Survivor All Winners cast revealed

There has been a lot of speculation that season 40 will be all winners and Probst has been adamant in his denials. Guess what? He lied! Inside Survivor says the rumours are true. Unfortunately their site is down (I suspect due to
Millions of people trying to click through at the same time) but here’s who they say will be on the cast:

How many of these past winners can you name (some pix are very old).

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Some of those are familiar and I’m shocked at that! I know Rob, Sandra and I think Parvati. Only because they’ve been on 20 gazillion times.
BTW I’m so glad Devens, Bevan whoever lost! Altho he got $100k. That would have been nice for Gavin for mine.


Instead of same old Rob and Amber, why not get a real Survivor? Someone who lives on the island. Well I suppose because they could go home, watch tv and have MacDonalds for dinner.

Sioux Denim

Wow, so they get another million???Sheesh
I know about 3/4’s….


Parvati’s game always bothered me – I just recall her little girl femme fatale schtick and it grated.


Yes I am not a Parvati fan either, but reluctantly have to give her props for her manipulation! I think she will have used her looks throughout life to get what she wanted and this was no exception.


I didn’t like Pavarti at all, Bolders and your description is good. I didn’t find her attractive though, because she has a mean face; a mean mouth. But I get that she thinks she’s hot.
Also, the first time she was on, I wasn’t accustomed to the lying and back-stabbing. Even now I think there are honourable and dishonourable players.


Daisy and Bruss who are your favourite winners – mine was JT (although I admit a bit of the gilt came off in his second visit) but the first time around he had a perfect game with not one vote against him all season and ALL the votes for him at the final. it was a beautiful thing to watch.


That’s easy. Mine was the white haired fireman. He played honourably (you can’t do that anymore), and he was a survivor in every sense.
They didn’t win but I was very partial to Malcom and Ozzie. Sorry feminists, I can’t think of a favourite woman; not off the top of my head.
One of my least favs was Cops R Us. One of.


Thanks, Juz. So it’s I’m a celebrity get me out of here.
Myeh. But we’ll probably be away when it’s on anyway. I’m not disappointed about that.