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‘As I like to call him – the rocket man’ !!! I spat my coffee!
Disappointed we don’t get to see the start times for the teams.


“Out on the water, I could see that it was just us versus the nuns.” That’s one of those great sentences that you get to say while you’re running the Race.

As a long-term TAR viewer, it’s still interesting seeing the differences between this show, and the parent American edition.

Normally, pit stops between legs are 12 hours, but that can often change through unforeseen events or production issues, and can be 24 or 36 hours. They didn’t give the times that the teams left Seoul, merely, their placement … but some of the teams checked in, well after sunset, last episode (and then departed today early in the morning, because they cover a fair bit of terrain, today, and it’s still sunny when they reach Beau at the second pit stop) so I imagine it was 12 or 36 hours there.

The fountain counting task is a very old-school Race task. Basically, it functions as a delaying tactic, giving the teams something to do while the production crew races on ahead, and sets up the challenges later on.

As the Instagramers struggled to count properly, you just know that they are going to be the team who gets eliminated through their own over-confidence. Some of the teams are going really well, and deserve the props, but the two Instagramers are congratulating themselves on how awesome they are, despite the fact they’ve spent two legs, now, at the very back of the pack.

The scenes at the DMZ were quite touching. My parents visited there, at the start of the year, so I have photos of my family members on that old abandoned railway station, near the fence of ribbons. I liked that the Orange Footballers took some time to pay their respects. Not only are Tom and Tyler really strong, capable Racers (as well as blisteringly good-looking), but they seem like a decent pair of humans, and that’s alwas nice. And at least they had the time to look around. The nuns made the classic mistake of taking *too* long to sight-see. While I appreciate their intent? It’s a Race. You don’t want to be adding a delay when you’re already at the back of the pack.

The drone soccer was one of those tasks where it was probably easy, once you got the hang of it. The Tiny Asian Siblings seemed to pick it up, easily enough, but the nuns were there for 90 minutes. Eek!

That boot camp, though? Man, I do stuff like that for fun (and the one here on the Sunshine Coast, the tree-top obstacle is a good four or five storeys above the ground). That looked like a blast. The mud seemed, well, awful, but everyone seemed to take it in good stride (except one pair of the newlyweds, who got some of the mud in his mouth and reacted appropriately … and his partner, who couldn’t stop laughing). I can’t imagine the cab drivers appreciated the mud, though, afterwards.

Did the Instagramers messing with the nurses cause the nurses to fall back to the bottom of the pack? Possibly, because they were ahead of the Instagramers but turned around to grab the two extra tires. I believe the Instagramers didn’t do this deliberately (although they did benefit from it), but the Instagramers seem *barely* competent at, well, anything. So I don’t think listening to them should be high on anybody’s list of priorities.

And so, for all that (and wasn’t that river and hillside Korean pagoda just beautiful? This is why I watch the show, right there) … it came down to a foot-race. The nurses beat the nuns, racing up the stairs. The nurses are a bit of a disappointment, so far. They seem like a fit, capable and intelligent team, and I was really expecting them to be early leaders.

I do feel for the nuns, too. They really couldn’t have done much else different to get there. Still, the nuns seemed like a couple of sweet old ladies who were gracious and kind in defeat, and seemed to really enjoy their brief holiday to Korea.

Another good episode. Beau is still … Beau. He’s still a bit too enthusiastic, and I could do without the running commentary. Interesting he toned down the hugging, when the teams showed up to the mat dripping with orange mud.

Next episode, Vietnam!


Great summary. My only point of disagreement is that I believe that the instagrammers were deliberate in the tyre situation. Not through malice for the nurses in particular, but because they seem to want to take every opportunity to deceive or delay any team they come across. Possibly just a love of mischief, but I find it an unattractive trait. This was the third action in two episodes – telling the teams coming down from the tower that they would have to go up again, stealing the dumpling, and now the tyres. They play fast and loose with the truth whenever they can.


I thought they have to get all 4 tyres to the next destination. If intagramers have not told the nurses, they will have to run back to get the 2 tyres. Then the nuns would not have been last.


Littlepetal, they only needed one tyre each. But the nuns lost time sightseeing and praying. They could have beaten the nurses had they not fiddle-faddled around. They were good at rafting though. The nurses learned that in real life, the hare does beat the tortoise.
I thought the boot-camp loomed fun, especially the mud. And, oh no, it looks like we might have a crier.

Sioux Denim

They only had to take 2 tyres, so just one each ….all of the teams beforehand only took the one.
I didnt like that Sid shaking the rope on that girl, although his partner thought it hilarious…i guess they are just this season’s villains and will be around for a few eps more.
Yeah, the nurses have been a tad disappointing, they certainly look the goods!


Did this episode go way overtime? Our recording cut out before the end despite a 10 minute buffer. I can’t understand why a prerecorded show is not accurately stated on the epg.

Looks like wikipaedia confirms what I suspected – that a tight budget means less variety of locations. I hope they don’t have any more pairs of episodes of the same country.