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I’ll repeat what I said on the other thread!
The yearly Beaumont to the rescue episode!


LOL. Complete with the Saturday trip to the warehouse.


Can we just observe what a nasty piece of work Tess (QLD Bogan with armpit hair) is? What a bitch. You have a builder who won a Block (Glasshouse) but you sack his tilers then moan that you have no tilers and then blame Moz(builder).


If you play the drinking game with the Block, don’t have Shaynna exclaiming “wow” upon entering a room. You will be sloshed quite quickly.
The judges find the MM’s ensuite very impressive with all their tile choices been “absolutely stunning.” For Neale, it is evocative of 1940s Hollywood glamour and is a more refined version of the bedroom.
Shaynna spying the remote control toilet, warns that they need to be more measured with how they spend their money. There is 4.5 bathrooms in the terrace and such extravagance would have been better show- cased in the main bathroom.

The only huge flaw the judges noted was the ‘paintwork left a lot to be desired’.


Armpit Bitch + One.

” Oh wow. This is huge,” Shaynna utters you know how.
Darren loves the bathroom as it has the same mood as the room next door. Shaynna is also enamoured with the window as it allows a breeze and natural light in.

It is Neale who is having none of this everyone wins an award pity party starts pointing out the flaws. It lacks originality and I have seen it before. Armpit Bitch sees hopes of getting a Beaumont Commercial slip away as the judges now go into group think mode. The tiling is unfinished. Is the size of the ensuite overkill for a guest bedroom. Will they have money to finish the build. They need to up their styling.

Armpit Bitch pouts…at least she has Instagram to fall back upon.


Failed Comedian + Wife

Neale enters first and declares it to be ‘ a lovely little bathroom.’ It is grown up. Now that Neale has approved the bathroom, the other judges lavish praise. Darren stokes the tile declaring it has a “lovely tactility’. It is a happy, feel-good bathroom.

It is so good, Neale wants to pick it up and transport it to is home. Shaynna approves of the storage.

It is a very exciting room and it shows that they can save and spend better than their neighbours (i.e. the size is deemed appropriate to complement a guest bedroom). Armpit Bitch’s face is thunderous with this praise and all the contestants fake clap their congratulations.


The WA couple (the one with the typo in her name)

Darren enters the ensuite first to declare it a “very sweet little room” with a ‘really cool vanity”. Must be this season’s stock otherwise Shaynna would be screaming about the lack of storage.

The judges like two out of three tile choices. They hate the floor tile as it reminds them of lino and drains the lux from the room.

Shaynna then ‘hates on’ the pendant as it provides inadequate lighting to slap on clown make-up.

Neale declares that they need to stick with Modern Deco and lose the cutsey animals.

The room is 90% there but they have made choices which detract from the overall appearance of the room.


REA + One.

It’s a “Whoa” from Shaynna as she steps into the unfinished ensuite. “That is disappointing.” is the passive aggressive assessment. Neale adds it is like a grey tomb with no relief from the grey.

Darren remembering his contractual obligations waxes lyrical about the amazing vanity and medicine cabinet He optimistically suggests that not finishing the room may be a blessing in disguise as they can paint the unfinished bathroom walls white as relief.

Neale can’t find anything to be excited about. It is a big fail and is annoyed that they got played by awarding them the safe on the basis of the previous room (Hey, producers, perhaps you should have awarded the safe after the completion of first week based on the total aggregate score).

It is a “Yawn” declares Shaynna mean girl style.

REA dude doesn’t care about the judges opinion as he knows the end game is the auction .


Mitch & Mark :9.5,9, 9=27.5
Armpit & Luke: 7,7,6=20
Andy & Deb= 9.5,9,9.5=28 (Winner)
El’se & Matt =8,7.5,6.5=22
Jesse & Mel =6,5,3=14


The top 2 bathrooms were indeed very nice. I think the guys are like the older couple from last year who did really well with pretty rooms and elegant style. Preferred theirs over the winning room, but hey, still a good choice and I would take the winning one as well. 😛
MM’s guest room was the best one and deserved the win over bitchy real estate guy…

They should have really given the safe away AFTER the ensuite reveal. But hey, that way it might cause more controversy in the long run.


I looked at the bathrooms online, and I have to say that the “grey tomb” bathroom is exactly what would have won every week on any reno show in the past three years. That team are just unlucky that the ugly grey trend has (finally) passed by, and white texture is now in. Last year, Shaynna would have been drooling on the floor over that bathroom.


In the end it is their own fault if they did not do their research properly. Tough luck, punishment is last place (also for not having finished). Even if it would have been finished in time, they would not have won as it was just dark and boring.
I prefer white bathrooms in general, because very often you have no windows and the grey is just dreadful in the end.


Agree with every point. They needed to keep up (or be ahead) of changing trends, especially on TB where the units are meant to be luxury. And white (or pale) is so much better for bathrooms.


