Australian Survivor: penultimate episode

How can this be the second last ep? What are we going to watch to distract us when Coronavirus is in full swing over the next few months?
Finale is Monday night with reunion show hosted by Osher afterwards.

Don’t miss the Jury Villa episodes on TenPlay. (They call them Ponderosa videos in the US version.)

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Scott Morrison interrupted my broadcast, tonight, to announce a bunch of things I thought he’d already announced last night.

Who got ousted? It was Brooke, wasn’t it?


Correction, tribal was interesting because Sharn bit back hard when Brooke tried to quote her.


Yes after much filler with fake discussions going on to try and convince us that Brooke had a change, Brooke was voted out.


Ah. See, that’s what annoys me about the end game … when the show contrives to make it look like everybody’s changing their mind, just to fill half an hour of screen-time … but you damn well know who’s getting voted out. At least if Brooke had won another immunity, it would’ve been interesting to see David getting ousted.

Right. The fun is next episode. If David wins, he’ll take Sharn. If Mo wins, she’ll take Sharn (because I don’t think either of those two would want to be sitting next to each other). And if Sharn wins, who cares? Whoever she picks will be half a million dollars richer by the end.


I think Sharn could actually beat Mo. Mo’s only real claim to fame is that she thinks she stole Dave from Phoebe. I think that’s gonna be a seriously unconvincing tale for the jury and Mo could end up getting filleted by Sharn as neatly as Brooke was.


I still feel like there’s going to be a couple of lingering grudges against Sharn (given the sheer number of people she lied to their face and then betrayed them, literally, a minute later) from the jurors.

Plus, her begging them not to go to rocks? Mad props to AK for forcing her into the corner, but that screamed of desperation and cowardice, and the whole jury saw it happen. I doubt they’re going to forget that.


We will prolly never find out because Dave has outperformed Sharn and Mo at endurance challenges in this season.


It is possible that Sharn might have some good resume items, but judging on their public speaking ability, I suspect that Mo would be far more convincing. Sharn has shown, not only last season, but when challenged at TC, that she gets flustered easily and defensive, and forgets to present her achievements convincingly.

Mo, OTOH, has nailed her answers at several TCs, neatly turning negatives into positives, carefully not alienating anyone or laying blame, and keeping her mouth shut when she should. Even more telling, she primed the jury last night, by promising them a good show when she lays her resume out before them. She layed hints that there were secret moves yet to be told.

I don’t know if Mo will be at the final TC, but if she is, I expect a very polished performance.


Those moves are so secret they have been invisible to the audience.

daisy 🌼

And Windsong, Sharne would pat herself on the back for her excellent play, but everyone want to take a loser.

daisy 🌼

Damn. I timed over and still missed the tribal. I’m glad it was Broome but I like that they kept us guessing.
I’m surprised they kept weaselly Sharn to this point given she has shown herself to be untrustworthy along the way. I suppose she’s the goat. And she’s been riding on the coat tails of the strong alliance. She points her nose in the air when talking, which is no crime but it makes her look like she has a snout.


It was a great episode until the challenge ended.


I’m not 100% convinced that Dave was quite as weak in the Brooke challenges as he appeared.

On Day 40 when Jacqui was voted out, the score for individual immunities was Shonee 2, Brooke 1, David 1, Sharn 1. Brooke then won 3 challenges in a row and David was safe because he was the only threat to Brooke. Brooke did not look like a challenge beast on Day 40.

On Day 47, the next time David absolutely needed to win, he won. Along the way David lost a puzzle challenge when we know he is very strong at puzzle challenges. All he did was look confused and shove pieces around.

That’s not proof David was relaxed about losing to Brooke while she was shielding him, but it is interesting.


LOL Alan. I was very tense until the GG achieved. Then it was a foregone conclusion. Even Sharn realised it would be stupid to take Brooke.


They could have spent more time on the challenge.

I did like seeing what Brooke was trying to lay out in the scramble. At least she didn’t curl up in the corner and cry. She tried every possible argument, and who knew, maybe she could have got the chink in the armour. You can’t know unless you try, and with the mad game Sharn has played, maybe she just might have turned again?