Technical issues TTV

Hi all, thanks for everyone who let me know the site was down.
We’ve had some problems with our web hosting but (fingers crossed) are back now.
Mr Juz has had to disable the “like” so you’ll just have to comment to show your appreciation instead.
If the site goes down again, there is a Talking TV page on Facebook and I will post updates on there until it gets going in. Cheers

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Hey, Juz I have just noticed that you have put the “Categories” into a list. I like it. Sorry if it was done ages ago, and I have been blind.


I’m with Fijane, I quite like that as well.


Thanks Juz.


I was very worried we weren’t going to be online during the End of Survivor!
thank you for restoring services – big shout out to Mr Juz as well.

brain dead dave

Yes, thank you for keeping things rolling. The site never seemed down here in Adelaide just very slow for a couple of days.

A minor point , I can’t vote in the Survivor Poll and the Polls Archive page doesn’t seem to be working. I voted Janine anyway and she crashed and burned.

brain dead dave

No , Juz.


Omg, I went to ‘like’ this comment. It’s so second nature.
And then I was going to click on an ad as a mea culpa. No ads? Is that just me?

brain dead dave

Laptop for me. It’s alright, soldier on.