MasterChef Tues – fast-track chance

The winners from the previous two days now cook for an opportunity to fast-track themselves into Finals Week. Round two comes down to the wire as contestants are hungry for the win.

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It is a shame that Anushka has dark hair and is older than 30.

brain dead dave

Yeah, she’s on a culinary highway to hell with those stats. Soon Anushka will get the pushka….

The MC production boffins will want to even the gender balance and keep Nicole.

Three blondes versus a bogan and a greasy, unhygienic serial killer. Best of the best.


Stooges–what they said, sort of: Anushka, delicious dish. You’ve set the bar.
What they thought: You are not young and blonde. No fast track to finals week for you.


Not sure why people feel okay to denigrate contestants because of the colour of their hair – squeaky voices, yes (my pet peeve) but come on- just because of their blonde hair? It’s puerile and bigoted. What’s next- the colour of people’s skin?
Had to get that off my chest as it’s been bothering me for a while.


I doubt that anyone on TTV really cares about a person’s hair colour :). The comments are because, over the years, the judges, especially Gary, seem to give more help and encouragement to young, blonde female contestants.

And what is wrong with having a squeaky voice? Mickey Mouse did quite well with his.

brain dead dave

My link won’t post. I suggest Googling ” Masterchef peroxide conspiracy” and seeing what the impeccable UK Daily Mail has to say on the matter.

I have to scratch my head to remember the last time a younger blonde amata was verbally abused by George or Gary. I’ve got Georgia on my mind, too.

We know the UK Daily Mail is a rag , there are complaints about favouritism around the place. I “Googled MC judges favour young blondes” . Bang.

No offence taken , Bolders . I’m puerile…. but not bigoted, I hope. I’ll go to hell for the things I’ve typed..


That is a rag and I may join the conspiracy theory if there were disproportionately more young blonde winners than not – but there aren’t. Maybe this is the year .


My recollection of the “blonde favourites” of past seasons is that they don’t win. The formula usually means that the favourite is carried further in the competition than their ability indicates, but there does come a point where they have to be eliminated or the preference is too obvious (and they haven’t the skill to create a cookbook etc). The most memorable of these for me was Georgia who I think made final four.

There are two points to make here:
1. Mostly, they are to be pitied, as being singled out by the judges distorts the public’s perception of their actual ability. And that is no fault of their own, it is the innate bias of the judges, especially Gary.
2. Few of them are naturally blonde, so it shouldn’t reflect on blondes in general. As BDD points out, the bias is towards peroxide, not blondes. It is a “type” that is preferred.


Georgia actually made the final two. That was the season Billie McKay won and believe me the judges were ready to hand the title to Georgia, scoring her mediocre offerings in the first two rounds much higher than Billie’s despite obvious flaws (like really thick, gluey ravioli). If it wasn’t for Heston’s poncy dessert in round three, where Billie excelled and even managed to make that sugar ball (that prompted Heston to offer her a job at The Fat Duck) then Georgia would have won the title.


I made my comment before there were any comments on this blog – it isn’t my intention to single anyone out 😑
Especially BDD who’s my dude


So the roughy gets an outside run to pip Tessa at the post … with the most basic puree with leek ever. Naturally. They had to do something with her.
The only element Nicole could ever ‘hero’ is mediocrity – no skill, no imagination.

Anushka’s dish was better than hers … but I guess she couldn’t give the judges er, honey.
Every time they visit her bench, aside from swooning at her wonderfully bland ideas, they practically light a cigarette.
A new ‘star’ is, apparently, born. Ugh.


Very predictable outcome – I even picked it would be Nicole in my comment on yesterday’s post. Because given the edit she got this week, it was so unmistakably transparent, like a lot of things this season. One thing that particularly stands out is all of the fake niceness and the rehearsed, banal, PC comments. We always knew that sort of thing went on, but somehow this season it seems more obvious and phoney.

Anyway, another dull episode and a bit of an anticlimax that they were cooking against each other rather than a chef. I’d have thought that a fast track to the finals was important enough to warrant a proper challenge. Silly me. Nicole was especially annoying tonight – could she have said the word “beautiful” any more times than she did? Please someone, send her a list of synonyms for that word so we get a bit of variety. Thank goodness she’s not cooking for the next two days so my ears can get a rest.

And I was embarrassed for her not knowing that bees are attracted to honey. I was also angry with her as remarks like that just reinforce the stereotype of the airhead blonde bimbo – a view that blondes like me are trying our hardest to dismantle.

Then we were subjected to bloody fish and a freaking butter sauce yet again. B-O-R-I-N-G! Where’s the diversity this season. Where are these cracking dishes that George keeps rabbiting on about? We aren’t seeing them on the screen that’s for sure. You could see by Matt’s remarks before they’d even tasted the food that they were going to give the win to Nicole. But as I said yesterday, Tessa can qualify for the finals based on her cooking, something that Nicole could not do.

The only faint amusement tonight was seeing George in his Eastern European hitman costume again. Then there was the spelling of “Emporer” fish (maybe Nicole was in charge of that). And at the end when everyone fake clapped and cheered for Nicole, the cameras panned to Simon calling out “Well done, Nicole!” with a huge grin, but eyes that said the exact opposite. If I was Nicole, I’d avoid any dark alleys for the next week or so.

I feel for Tessa and Anushka tomorrow as I see from the preview that they were lumbered with Tim again for the team challenge. Bummer.


Too bad there wasn’t a guest judge and blind tasting although most of the time blind tasting is meaningless.


Both excellent ideas, even though like you I think there is no such thing as a “blind tasting” – they already know who made what. But yes, bring in say three food critics or a mix of chefs and critics who do not know the contestants and see what unbiased, independent people think of the dishes. At this stage I do not think any of the judges are impartial.


Tessa can cook but her Japanese broth didn’t sound right when she kept adjusting the taste with soy sauce and said it should be salty and sour. She should do another Thai curry sauce.

Agree with the butter sauce. How many times they have made butter sauce.


Could barely summon the energy to watch when it was ANOTHER fish with butter sauce. SIGH.
I will weigh in the blonde controversy – I think half of TTV’s comments are about the inability to pick the difference between all the blonde ponytails!


And all three from Queensland as well. I had no trouble telling which one was Tessa, mostly because of her kiwi accent. But I could never tell the Nicotinas apart until quite recently.


We only lasted less than 2 minutes of MC last night before we turned over to the cricket. Watching the 3 blondes go ga ga over their hero ingredient, I knew straight away one of the blondes would go through. Poor Anushka, not young and pretty enough to get more airtime.
This season has been pretty bland, think I’ve only watched half an episode in the early elimination rounds and maybe the sweets episode with googly eyes, Heston and the cereal challenge.
Got Netflix 6 weeks ago. So much better than commercial TV.