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Good decision.
And not a surprise to anyone.
They used her and now they don’t need her.
I wonder if she can see her stupidity, watching herself back, or whether she is full of self-congratulations.


I actually was surprised. As soon as I saw Harry’s name come up on the second ballot paper, I thought, yep, dirty Harry is gone, and that’s what Luke whispered into Abbey’s ear.

Now, that *was* what Luke whispered into Abbey’s ear, but it was a con. He and Pia were always planning to get rid of Abbey, and he lied to Abbey (to make sure that she and Harry didn’t accidentally vote the same way and screw everything up).

In a game that’s seen some devastatingly-stupid decisions, I honestly don’t see Abbey betraying Janine as that terrible. Given everything that Daisy and the contenders did, personally, I think it barely makes the top 5. They had to get rid of her at some point, and by this point, she would’ve had too many back-up plans and deals to easily oust her.

I’m just glad Harry is still around. I’m liking him more and more, and I’d really like him and Baden to be the final two (although I imagine that Luke will go home next, and the final three will be Baden, Pia and Harry. At which point, who’d last, in terms of that final endurance challenge?).


Windsong we seem to share the same views – I do like Harry I want him to keep going. His views at tribal council always seem to me to be the most considered. Also, given he hasn’t been in any alliance with anyone, he’s been able to throw his vote in with those that do have alliance and do want to make moves (eg Abbey re Janine).
wonder though whether people still keep him around because they don’t think he can win.
Also, putting my conspiracy theory-producers-are-manipulative hat on, that was mighty handy for Luke to find the advantage before the vote. Pia has never found any idol, nor has Baden…how come?


I don’t get that Abbey was stupid really. She was on the bottom of an alliance and fell for Harry’s sweet talk that she needed a resume – but I don’t think she played a terrible game at all!


Note – Abbey was my pre-game winner pick so I am probably holding onto some residual loyalty to her!


My preference was for Pia to hop it, but Abs was a bit clueless.
I want Luke to win, but if he doesn’t get through Harry deserves it for hard grafting the entire time he’s been out there.

Sioux Denim

Wow, that was a doozy – was puzzled at first as to why he didn’t send Pia straight back to camp, I’m guessing Haryy and Baden would’ve voted Abbey with Luke or maybe Luke didn’t trust that.
I really hope Luke does win, he has played a fabulous game…unfortunately though that doesn’t get you through to the end…
Off to watch Jury Villa now – I hope J isn’t a bitch to Abbey!

Sioux Denim

Jaysus Janine, its not all about you!!!! She really put the guilts on Abbey…..I think also Abbey lied in her response to J – hee hee

On another note – we never actually saw Abbey’s back story did we – and I even think we haven’t seen Baden’s or Janine’s either – they only showed Pia’s tonight.

Ps – I would really like to know how they get to choose what clothes they are allowed to take on the island – I am a staunch feminist here …but cannot understand the practicalities of a red dress…really???


I thought that as well. Sending Pia back to camp would’ve kept Pia safe, and it was unlikely that Harry and Baden would’ve done anything else except vote for Abbey (which was the outcome Luke was hoping for either way). But I guess he just didn’t want to risk it. After all, if one of them went rogue (say, Baden turned on Harry, which is who Abbey voted for … then it would’ve been a tie, two votes each for Abbey and Harry. And then, what? Fire-making? Picking rocks out of a bag? That would’ve messed up everything up).

No, it was safer just to lie to Abbey and then knife her, since obviously Pia would go along with it, and Harry’s vote was irrelevant (couldn’t vote for Luke or himself, and if he’d voted for Abbey, that would’ve helped Luke).


While watching we couldn’t see anything that could work except sending Pia back. Every other permutation would result in a 2v2 vote. But we are not as smart (sneaky?) as Luke, and the way he worked it did not even occur to us. We did wonder why it took Luke so long to explain to Pia, but he must have been also telling her that he needed to convince Abbey to vote Harry. Earlier Pia said it was important to work with Abbey’s tendency to paranoia. I need to watch it again, but did she play a part in making Abbey suddenly feel left out of the conversation (therefore opening the door for Luke to rush over)? Then, *not* whispering to Harry had to also be part of the plan, convincing all that Harry was going.

