MasterChef Wed – Noosa service challenge

The Queensland trip continues and the teams must cook a barbecue feast to serve 150 Noosa locals. The team that serves the least impressive feast will go into the next elimination.

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Steph throwing a tanty because the green team dishes are not gelling. Some Asian flavours same Italian flavours. She I st prep the eggplants and will not be happy they don’t use the eggplants


Matt Sinclair’s aggressive ‘mentoring ‘ – yuck tv. I would have told him to p!ss off.
Also Why was Steph the only one putting her ideas for the green team?


But Walleed is so quiet and timid, he was not doing anything to help the team. Matt got them on track


I wonder if there will be any pork ribs.


I laugh when Elena repeated what Matt P said ‘where are the plates?’ She is the mentor. She should have reminded the team


I gotta say, there was little to no press at all when MasterChef was filming up here on the Sunshine Coast. But when the House Rules crew started renovating a house, geez, everybody knew about it.

Carole Morrissey

Same here on the Gold Coast. I never heard anything about them filming here. And I used to live in Palm Beach, right near Burleigh Heads. They could have filmed there 2 years ago when I lived there.


Once a team chose a protein the other team shouldn’t have been able to use it. More variety. Don’t get why the green team did not butterfly the prawns before cooking them.
Steph pouts when she is told she will have to change her eggplant dish. All she had to do was change a few things. No big deal.


I think Tessa said something about pressing the prawns when cooking will open up the prawns. Maybe works for smaller prawns? But she didn’t cook the prawns and Simon couldnt do it.

So what were some of the green team doing when they don’t have to butterfly the prawns. Nicole was preparing and cooking the steak all by herself. I think Christina was doing the salad.

Also why both teams were using eggplants. What other veggies from Queenland?


Eggplant must be the most popular veggie in Queensland. 😉
Steph was making an eggplant and mushroom pickle. Have no clue what Joe was doing. He could have helped Simon with the prawns.


When I think Queensland I automatically think “eggplant”. . . What the hell?
My husband is from Toowoomba so we drive up from Brisbane and you see sooo many “beautiful” fresh crops in the Lockyer valley. Can’t even remember seeing eggplant, but loads of melons, beans, pumpkin, zucchini, beetroot,corn, cauliflower & broccoli, etc – heaps of things Not Eggplant related. Maybe Coles had a glut of eggplant they needed to shelve to masterchef?
I know she can actually cook and yes her prawns looked good, but geez the smugness of Abbey is hard to take.
Another challenge where both captains failed to perform, but still – that is NOT a reason to allow Abbey to commentate.

Carole Morrissey

What the hell was up with Matt last night? I’ve never seen him be so rude before. The way he spoke to poor Walleed was terrible. Walleed seemed to be way out of his depth, I felt really bad for him. Definitely not suited to being team Captain.