looks perfect on my mobile so don’t panic. I’ll add “posting smaller pix” to the wish list.

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  7. Yes, the photos are huge. It makes you feel like a blog hogger. ????

    Hee hee. Do you think Woolif will mind. Never mind, I once used his photo to scare off an internet romancer. It worked.

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