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I can’t handle these super-stressful Tribal Councils, I really can’t.

The second AK got up, to talk Harry out of using his advantage, I just found myself shouting at my TV, “DON’T TRUST AK! WHAT ARE YOU, CRAZY?!”

I thought, for sure, it was a con … but it turns out, AK was telling the truth, and Brooke’s initial plan was still the go. I still Harry’s nuts for trusting AK, but he survived, and he’s guaranteed to survive the next one (because he had to use the advantage either today, or in the next tribal council, so if they lose another immunity, he’s guaranteed a stay of execution, at least, for a few more days).

But I’m so glad that Harry lived to fight another day, I don’t care about the rest of it. I also think it’s smart of him not to tell the others what he was doing. It’s not an idol, but all they know, it’s something even worse.

Meanwhile, Brooke did seem smugly satisfied at knifing Flick.

daisy 🌼

I think all of Australia was screaming, “Don’t trust AK”. Even Shonee asked Harry, “Are you sure? Why would he be so determined”. She had a good point.
Not sorry it was Flick, although she wasn’t annoying this season as she was in her previous season.


No, Flick was basically a non-factor so far. We’d heard, maybe, three words from her since the start of the game.

The fact that Flick and Phoebe were ousted, one after the other, really makes me think they were, in fact, the same person.


I think Sharn is flipping her support so much because she’s been playing both Flick and Phoebe as well as herself. The costume changes and multiple roles have just been too much for her.

daisy 🌼

Dave needs to pretend that he trusts Share or she will ‘flip’. It’s not really a flip when you haven’t chosen a genuine alliance.


I say it’s a flip when you promise to vote X and vote Y instead.


You know, I was thinking about Sharn’s game today … and I really think it was Nick’s advantage that really screwed her game-plan.

She voted “Mo” to keep her alliance (of Nick, Lee and Phoebe) happy … but it was a tie, thanks to Nick’s extra vote. Sharn didn’t know about Nick’s extra vote, and without that extra vote forcing the tie, then Phoebe goes home, while Sharn gets away with voting “Mo”, staying true to her alliance while letting David and Mo get what they wanted (Phoebe gone).

But Nick’s advantage forced the tie, which literally forced Sharn’s double-dealing into the open.

brain dead dave

I thought Sharn again voted “Pheobe” with the Crown Prosecutor spelling panache the dead giveaway. Could be wrong.


Windsong, that was the pitch she made to them afterwards, and in a lot of ways it makes sense. But in the snippet shown when she wrote Mo’s name, she said something about going back to Mo because she was rattled about what Dave was trying to achieve by showing the idol.

So, now, I don’t know if the explanation is the truth, or her justification to get her out of trouble with Dave and Mo. And I am not convinced that the two are buying the explanation, especially as she could have told them in advance that was her intention and why.


Brooke’s satisfied smile was a replica of Flick’s, as shown in the clip of the previous season. I thought Flick was quite gracious about it, and acknowledged that she would have moved first if she hadn’t been so effectively lulled into complacency. It feels like underneath they really do like each other, and that the need for revenge was quite “friendly”.


I was out. Who went home? Was it flick?



There was some tension. If Harry thought he was going home, he could’ve used an advantage (he found, earlier in the episode) to essentially kill tribal council and make sure nobody goes home. He almost did, but AK stopped him at the last minute, promising him that they were on the level, and everybody had voted for Flick.

Although I would never, in a thousand years, trust AK, it turns out he was telling the truth, and Flick got blind-sided, thusly Brooke had her revenge.


You’d think the rules would stop AK actually telling the truth. That sort of behaviour is beyond the pale.


“And it was a ruse.”

I thought that as well. It wouldn’t have mattered, since if it was a ruse, Harry was going home, and any advantage he could’ve played would’ve been a moot point.

AK’s logic is sound, but it sounds like his ego was slightly bruised that the editors didn’t give him the props he deserved for orchestrating Flick’s ousting. I mean, there was plenty of footage of him on the beach saying to the other players, “We need to get rid of Harry”, so I guess he changed his mind?


AK and Harry are tweeting out a metagame that does not make a whole lot of sense.


Lots of interesting “what if..”s from that episode. I understand AK’s tweet above about keeping Brocky and Harry/Shonee (Honee, Sharry??) as shields, but how did he know that he needed to stop Harry playing the advantage? Does he actually know what the advantage is? Otherwise, he has made a dangerous, social-play move, because his own alliance must be wondering how much he knows, and why did he stop Harry?

If AK did not know what the advantage was, then surely the logical option is to let Harry burn it off unnecessarily. The advantage only needed to be stopped if AK knew what it was. Of course, AK could be trying to build trust with Harry to pull through to the early stages of merge. Certainly, Harry would be quite grateful now, but with Harry you never know if the feeling will last.


Locky’s comment about “getting rid of the weaker players” was a good laugh, but it rebounded in the challenge, as there were no strong guys to tap out for him on the catapault. Green team had three who could share the load.

Yellow are strong on endurance, but thankfully not all challenges will be those types. Last night was a big drop back to reality, after the illusion that they didn’t really need Mat, Tarzan or the strong women.