MasterChef Wed – photo inspo

The contestants lift the lids of their mystery box to find a photo sent by their loved ones. The contestants have 60 minutes to create a dish inspired by the memory in their family photo.

If there isn’t a photo of a nonna grilling homegrown veg over a hibachi, I say we riot.

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brain dead dave

You beat me to the first Nonna gag, Juz

Some of the food will make a nonna gag, I’m sure.


But not his love for Reece.
I like Reece. I don’t love Reece.


Poh it up to her nonsense again. Making 2 dishes again. Then didn’t turn on the pressure cooker.


hibachi back in play….


So it’s basically cook what you want, as long as you can relate the photo to your dish in some minute way. Simon will do cabbage, Laura will do pasta, Poh will cook 18 different cakes….

I mostly like the rest of them and don’t care what they cook.

No doubt there will be tears galore. In fairness, if this was filmed at the beginning of lockdown when we were all stressed, some may have genuine concerns about family members or friends. At least they’ll wash up after wiping their snotty noses on their hands.


They do. All of Reynold business have to close. Even his mum since she supplies to cafes.

Laura, Khanh and Callum own restaurants and cooking school too. All have to close.

Same with Poh


Inspo. Jesus, Andy, get yourself a dictionary and a thesaurus.


How very sad for him. I hope he felt he nailed her cake.


Well, Reynold’s and Khanh’s stories made me tear up. And their dishes made me salivate. Damn, Reynold is talented. Jock asked him to repeat the components and Reynold just listed this and this and this like it was no big deal.


This show is a reminder that we could be kinder.
Don’t we love Melissa?
Could we get rid of the white dude judges and replace them with people who can actually cook? And/or especially communicate?
Adam Liam, Diana Chan, Julie Goodwin (2 women judges – how novel). Sashi Cheliah. OMG, all winners, all minority groups. It’s not like they didn’t have choices.
I know Jock can cook but he has the personality of fly paper. An irritant. I hope they haven’t signed him for three years.
And I know we don’t like backstories but, if you are going to do backstories, this is the way. No passing mentions of nonnas but the real thing. A small tick to producers. I like to give credit when I can.


I agree Bobi. I thought I would hate this because of the dead nonna angle, but this was really nicely done and I feel for the contestants at this time of maximum stress in the covid cycle.
Melissa does this stuff so well. I have warmed to her completely after not really being on board. Callum and his dad. Yikes. Khanh’s refugee story. You can see about Reynold’s work ethic. A surprisingly good episode.


Based on what I read here, I decided to watch this episode. I’d normally skip something like this, but kudos to the production team as this was really well done.

It was quite touching to hear about Callum, Reynold and Khahn in particular. Coupled with the covid situation, it brought back memories for me of the stories my own grandparents told of when they quite literally fled with nothing as the Nazis stormed into their village. When you look at people who suddenly lose everything overnight, it shows you that nothing is permanent. You can work hard all your life to build something up, to create the illusion of security and then in a heartbeat it’s taken from you. Everything gone.

Great episode. And I’m in awe of what these talented people managed to dream up and then cook in only 60 minutes!