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For mine, if they didn’t have to make a dish coloured as per their colour choice what is the real challenge for them as cooks? Really.
Poh was the only one who didn’t make any real effort to create a ‘coloured’ dish. Sbe made one of her family dishes. The other’s made the efforr to make an effort to deliver on the colour they chose.


Exactly. Makes no sense.


Basically…cook whatever you want. Color didn’t really matter, could make up whatever story they wanted to in order to fit with a color.


Not white for pasta? Wow.

They are still wearing gloves wrong. Using one glove is pointless, unless you only have one hand.


All the challenges are almost like cook what you like. Sometimes it is difficult to compare. I thought Callum dish should have been chosen. He tried a new dish whereas Reynold has made his 1001 time.


I didn’t think they would choose Laura. Thought it would be Callum, Poh and Reynold.


Oh deary me, George:

Sorry I haven’t been watching lately as I find it all a bit boring at the moment with these covid-inspired non-challenges, plus the sunny weather here is calling my name 🙂


Love lemon pies, lemon bars and lemon tarts and although that tart looked delicious it’s just another tart by Reece….boring.
If he is in the finals would he make an entree tart, main tart and dessert tart? Don’t think he will make it to the finals, though.


I agree. I feel while I would happily eat one of Reece’s innumerable tarts, he has peaked now. The only thing I hesitate over is his sugar balance – I felt the judges were saying in the creme caramel that it was too sweet. Someone like Poh or Emelia seems to understand more that too much sugar can be too much sugar and they hold back.

I agree with t
I’m sensing he is getting the ‘Not long for this world” arc, but then, so is Callum. Emelia is getting lots of positive edits so she is either going home next or going to the end. Laura seems assured a place and I don’t think this is necessarily wrong – lots of her food looks delicious and she has toned down the pasta whereas Reece has gone hard on tarts.

Has anyone noticed that Laura is big on the Australian adjective? Loads of “bloody” talk!

I agree with you Symthe – Callum was not rewarded for trying stuff, but I do think Laura’s dish looked good too. Mind you, I really like Callum and so am probably prejudiced.