MastetChef Tues: I scream for ice-cream

Sweet Week continues with an immunity ice cream challenge. In round two, the best cook will go up against chef Alice Wright.

Haven’t we always said there should be more ice cream on MC? Why does no one ever make ice cream? That and pork belly…

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brain dead dave

Wow. An ice cream challenge. This must be as Gary says, the greatest ever season of Ma$terchef.

Never seen ice cream on Ma$terchef before. I voted for ice cream in Juz’s poll. Is it even food? The eternal question~ will the deluded amata get the stuff in the blast chiller for it to set in time?. Hell. it could even be grainy! Been done to death. I’m livin’ in a blast chiller…..Adelaide.

Looking forward to reading the excited about ice cream comments, gice. Ma$terchef Dreams .


I think you’ve said just about everything that needs to be said, Dave.

brain dead dave

I didn’t know Jowl$y would wax so lyrical about the quality of the cone and that , yes, the ice cream had to be…..”creamy”. No kidding.


Another ice cream in round 2. Toss the ice cream machines.
I wonder if we will see more ice cream in the team challenge.


I found this a pretty ordinary episode and not only because we have seen SOOO much icecream that I have a kind of nervous tic when I see a churner being dragged out.


I must be the only person on the planet that doesn’t like icecream, though I am married to an icecream-a-holic who even eats icecream when it’s -30°C outside. I like Icy Poles but not icecream.

I loved the fact that when Matt said they wanted one cone each, Tim had to count how many that would be. And once again, visiting Ben at his bench, the two stooges were quite dismissive, even though George declared he loved chocolate icecream. I wonder why they don’t seem to like him.

Alice Wright, as well as producing a lovely dessert, had time to offer tips and help out Tim. She was excellent and deserved her win.

All in all, while I have no particular favourite contestant this season (maybe leaning a bit towards Christina and Derek) I’m still liking the series. I’ve also been watching the US version that started a couple of weeks back and the Aussie version is SO much better.


Me too!
You needed a lot of help you twit.
She was really nice – I liked her a lot as a guest chef.
Ozswede you also noticed what was my very favourite moment in a fairly boring episode – Tim working out how to count to FOUR. yikes!

I have no idea why they don’t like Ben – I am rooting for him purely because he gets so much shade from the judges. That and his extensive shirt collection with lively and fun motifs.


I’m warming to Ben as well. I guess I should be supporting him as he’s from my hometown, but he was pretty invisible up until recently. I like that he is level headed and just gets on with things. He seems to be really passionate about cooking in an understated way. As he chats about what he is doing, you realise that he knows what he’s talking about and he has no need of adopting a caricature on screen personality or talk like Chips Rafferty or fawn to the judges. I actually only noticed the shirts after someone here mentioned them a few episodes back. I think Matt’s outfits always draw my eyes and I don’t notice what anyone else is wearing.


Maybe Poh got the memo that said “Alice Wright MUST win” so she let Tim shoot himself in the foot. I hate crumb (except on a proper crumble). It’s like “deconstructed cake” – just a way to cover up a mistake. It’s that or cover it with custard like mum used to do. 🙂

I am glad that they’ve stopped calling it soil. That always gave me the willies.

Carole Morrissey

The problem with all this ace cream making in this show it is filmed in summer but by the time it airs it’s winter & the last thing I feel like in winter is ice cream.


I just saw Ice-cream and I was out. I didn’t care about the drama/tension. I just saw boring, repetitious and tedious. How complicated could this possibly be.
And just because Daisy’s not here, Mastetchef, Juz? I’ve gotta keep the side up.