I do wonder, though, whether keeping Harry is smart (I know, Abbey was more risky in the challenge) because I can see him talking his way to a win if in the final three (or is it two?)


My gut feel was to send Pia back, but Luke was clever to get her number to avoid the tie.
They are all gunning for him anyway, so playing hard won’t impact the game now.
I wasn’t a Luke fan before but admit to coming around to him this time. He has been way more strategic and playing much better this time. I am with the group – how could he NOT win in a final tribal with any of these people?


I confess, I was grinding my teeth a little bit, when the episode started with another flashback to Pia’s back-story. No, guys. There’s 4 episodes left. You do not get to ignore half the castaways (I still don’t know who Abbey is or why she’s famous) for most of the season, but give us repeat back-stories for the same people right up until the last episode. No! Bad editors! Go to your rooms!

But geez, I made the mistake tonight of mentioning, on the official Survivor Australia FB page, that I didn’t much care for Luke and I don’t see the appeal. Yikes. His fans are certainly … numerous, and vocal, aren’t they?

At this point, I really think I’m cheering for Harry.


We did see a backstory for Abbey, but it was a long way back, showing her current life as an AFLW marquee player and commentator. They do seem to be more careful this year to lay red herrings when highlighting certain people at the start of episodes. It is almost getting to the opposite premise – that if we see a lot of someone then they are safe.

I commented last night to DH that it is funny that last season, Luke had far more detractors than fans. Last time his arrogance looked genuine and repellent. It feels now that he has gained some self-awareness and now plays up the arrogance in a “lovable” way. But is that all part of the ploy to improve his social game? Who knows, but it has worked on the viewers.

I am not a fan of people using their sob stories to win, but I do think that Luke has done enough good moves to have a great resume without it.


I wonder if Luke will say to Baden: I saved you. They mentioned your name.


Let’s do a hypothetical “who would win out of these final two combos” (not including Luke as the jury loves him and he would beat anyone.
1 Baden and Pia
2 Baden Harry
3 Harry Pia


I think,
1 Pia over Baden (social game and working in the background)
2 Harry over Baden (surviving and turning votes away from him)
3 Harry over Pia (more clear moves, and surviving)

FWIW, I do also believe Harry could beat Luke with an amazing performance at the final TC. I can’t predict he will, but I think he *could*.


Possibly Fijane – the problem with Harry to beat Luke is that everyone seems to love Luke and there is precious little love for Harry. There is lots to notice about Luke’s game so you would not have to say it was a charity vote – so Luke has merits all round. My problem with Harry is that I think it would be hard to give that much $$ to someone you might acknowledge has played well, but you don’t especially like! If there is a good option other than him he would be up against it.


Pia to beat Baden
Harry to beat Baden
the Harry/Pia would probably depend on their story and how they cast it on the night. Each has good options – Pia the “I was the power behind the throne and wasn’t stupid enough to get caught” and Harry “I was always on the bottom but wormed my way to stay and got rid of Janine”.
I personally could not vote for Harry. I mean. The STICK. Just NO! 🙂

Carole Morrissey

Wow, I really thought it would be Harry going home. So Luke would still have been safe if he hadn’t won immunity since he had that advantage.


The last two episodes have been brilliant. So thrilling watching Luke win the last two immunities. Incredible work. Fingers crossed he can fight his way to the final tribal.


My money’s still on Baden. He’s the master of stealth. Mind you, Pia’s been playing a wicked game.
But still Baden.


I wonder if Baden can beat Harry with a good speech: I didn’t win immunity, I didn’t find an idol, I nearly hit voted out week one, I made an ally in Luke, I used big targets as shields, I had a good social game, I grew


I’m not sure if you are being straight or sarcastic, but if I was on the jury, most of those things I would see as negatives: – no performance at challenges, hiding behind others, “growing” (not the purpose of the game). So if he based a speech on these, I would think he was listing all the things he did wrong.