MasterChef Sun: four-course meal

In this mammoth elimination challenge, the contestants discover not only will they be cooking a four-course meal for the MasterChef judges, but for six of the hottest chefs in the country.

Soooo, only hot chefs are invited? What about just average-looking ones?

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big h

I know it’s Jock and Andy’s job, but geez I wish they’d shut up and stop trying to put the contestants off their cook.

big h

Hmmm – I think the right person went home.


I agree


Agree. Long overdue for me.


I agree, too.

big h

Reece was very entertaining, Juz, but I think he ran out off puff weeks ago.


I think whoever got Vegetables was going to go home


I fear it will be Callum next. Emelia is getting a very positive edit and has been on an upward trajectory for a while now.


I am really hoping it is either Callum or Emelia for the win. I am unable to warm to Laura.


Me too Sandii – yet I admire her cooking and I feel mean for thinking it. I would love Callum to win, but I can’t see it. Emelia is great – I love her dry sense of humour. Surely Reynold is not versatile enough for the win, even though he has done some incredible dishes. If I had to tip it would be Emelia, but my heart wants Callum! So it will probs be Laura then. . .


Same sentiment as you Brussellsprout. Reynold is exceptional with desserts but I want some desserts that we can bake at home. Callum has some lovely dishes which could be replicate at home.


I think it was Reece’s time to go, though that said, I thought the judges were very inconsistent last night. While Reece’s pairing of beetroot and goat’s cheese was judged to be safe and clichéd, the same could have been said about fish with fennel and what about lamb, mint and peas? Those were instead called “classic”. You get the feeling that Reece could have pulled out the best vegetable dish on the planet and he was still going to be the one going home.

And as for his not doing enough with the vegetables, I laughed as the judges had previously wet themselves with excitement when Slimy served up a wedge of charred cabbage, letting “the flavour speak for itself”.

I was impressed with how clean and organised Laura was, but like many of you, I just can’t warm to her at all. I’d like to see Callum win as well because he’s the most versatile of them all, knows his flavours and is warm and funny. I think Reynold is extremely talented and focused, but not an all-rounder in the same way as Callum. Like Brusselsprout, I think based on the warm and fuzzy edit Emelia is getting that she is the chosen one.


I don’t understand the comments about Reece cooking vegan when he used goat’s cheese and that is NOT vegan or did I miss him making a vegan style goat’s cheese (I don’t think so.)
Laura’s dish was not innovative and yet the judges raved about that whereas they criticized Reece’s use of beetroot and goat cheese. He was destined to be eliminated any way even if he had created an amazing vegetable dish. Maybe he should have made a vegetable tart. 😉
My favorite two are still Callum and Reynold but I think it will be Laura vs Emelia in the final. Friend vs Friend


They have been promoting about how buddy buddy Emilia and Laura. They knew each other since they were in schools.

So it is a good promo about best friends in the finale