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There is so much on tonight I don’t what I’m going to do.
I love Sunday nights.

brain dead dave

C’arn $cotty. I’ll be there.

brain dead dave

Contestant called “El’ise” ?

Fu’ck’in’ Hel’l!

New hairstyle $cotty~ same contrived hand gestures and body language. Remind me that ockerised android got a Gold Logie, gice.

Some of these contestants have had their faces renovated. Looking at you Mitch.


An apostrophe in a name. One of my pet peeves. It would be interesting to see her signature. They seem to have picked this seasons contestants with something other than just renovating in mind.
I’m assuming manufactured dramah is on the horizon.


I’ll have to have a quick look so I can laugh at Scotty’s new hairdo. I don’t like Scotty and will laugh at it whatever way it looks.

I’m watching Men In Black 3, need a bit of mindless entertainment after watching the news tonight.

brain dead dave

Lots of crying already. Do hardcore renovators do that? Or just rtv contestants in any kind of show and it’s in their dna?


We love how these ‘biggest fans’ of the Block seem be amazed by crap that happens every single year on the show without fail.


I had to flip over way too many times to see new Scotty. It’s not that different from
old Scotty, just he now has a part and his spikiness is smushed down a bit.

I still have no interest in watching the show, but wonder why so many of them, even the professionals, are wearing their hard hats so badly. Builder man helping the two guys has his on a tilt that would better suit a beret. Dude, if a lump of concrete or a chunk of heavy timber hits your head, you’re dead.


As long as the camera can capture that almighty helpful branding then the hard hat is worn correctly 🙂


Over the next twelve weeks we get to see a neo-Georgian row of terraces absolutely destroyed in the name of LitenEasy, Bisley, Clipsal, Bisley, Bluescope, Mitre10, HiPages, Becon Lighting, VW, Suncorp, Carpet Corp…did we miss anyone? Oh yeah, the Domain segment masquerading as a news of the 10% down turn in the market.

We meet the couples and can we just say not one pair is particularly likable.

1. Apartment 1- Mark and Mitch. We assume the oldest couple on the Block and the ones with the most botox and fake tan. Renovated 15 projects all with Chandeliers. Not big fans of the Block as otherwise they would know that contestants are made to complete a task that ruins their first day finery and two season ago , an episode was dedicated to RLs and yet these two ask what it is.
2. Andy and Deb (Apartment 4). Andy wants to kick start his moribund comedy career. Come across as obnoxious virtue signalers. Any-one relying on a 7 year for design advice should not be on the show.
3. El’ise (we assume there was a typo on her birth certificate or her parents are illiterate) and Matt (Apartment 3) are cut that their Beyonce wedding dance did not go viral so instead had three kids to sob on national TV that any selfish media promotion is for THEIR benefit.
4. Tess and Luke (Apartment 2). Auditioned for the Block four times. Meet the Queensland bogan quota.
5. Jesse and Mel (Apartment 5) . The auctioneer for Hans and Courtney’s apartment. Exhibited stalking tendencies by purchasing an apartment 100m from the Block. Scotty hates him as Jesse reminds Scotty how old he is by confessing an obsession with the Block dating back to childhood.

The rest of the episode is filled with the building’s character (architraves and skirting, fireplaces) been ripped out and the contestants making on the fly decisions. Surely, if your are casted on the Block you would secure the plans from the local council and then start planning based on previous years’ suppliers and $250k budget.


Fast forwarded…total watch time about 20 mins. That was enough for me. Summaries and posts here are more interesting.
Scotty might have a new “do” but he is still Scotty. Almost looked like a hairpiece to me.
Weird that there was no competition for the apartments. Maybe they will throw them a curveball and whomever gets the most points for bedroom and ensuite will get to swap apts….have first choice, team in second place will get second choice, etc.


After several years off, I thought I might give the show another go in 2019. After all, I was vocal about whinging that they stopped doing houses so it is only fair to give them another chance when they finally listened.

Really good start. I loved the building. They are not houses, imo, but at least all the properties are equal, nobody has advantage by being in a “penthouse” or extra space, and there are character features. For the first 15 minutes i thought, yes, they have won me back.

And then they introduced the competitors. Oh dear. It was not that I found any of them repellent, it was the show. Suddenly, we stepped back into true Block mode – overblown, overdramatic and more of the same from previous years. Worst was dressing two of the women like they should have been walking the streets of St Kilda looking for work.

Moving on ten minutes, the properties are chosen, and the nail goes in the coffin. I knew that product placement was a problem for this show, but it is a cancer that has obviously spread since I last watched. Not one scene where a labelled item was not placed just behind someone, or a brand name seen, or the blatant plug for some app where you can ask for a builder. I felt tainted.

Fortunately, at this point, it was half-past seven and time to switch over to Survivor, for a palate-cleansing. No advertising on a “desert” island (except at rewards, that is).

Sorry, Block, I gave you a chance.


I am refusing to watch this manufactured drivel this year.

I predict that a home on ether end will win, and one of these homes will have the laziest, clueless, most unfriendly, disliked couple on the block in them. Going by previous years, this means these type of people will win or at least outbid a hard working couple at auction.

Good luck watching everyone, and I hope to read your thoroughly enjoyable comments and updates! 🙂