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Good to see Callum taking on board the judges comments from last night. Keeping it simple….not.


Poor Callum is trying too hard. He needs to simplify things


Jesus, Callum, settle down.

And Laura should shut the hell up. I’m tired of her face and her mouth flapping.


Am I the only one who thinks that at this stage of the competition that it should be a blind tasting?

I really enjoy watching Reynold work. He is so clean, quietly spoken, methodical and very creative. I would have loved to eat his Chawanmushi. If they are well made, they are silky, smooth and so delicious.

Laura cooks well but the monologue about how last time she was the first in the semi-finals was boring the first time and hugely irritating by the tenth repetition.

Emilia was rather one dimensional tonight – not her dish, which was very pretty, clever and interesting. But more her demeanor. It seemed rather flat, though she may react to stress by shutting down within herself and just getting on with things. I’ve never heard of compressed choux before and the dessert sounded wonderful – I love strawberries and rhubarb together. It’s the season here for both fruits at the moment and I’ve been indulging while it lasts.

Callum was a bit “Mad Scientist” tonight and his dish really lacked that finesse that we’ve seen before. Less is very much more! Looking at the edit he is getting, I’m thinking he’s the next to leave.

brain dead dave

Hell yeah, blind tasting……..but how then would the show be able to show the favoritism to Laura it has? Jock the joke said “No favoritism” I say hogwash.


Callum is definitely getting the Next to Go edit. Bugger. I figured he probably would but even so. . . bugger.
Mind you, I liked his chutzpah in the Be First or Last thinking – that is a great attitude. Sadly, he went too mad scientist (! love that line) and didn’t get a tasty dish.
Compressed choux looked simply amazing and was CLEARLY the best. wow. I am still getting strong Emelia for the win vibes from her edit.


Callum looked very defeated after the judges’ comments. He is trying to be too clever, though, overthinking things and putting too much on the plate. Almost think that he is just trying to have fun and experiment and making that a priority over getting to the finals. I would like to see him in the finals but I think he will be eliminated next.
At least what he presented was interesting. Laura’s dish was boring. Fish and some veggies.
Never heard of compressed choux and Emelia’s dessert looked yummy. If she had just made a regular tart shell I think Reynold might have won the challenge. However, even though it was compressed it’s still just more choux pastry by Emelia.


I still don’t believe in blind tasting. Sound good but the judges always know who cooks what. Producers will let them know beforehand. They may pretend it is blind tasting but it will never be.