MasterChef Tues – Kirsten Tibballs

Queen of chocolate and guest chef Kirsten Tibballs reveals that, for the pressure test, the contestants must create her wow-factor dessert, the meljito.

You can watch a video how to of her making it on Insta – and, yes – dome moulds are involved.

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I don’t like these pressure tests. They’d be interesting and fun to watch if contestants were given a reasonable amount of time to make the 187-step dessert, but the time limit is usually something ridiculous like 2 hours.

I think I’ll watch Who Do You Think You Are and Insight. But I might switch over during ads to watch Simon struggle, because I think he will.

Laura is not cooking tonight. I think she is a nasty little snot and she gets more unlikable as the series progresses.

brain dead dave

The viewing on ABC2 tonight was stellar, It $hat all over this.

Emelia got this in the baguette. I’ll watch the encore just to watch Simon try and put that thang on a hibachi.


I watched the first few minutes to see details of that bad boy. Once it was cut, I don’t think it looked very appetizing, more a mish mash of stuff. Not a fan of white chocolate, so I won’t miss this ep.


Agree Juz. I baked myself a cheesecake brownie. So comforting, dark chocolate and cheese


Where did Jock get that suit from? The upholstery department? The horse blanket section?

I don’t like chocolate, so the dessert did not appeal to me at all. The sheer amount of white chocolate they each needed was sickening. Nope, never ordering that. And surely a madeleine has a distinctive shell-like shape – it’s not just the cake mix, but the shape of the tin which is what makes it a madeleine. I can see the French being incandescent with rage 🙂

On the other hand Reece and Jess doing the fantastic Brendan Fan Club dance was great 🙂 And Kirsten Tibballs was so lovely and helpful to everyone – unlike Jock who just kept saying stuff like “You look really frazzled” – about the most unhelpful thing you could say to someone already under pressure. Knob.

Emelia was cool, calm and collected throughout and deserved the win.

Tomorrow’s episode looks like a tear fest – maybe I’ll skip it as that sort of thing gives me the willies.


Very obvious who was going to win immunity. I enjoyed watching Emelia work and the win was well deserved. I like when Kristen Tibballs is a guest judge. She is always supportive and kind.


I agree Smythe – she is a really good guest judge – pleasant and helpful! I just wasn’t super interested in the challenge, as it wasn’t something that I thought I would like to eat. I hate white chocolate though, so that might have been unduly influencing me.
No one else came close – Emelia was clearly the only one. She is getting such a positive edit lately!
I wonder how much Covid will alter Masterchef – clearly no public events or mass gatherings.


I also don’t like white chocolate but for the fancy dessert, you can do wonder with white chocolate. They can be colored.
I won’t be making this. Just imagine how much wastage. Just dip the white chocolate shell in a big bowl of white chocolate. What are you doing to do with the rest?
Same with those mirror glaze. Its lovely but so much wastage


I, too, am a white chocolate hater. So I looked it up.
14% of people prefer white chocolate.
They are all wrong.