It is just another manic Monday on the Block. Matt missed the memo that the Block is a competition and is most upset that MM twigged which room would be next and ordered accordingly. Rubbing salt to the wound, Matt also discovered that Failed Comedian is not going to do him a favour by collecting CSR insulation. Matt, it is a competition and it will get a lot nastier.

Speaking on nasty, won’t Luke’s Mum be pleased to see her DIL in action. Moz moved the boundary of the exclusion zone as it was encroaching on this week’s zone. As punishment Moz is excluded from the site. Armpit Bitch is out shopping for flooring (again batting her eyelids pretending not to understand flooring) when she finds out. She rolls her eyes, mutters about been embarrassed, demands that Luke sacks Moz and throws a tantrum that she wasted time picking floors. She then fake tears. God, she would be a horrid person to work with. Moz comes to the same conclusion and quits, promising to work out the week while AB pretends to source a new builder from Hipages.

We then get our first major plug for Domain (No Walkabout Alice this season?) when questioning whether Jesse is on a winner by creating a separate hallway and foyer MM call on the services of real estate agent who firmly believes that sex sells (her Hi-Vis Vest is longer than her skirt).

The next major plug is for McCafe in slow mo…we then jump to Kinsman. Guess we will see Bruce come kitchen week. Let us also name drop Colour Clash Studio, Freedom, The Block Shop “Rainbows are very significant to my family and community…” sobs Mid Coast Bogan…sorry, she has just pulled the MC equivalent of the dead Nonna…

The biggest plug for this episode was HiPages Emergency Break Glass. Behind the Scotty portraits (which we assume has the same mystic status as the portrait over the Forrester mantle piece) was an Emergency Break Glass which allows the contestants to have the trades for one week paid for. The kicker is it can only be used once and by one team only for any given week. (We would use it hallway week).


Thanks for the summary Maz. Better than watching The Block.

brain dead dave

Yes, I’m watching the show and reading your work but often can’t be arsed commenting. Ain’t $cotty’s hair something? How many tradies on site?. The contestants don’t even scratch their arses (as if they could find them}. Thanks Maz.


It is Taco Tuesday where everything is awesome and everyone is part of a team. What? It’s not? It is Filler Tuesday on The Block? Honourable mentions go to:
Kennards Hire: Where they will teach you how to use your hired piece of equipment on site (not).
Colorbond for all your grey slate roofing needs.
Jetmaster for that not so optional fireplace.
Freedom Furniture for repeating almost verbatim the contestant just randomly choosing the (this season’s of course) sofa hidden behind the sheer curtains.
HiPages for once again failing to procure a particular trade.
QLD Education System: Where your idiot graduates think formal lounge room has something to do with finishing Year 10 and 12.

On to the Block proper. MM meet with the architect. It seems that they intend on redesigning the entire third floor.

It appears that Keith is in possession of the only spirit level on the building site and both Jesse and Matt need to redo their floor and ceiling respectively.

AB continues her emasculation of her husband on national television. Without a sense a sense of irony, she languidly reclines on the GlobeWest sofa bemoaning that he is too nice and does not appreciate the pace of the Block. She also indulges in the woe-is-me as the Builder she wanted to fire quits.

AB thinks she is cute as she bats her eyelids demurely at the camera. Production has stepped in and has secured Matt from Elevate (Elyse and Josh’s builder from Elsternwick) as their new builder. She attempts to flirt with him as she moisten her lips tracing her tongue around as she feels the wild tattoo of her heartbeat and the heat…


…wow, The Block does Fan Fic!


Nope…watch her in the bathroom interacting with Matt. The tongue action did happen.


Sorry, wasn’t implying that you were inventing it, just that the style of writing was getting all steamy… in the bathroom!

(Maybe you have a hidden talent, Maz.)


You stopped. Just when it was getting interesting.
Surely at that time of night, it’s not PG anymore?


It is quite a skill to weave an hour of TV out of 5 minutes of content but here goes:
Apartment 1 . The secret squirrel plans are revealed. MM intent to ditch the proposed the bedroom on the third floor and create the ultimate rumpus room (ooops, my bad, entertainment space).
They have burnt through $54000 of the cash budget.

Apartment Two. Had proposed to do a Grafico wall print of the building circa 1860s. Shelly nixes the idea as being naff. Cue visit to Block Shop. Their plasters inability to run a straight edge over the walls suggest they are one plaster sheet away from an appearance on ACA.

Apartment 3 (we think) …the Mid Coast Bogans… big fans of Master of Flip and Fixer Upper judging by the proposed decor. They may have sobbed over missing their kids. 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮

Apartment 4…Rabbited on about their Venetian Plaster. Spent $45k

Apartment 5. Spent $55k on the first week with the added bonus of the bathroom still not been finished. Yes, Jesse trained as a tiler. Got it.


Sounds like Apartment 3 are my people! Love both those shows and especially the styling of Fixer Upper. Such a refreshing antidote to modern fads.


Good reviews Maz, better than the show. All those rooms were hideous.