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I missed most of it, but I caught the rose ceremony.

Good lord, Matt. Picking the new girls *first*? Have you watched the show before? You never ever do that. You know what kind of a dangerous weapon, a stiletto heel can be, when the user is angry enough?

Although it’s a bit disheartening how the episode just ends at that. Matt doesn’t say goodbye, the girls don’t wish them well. Early days, we don’t the girls enough to even remember their names, so they don’t even bother.

brain dead dave

I’m worried about some of Matt’s choices after that bloodbath of a rose ceremony. Getting rid of gels we don’t know their names yet and keeping others with obvious dents and scratches and torturing the curly Shirley Temple lookalike til last. One of the retained clingers called Matt her “future husband” Play Misty For Me


I didn’t love this episode so I did dip in and out.
I don’t know whether they just focused on the bitchiness – far be it for me to mutter words about editing – but I just can’t imagine that it was as nasty as portrayed.
After all, they only had one day’s head start. That’s really not enough to have lost complete perspective.

brain dead dave

Bachie looks such an idiot as he agonises over distributing the roses.
He kept some intruders….and quite a few blondes went home. Helena and Chelsie look early favourites.


I think he’s being told through an ear piece who to get rid of and who to keep.


I’ll catch this one at the weekend.

brain dead dave

This seedy mansion isn’t big enough for two jealous spitting Persians behaving very badly. I’m going to tell my friends here and wherever that photos of my dog have been sent to Persia. It could come down to tempting an astrophysicist with belly dancing v Persian nougat. There were spotfires and catfights erupting in the “us versus them” mentality that gripped the mansion in just one day. You don’t have to be an astrophysicist to see that some of these gels is off the planet and shit. Are they ready for love….or war?


Did Marshmallow girl get air time? Is she still adorable?


No air time but no bitchiness seen from her either.

brain dead dave

Pretty sure I saw some marshmallow amongst all that tonight., ….or was it in a promo for future? Someone will clarify, hopefully. So no marshmallow gel, JB.?

I gotta say, there’s so many gels in that .Rose Ceremony area it’s hard to see the division between the have rose and have nots. Hard to count because it’s interrupted with shots of panic and dagger looks being thrown (hint : good opportunity to flash the name up right then).

The game of AFL should let the contestants blow off a bit of steam.

So far, Chelsie’s been given early roses. He’ll want to be an astrophysicist to calculate the energy Chelsie is going to consume on hair straighteners in a long marriage.


I have a class on Thursday night so had to catch up when I got home. Another Sportsbet favourite got the ax tonight (the blonde in the blue dress don’t know the name but recognised the dress). I’m not a gambler but read an article that had the top five favourites. The mad Mandarin speaker and Chelsie were in there, two are gone and I can’t remember the other one.
I’m quite liking Abbie as the narrator.
The general bitchiness was unpleasant to watch and Matt better send the clinger home soon unless he plans to pick her in the end, she really is bunny boiler material.